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Windsock Simulations Shares Malaga Night Lighting Previews

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Windsock Simulations has taken to their Facebook page to share some night-lighting shots of their “approaching” Malaga scenery for X-Plane.

In the post, the team say that the lighting is now final, with the taxiway lighting completed a matter of hours prior to the post, and from the images shared (found below) we’re able to see that there was quite a bit of time spent on the lighting portion of the project.

Despite this stage of the product now being completed, the Windsock team say that there is no release date planned as yet, but they do say that it’ll be “soon”.

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Aerosoft + Windsock Simulations Malaga XP Previews

Windsock Simulations Malaga Airport 4
A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that developer Windsock Simulations had teamed up with Sim-Wings to port over a range of FSX/P3D scenery products to X-Plane 11. The airports at the time were not confirmed, however, we can now confirm that Malaga Airport will be one of the first to be ported over. Published by Aerosoft, the product will
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Windsock Simulations Shares Additional Previews of Cancun (MMUN)

Windsock Simulations Cancun Xplane 11 (4)
Scenery developer has shared some new screenshots of their upcoming conversion of FSimStudio's Cancun airport. The team took to Facebook to say that they are approaching "final completion" with just minor things left to be fixed before being released. The screenshots show that World Traffic is working, along with some general overview shots as well. In other news, it was confirmed that
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Windsock Simulations Announces Partnership with Sim-Wings

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Developer Windsock Simulations has just announced a new partnership with Sim-Wings. The developer, who specialises in porting Prepar3D and FSX products to X-Plane 11 has confirmed they will be working alongside Sim-Wings to handle multiple ports. As of right now, Windsock Simulations, nor Sim-Wings, have confirmed which airports they will be bringing across. Equally speaking, there is no time frame
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Windsock Simulations Shares New Previews of Milano Malpensa (LIMC) Conversion for X-Plane 11

Windsock Simulations LIMC 2
Earlier today Windsock Simulations provided some insight for their biggest conversion project yet, Malpensa Airport. Milan's Malpensa Airport was announced at the beginning of the year and you can find the announcement article here. Touching on the landmarks of the airport, Windsock Simulations also provided several screenshots of their progress. With the completion of the terminals, parking structures, public transport
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FSElite Exclusive: New Previews of Cancun from FSimStudios / Windsock Simulations

Fsimstudios Windsock Simulations Cancun Xplane 11 08

Announced a few weeks ago by both FSimStudios and Windsock Simulations, Cancun Airport will soon be made available in X-Plane 11. Working closely with our development partners, we’re pleased to provide the community with some brand new and exclusive previews of the airport being developed.

Originally developed by FSimStudios on Prepar3D, the X-Plane port is being handled by Windsock Simulations to provide the same level of detail as the P3D version, just with the added feature set which is only found in X-Plane 11.

All of the previews are still work in progress of the complex project and the developers continue to listen to feedback and make any improvements on the project. If you’re interested, there is another collaboration project between the two developers which is Panama City.

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Windsock Simulations Drop More Panama City Screenshots

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Courtesy of Facebook, Windsock Simulations has further previewed their Panama City Airport for X-Plane. This time they're showcasing the airport at night. The developer claims the scenery is nearing completion and will be released later this month. Earlier this month, they announced a partnership with FSimStudios to bring the airport to the X-Plane platform. Some of the features included with
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FSimStudios Announces Future Plans

Windsock Simulations Panama City Xplane 11 (1)
Following on from the news yesterday that FSimStudios is partnering with Windsock Simulations to port over Panama City to X-Plane, FSimStudios has released a statement on Facebook with some of the highlights of what they are working on. Keeping with the announcement from yesterday, it has been confirmed that Cancun is being ported over to X-Plane 11. No further details other
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Windsock Studios Announces Partnership with FSimStudios

Windsock Simulations Panama City Xplane 11 (3)
Windsock Simulations has announced a new partnership with FSimStudios to bring over their Panama City to X-Plane 11. The product is currently being ported from Prepar3D to the X-Plane platform for the end of June. The post on Facebook came with a few very early screenshots from Panama City. It has been confirmed that the airport will feature SAM gates, Orthophoto
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