X-Plane 11.50 Now Final, Released

Fin Vulk

After many, many, MANY beta releases, Laminar Research has finally made X-Plane 11.50 final and official. The months of testing helped the team ensure that the move from OpenGL to Vulkan/Metal was as stable as possible. This is a huge change to the way in which X-Plane 11 runs and as such meant that it took a long time to finally get here. That said, Laminar Research is now confident that this release is stable enough to call it an official release.

Whilst X-Plane 11.50 focuses heavily on the new API engine, there was also a range of other changes that benefit customers of the platform. This includes an additional 498 airports across the world, improvements to plane maker and numerous other improvements to the core of the flight simulator.

Over the course of the numerous beta releases, we have provided you with an overview on what to expect. You can catch up on some of those in our past articles or by checking out the full release notes on X-Plane’s official website.

To find out more about what exactly Vulkan and metal do to provide greater performance and utilisation of your hardware, you should listen to our podcast with Ben Supnik who goes into a lot of detail about it all.

Downloading the update is easy regardless of which platform you’re on. Instructions are provided here.

X-Plane 11 is available to buy now for $59.99 USD on the official website and also on Steam.

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X-Plane Updated to 11.50RC1

X-Plane Vulkan Metal
Laminar Research, the team behind X-Plane 11, has advanced their current 11.50 build from Beta to Release Candidate with version 11.50RC1. The Development has been battling many different issues throughout the beta phase, but it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the implementation of Vulkan/Metal for X-Plane. Vulkan/Metal is a new way
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FlightFactor Updates A320 Ultimate For Vulkan

A320 2020 07 04 12.27.58
Just this week, X-Plane aircraft developer FlightFactor have released a new update to their A320 Ultimate aircraft and brought it to version 1.0.7 with numerous changes, but to give the weekend a TOGA take-off, they have officially update the plane through beta 1.0.8 to add full support with X-Plane 11's new graphics rendering system, Vulkan. This means that the aircraft
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FlightFactor issues update for 757/767

767 200ER Xp11 23.jpg.cde02eeb5a0ecf0484f3906fe8274f28
Via Twitter, FlightFactor has announced that they have updated their Boeing 757 and 767 series of aircraft for X-Plane. The aircraft developer has updated their Boeing fleet with similar improvements which mean both aircraft are now compatible with the Vulkan API changes made by Laminar Research to X-Plane 11. Although both aircraft have received a similar update to include added VHF
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Laminar Research X-Plane 11.50 Beta 2 Now Available


Laminar Research released X-Plane 11.50 as an open beta just last week and since then the team has worked hard to fix reported bugs and make various improvements to the platform. The biggest change with X-Plane 11.50 is the inclusion of the new Vulkan / Metal API to render the graphics within the simulator. With that big change came a lot of potential pitfalls, but Laminar has been listening to feedback to make continued improvements.

The full list of improvements is pretty long and includes fixes, changes and also amendments to various simulator crashes. The full list is below for what has changed in beta 2.

Beta 2

  • Fixed show traffic path pipeline nullptr error.
  • Fix crash when AG item has bogus forest ref.
  • XPD-10422 Plane Maker >Expert>Build Weapons>Geometry UI Overlap.
  • XPD-10438 Update King Air beta angle.
  • XPD-10442 Incorrect leg-deduplication with DF-HA, losing turn restriction.
  • XPD-10569 VR Right eye not working with Vulkan.
  • XPD-10607 Fixed skycolors nullptr pipeline on Vulkan.
  • XPD-10621 Fixed FOV and all screen pref param dataref being broken.
  • XPD-10624 Fixed null pipeline on right click of hierarchy in Plane Maker with Vulkan.
  • XPD-10625 Fix for un-inited turbulence.
  • XPD-10629 Fixed black screen on GF 6,7,8 series.
  • XPD-10632 Removed extra comma in loading screen.
  • XPD-10636 Failed to create Vulkan window, no surface formats found.
  • XPD-10638 Metal out of memory.
  • XPD-10641 C172 panel all black with OGL.
  • XPD-10642 Crashes when starting flight on Nvidia Mac.
  • XPD-10647 Can’t use Vulkan with multiple GPUS + SLI.
  • XPD-10656 Fixed Vulkan error handling for better crash reporting.
  • XPD-10657 Fixed missing pipeline on Vulkan with night vision mode.
  • XPD-10662 Fixed aircraft being in wrong place in Plane Maker wing view.
  • XPD-10668 Doesn’t launch when display is connected to different than rendering GPU.
  • XPD-10669 Muted ATC log spam.
  • XPD-10671 Fixed crash going from setting FX 1 to 2 with Metal.
  • XPD-10674 Fixed sound spaces not rendering correctly.
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X-Plane 11 Vulkan Explained by Austin Meyer

Austin Came By To Explain The Move To Vulkan And How It Works
With X-Plane 11.50 now available to the public, it has meant that Vulkan is now ready for people to try in their simulators. In this new 20-minute video from Autin Meyer, he explains in detail exactly what Vulkan is and how it works in the world of X-Plane 11. Armed with his whiteboard and pen, he goes into quite a
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X-Plane 11.50 with Vulkan/Metal Beta Released

X Plane 11
Laminar Research has released to the public their X-Plane 11.50 Beta Update. This major update features the native support of Vulkan and Metal API. Vulkan and Metal API target at replacing OpenGL in rendering engines in order to take a better advantage of the hardware technology currently available. This leads to a better rendition as well as better performance on
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Infinite Flight Developing Vulkan/Metal Implementation

Project Metal Infinite Flight
Vulkan and Metal are two popular buzzwords right now in the flight simulation space. With the promise of huge enhancements and performance improvements to platforms, it's no wonder why the community are eager to see what the new technology will bring. Mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight, is the simulator to confirm that development of integrating the technology is well underway. This
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