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Head-To-Head: Hong Kong Airport (VHHH) Taxi2Gate and WF Scenery Studio


Serving the city of Hong Kong and more generally, the Pearl River Delta area, Hong Kong International Airport is the world biggest cargo hub and handles 71 million passengers each year. In 1998, it was opened to replace Kai Tak Airport, which is well-known for its treacherous approach over the city. After lacking a proper scenery officially compatible with the 64 bits simulators for a few years, the Prepar3D scenery market found itself with two sceneries of the same airport released within just a few months. The opportunity was too good and this article hopes to answer this simple question : between Taxi2Gate and WF Scenery Studio, which one should you use in your simulator?

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WF Scenery Studios Hong Kong International Released

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Announced only a few months ago and following a streak of nice previews WF Scenery Studios has released their Hong Kong International Airport scenery for P3D. The Hong Kong by WFSS comprises all the latest development techniques such as PBR modeling, dynamic lighting. The airport is available in its current state with the third runway under construction, the new Skybridge
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WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong International Airport Trailer

WFSS Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH )
A new trailer for the upcoming release of WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) has been shared by the development team ahead of release. The trailer shared by the team gives us a much better overview of the airport from the team and an idea on some of the features. As previously known, PBR, SODE jetways and detailed texturing
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WF Scenery Studio Previews Hong Kong International Airport

Wf Scenery Hong Kong Airport (6)
Developer WF Scenery Studio has taken to Facebook to share some brand new previews for the upcoming Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH). The airport is the main airport of Hong Kong currently serving over 71 million passengers per year. The main airline of Hong Kong is Cathay Pacific, which serves destinations across the world. From Europe, Asia and America, travelling from
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Single New Preview for WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong (VHHH)

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Announced a few weeks ago, WF Scenery Studio will be bringing Hong Kong Airport (VHHH) to Prepar3D soon. Despite competition from Taxi2Gate, WF Scenery continues to showcase the airport with the latest coming from Facebook. This is just a single new preview of the airport. The screenshots we've seen previously from WF Scenery Studio highlights various aspects of the modelling
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WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong Previews

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Announced just under a month ago, WF Scenery Studio has taken to Facebook with more previews of their upcoming Hong Kong International Airport scenery (VHHH). The previews show off the relatively new (opened in 2015) midfield concourse of the airport, with highly detailed modelling and textures. We also get to see more PBR material modelling in action, adding a nice shine to the structure.

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WF Scenery Studio Announces Hong Kong (VHHH) Airport for P3D

Wf Scenery Studio Hong Kong Airport Vhhh (5)
WF Scenery Studio has announced that they will release a version of Hong Kong (VHHH) airport for Prepar3D. In a post on Facebook, the developer simply stated that they are developing the airport. Alongside the announcement, various screenshots were also shared. The screenshots highlight various aspects of the modelling at the terminal, the extensive ground details and also the inclusion
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WF Scenery Studio Releases Nanjing Airport

Nanjing Lukou International Airport(IATA:NKG,ICAO:ZSNJ)
WF Scenery Studio has released Nanjing Lukou International Airport (ZSNJ). The developer announced the airport a bit over a month ago. The airport serves the city of Nanjing and it the 12th busiest airport in China. It's served mainly by Asian carriers, with Nanjing being a focus city for China Eastern Airlines as well as Shenzhen Airlines. WF Scenery Studio's
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WF Scenery Studio Teases New Nanjing Lukou Screenshots

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Scenery developer WF Scenery Studio has previewed more shots of their upcoming Nanjing Lukou (ZSNJ) airport for Prepar3D. The scenery was announced about a month ago, and is expected to be completed soon. It is located in eastern China, and is ranked the 12th largest airport in China. It serves as a hub for China Postal Airlines, and as a
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WF Scenery Studio Announces Nanjing Lukou International Airport (ZSNJ)

Nanjing Lukou International Airport Wf Scenery Studio P3d (7)
Nanjing Lukou International Airport will soon be coming to Prepar3D courtesy of WF Scenery Studio. The developer behind a range of other scenery products in the region has announced that the Chinese airport will be made available soon. The airport located in East-China has a large number of routes including domestic and international options. A variety of airlines also serve
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