Active Sky XP Details Revealed


HiFi Simulation Technologies has shed a light on Active Sky XP, or ASXP. ASXP was announced earlier this year, and its reveal was very welcomed by the community. The HiFi SimTech team has been perfecting the ASXP Prepar3D counterparts, ASP4 and Active Sky Cloud Art, for many years now. In a recent post on their website, they shared some details about what users of this product can begin to expect.

The team working on ASXP highlights several features, to begin with active air effects. This will enhance turbulence and air effects that can manifest themselves in a whole list of different ways and take several factors into account. There will also be weather depiction, a feature we already know and love from ASP4. It will allow users to change the weather to a theme of their choosing, including a ‘real weather’ mode. There will also be voice weather delivery, surface crosswind attenuation and to top it all off there will be a mobile companion app.

Nothing of this could work without the Active Sky Weather Engine. This is the platform used for the Active Sky products (both X-Plane and Prepar3D). It allows for advanced weather synthesis and interpolation, high-resolution global winds aloft, realistic air and atmosphere effects and much more. It has been optimised and perfected to make it work with X-Plane.

Unfortunately, at time of release, there will also be a few limitations to ASXP. To begin, there will be no complete visual replacement for cloud rendering. HiFi SimTech is currently working on a new visual cloud rendering tool that is set to debute at the end of next year. Due to this, the team is focussing their efforts on that instead of replacing X-Plane’s default cloud rendering. However, ASXP will feature high-performance cloud depiction using high-performance photorealistic cloud textures. Another limitation of the addon will be that it will be supported by 64 bit versions of Windows only, starting at Windows 7.

Last but not least, the team made a huge announcement regarding a release window. ASXP is currently undergoing release candidate testing. If all goes well, the team is hoping to get the product out as soon as next month. You can find the system requirements for Active Sky XP at the end of this post.


  • X-Plane v11.26 or later, 64-bit Windows Version (Mac and 32-bit Windows versions are not compatible)
  • Windows 7 or later, 64-bit Version
  • Active internet connection (broadband recommended)
  • 500mb available hard drive space
  • 1GHZ+ CPU
  • 2GB+ RAM
  • nVidia GTX 500 series or later Graphics Adapter (or equivalent)
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Ultra Weather XP Updated To v2.4

Uwxp V2.4 Screenshot (14)
Popular X-Plane weather add-on, Ultra Weather XP, has been updated to version 2.4. The plugin has seen a huge overhaul in this update, and it would be safe to say that the changes will create a huge difference in the weather and atmosphere of your X-Plane installation. Additionally, the plugin control panel has been updated with an all-new UI, and more
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REX WX Advantage Radar Update

59FF1F1B 7BA0 42F3 9C46 8F8C13F9CBE6
REX Simulations has updated their WX Advantage Radar. The update adds compatibility for Prepar3D v4.3 for all versions of the addon. Check out REX post with recommendations and precautions that need to be taken before installing this update. You can get the download from REX’ own forums.
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[UPDATE] FSElite Exclusive: xEnviro 1.08 Due Soon, Overhauled

Cessna 172SP 5
Update @ 1550z on 9th March 2018 Firstly, I'd like to thank people for the support and nice comments we've had since this story was published. Secondly, I want to assure our readers and community that we have never posted a 'fake story' for the sake of it. Sure we've leaked some stuff in the past that was questionable (P3Dv4 being
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[Flightsimguy] [FSX SE] Milviz Weather Radar Review (FYC)

FSX SE Milviz Weather Radar Review
Please note, this is NOT an official FSElite review. Today I'm taking RealAir's Beech Duke through some rain (from Columbus to Cincinnati), to test the Milviz Weather Radar simulator. Now, you can always have real time weather with you when you fly GA aircraft in FSX, FSX SE, or P3D. Like my facebook page at: Posted as part of the FSElite
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[Flightsimguy] Product Review – Active Sky Cloud Art (FYC)

Today we’re taking a look at Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA). A complementary product to Active Sky 2016, ASCA enhances the cloud textures and overall sim experience. It can run standalone, or in conjunction with your favorite weather add on. NOTE: This is NOT an Official FSElite Review.

However where ASCA really shines, is when you use it with Active Sky 2016. Which is what I’m doing in this video. See for yourself.

My setup is as follows:

Weather provided by: Active Sky Next 2016 & Active Sky Cloud Art:
Screen Recorder: OBS Studio:

I don’t have a link for the Beech Duke unfortunately. The developer closed up shop, and this aircraft and its turbo prop twin are no longer being sold. A shame. This is the best twin piston aircraft available for FSX.

Hope you enjoy.

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Posted as part of the FSElite Featured YouTube Community project.

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FSFX Packages – Make Thunderstorms Great Again Released

Make Thunderstorms Great Again2
FSFX Packages has just released their thunderstorms package for P3D V4 as freeware. It's available for download from FSFX Packages' website here. The effect will make lighting much more realistic by actually lighting up the surrounding area where the lightning strikes. You can see the comparison below. Important to note is that it won't work on earlier versions of
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Need a Free Weather Engine? FSXWX Has Your Back

Fsxwx 4
Flight Simulation over the years has improved massively. We've seen huge jumps in technology for aircraft and scenery and of course weather engines. These engines all cost money, and honestly, they are worth every penny. However, we know that not everyone can afford to splash out on every add-on available especially those that update every few years and ask for
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SkyMaxx Pro v4 released

Popular weather engine SkyMaxx Pro for X-Plane has today released version 4. Version 4 comes with a bunch of new features and upgrades from the previous version. You can check those out over here, as well as purchase SkyMaxx Pro v4 from X-Aviation for $39.95.
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Xenviro released for X-Plane 10 and 11

no thumb
The popular weather environment software Xenviro has released for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11. This weather engine adds new textures and effects, new sound effects, realistic wind simulation as well as realistic effects simulations amongst others. Xenviro replaces the entire built-in X-Plane weather system and is completely customisable up to your likings. The tool is available for $69,90 from the
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