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Windsock Simulations Previews Barcelona (LEBL)

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Windsock Simulations, an X-Plane 11 scenery developer, has taken to their Facebook page to announce that their upcoming Barcelona El-Prat (LEBL) scenery has entered beta. In their post, Windsock mentions that the airport is complete, as well as the city and ortho-photos for the area. X-Plane users can expect a release by the end of the month earliest. The developer also shared a few words in regards to development of the airport and the beta:

“The beta process is as you can imagine a rather long one in our current Covid-19 Lives… We hope you enjoy the shots!”

Windsock goes on to mention that the field will be fully compatible with the SpainUHD photorealistic terrain addon, and will include the files for the Barcelona surrounding city to be compatible as well.

Furthermore, a community user has inquired to Windsock Simulations about their Madrid scenery, to which the developer replied:

“Madrid is a massive undertaking and will take time so we have had to swap around our release schedule. Barcelona was always going to be released first, followed by Keflavik and Menorca, then Madrid should be ready for release. We will keep working on Madrid in the background as it will take so much time and resources to make it compatible with SpainUHD and the Madrid city.

To view more projects presented by Windsock Simulations and find out more about their upcoming Barcelona scenery, head over to their Facebook page here. To see the original announcement of the scenery from the developer, head over here.

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Aerosoft / Windsock Simulations Ibiza Final Previews Before Release

Windsock Simulations Ibiza (6)
Windsock Simulations announced that they are hard at work converting the SimWings/Aerosoft Ibiza Airport to X-Plane 11. Since then, the team has been somewhat quiet, but earlier today, the team shared what they regard as the final previews before the release. The new previews highlight the modelling work with terminal buildings, the ground clutter surrounding the airport and impressive texture
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Windsock Simulations Announces Ibiza for X-Plane 11

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Over on Facebook, Windsock Simulations has announced development of Ibiza Airport for X-Plane 11. Ibiza Airport is the main international airport serving the Balearic Islands and is a major European holiday destination. Ryanair, British Airways, and Air Europa are just a few of the airlines that advertise year round service to Ibiza with destinations around Europe. Vueling has established a
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Windsock Simulations Malaga Airport on Final Approach for X-Plane

Windsock Simulations Malaga X Plane 11 (3)
Working alongside SimWings, Windsock Simulations have been busy converting the FSX/P3D version of Spanish destination Malaga Airport (LEMG) to X-Plane 11. On Facebook, the team confirmed that the airport is "on final approach." The airport in the south of Spain is a hugely popular destination for tourists across Europe and beyond. The airport sees primarily tourism traffic from holiday-makers -, especially
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FSElite Exclusive: Windsock Simulations Milan Malpensa (LIMC) Previews in X-Plane 11

Windsock Simulations Milan Malpensa Limc 16
Our friends at Windsock Simulations has sent us 20 new previews for their upcoming port of David Rosenfeld's Milan Malpensa for X-Plane 11. The port of the FSX/P3D version has been in development for quite some time, but Windsock Simulations are slowly reaching the finishing line. From the screenshots, we can see that the airport will feature a completely custom
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Windsock Simulations Shares Malaga Night Lighting Previews

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Windsock Simulations has taken to their Facebook page to share some night-lighting shots of their “approaching” Malaga scenery for X-Plane.

In the post, the team say that the lighting is now final, with the taxiway lighting completed a matter of hours prior to the post, and from the images shared (found below) we’re able to see that there was quite a bit of time spent on the lighting portion of the project.

Despite this stage of the product now being completed, the Windsock team say that there is no release date planned as yet, but they do say that it’ll be “soon”.

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Aerosoft + Windsock Simulations Malaga XP Previews

Windsock Simulations Malaga Airport 4
A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that developer Windsock Simulations had teamed up with Sim-Wings to port over a range of FSX/P3D scenery products to X-Plane 11. The airports at the time were not confirmed, however, we can now confirm that Malaga Airport will be one of the first to be ported over. Published by Aerosoft, the product will
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Windsock Simulations Shares Additional Previews of Cancun (MMUN)

Windsock Simulations Cancun Xplane 11 (4)
Scenery developer has shared some new screenshots of their upcoming conversion of FSimStudio's Cancun airport. The team took to Facebook to say that they are approaching "final completion" with just minor things left to be fixed before being released. The screenshots show that World Traffic is working, along with some general overview shots as well. In other news, it was confirmed that
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Windsock Simulations Announces Partnership with Sim-Wings

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Developer Windsock Simulations has just announced a new partnership with Sim-Wings. The developer, who specialises in porting Prepar3D and FSX products to X-Plane 11 has confirmed they will be working alongside Sim-Wings to handle multiple ports. As of right now, Windsock Simulations, nor Sim-Wings, have confirmed which airports they will be bringing across. Equally speaking, there is no time frame
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Windsock Simulations Shares New Previews of Milano Malpensa (LIMC) Conversion for X-Plane 11

Windsock Simulations LIMC 2
Earlier today Windsock Simulations provided some insight for their biggest conversion project yet, Malpensa Airport. Milan's Malpensa Airport was announced at the beginning of the year and you can find the announcement article here. Touching on the landmarks of the airport, Windsock Simulations also provided several screenshots of their progress. With the completion of the terminals, parking structures, public transport
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