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When Microsoft Flight Simulator was released back in August 2020, the list of features that were yet to be implemented at the request of the community was still quite long. One of the most requested features that were on the desired list was the ability to fly using Virtual Reality technology. In a subsequent update just before Christmas, developer Asobo Studio, released the all-important feature, in a free update, to allow users to experience the platform from a whole new perspective. Personally, I have only used VR once before and I was astounded with the gaming experience but the game I played was simplistic and one-dimensional. I wondered how such a high resolution, complex simulation would work and how it would operate on my moderate PC setup using the brand-new HP Reverb G2, which currently has the highest resolution at 2160×2160 per eye, of any VR headset available for PC. I explore exactly what MSFS in VR has to offer in this FSElite First Look.

Setting up the Reverb G2 is rather straightforward. The headset only requires one cable that splits into two at a junction box that does need to be plugged into a mains power source. The first of the two cables plug into the Display Port found on most graphics cards. The second is a USB-C connection but also comes with a USB-C to a conventional USB connector. Once you have put the 2 AA batteries in each of the hand controllers, you are ready to turn your PC on and get installing the headset. The HP Reverb G2 communicates with your PC through the Windows Mixed Reality Portal, a VR app that can be downloaded through the Microsoft App Store. Once this is installed, you will need to run the WMR app every time you use your VR headset. Luckily, it is not performance heavy. I have found that the WMR app does load a few secondary applications so if you are suffering from performance issues, you can terminate these to free up some resources.

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Asobo Previews VR in New MSFS Development Update

Asobo has released its December 17th, 2020 Development Update, which among other things, has provided us with a lot more information regarding the implementation of VR in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's been less than a month since Asobo officially announced VR support for MSFS via a Q&A live stream, and with the December 22nd release date quickly approaching, we now have
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Apply to Beta Test VR In Microsoft Flight Simulator Today

Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.04
It's no secret that many have wanted to experience virtual reality (VR) with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whilst it has been confirmed to be coming this fall, Asobo Studio and Microsoft are looking for beta testers to support their development efforts in preparation for a wider release for VR in the sim. As such a call-to-action has been shared
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iniSimulations A300-600R(F) VR Profile Ready

The iniSimulations A300-600R(F) 'ON THE LINE' released for X-Plane 11 last month and has seen numerous updates over the course of time. Whilst the passenger version is still being developed, having the aircraft with virtual reality capability was another popular request by users. As such, iniSimulations has partnered with SIMVRLABS to produce a VR profile for those looking to fly
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FlyInside Version Released


After several quiet months, the team at FlyInside have released version of their virtual reality flight simulator.


Within this update, you are no longer limited to the United States. As stated by the developer, you are now able to fly “nearly anywhere in the world.” With photorealistic with accurately placed buildings, trees, and water bodies. With 1ft/pixel resolution in most areas, you can expect the best VR experience to date with their flight simulator.

FlyInside is streaming the imagery used by Microsoft’s Bing Maps so there is no need for a strong internet connection or a large download. Beyond the scenery, several little usability enhancements and stability improvements have also been included. The simulator will use fewer resources and will run smoother regardless of the massive change in looks and appearance. The video you are watching is from the update showcasing everything that is new in the update.


A hand full of aircraft have also received some attention with the update. Helicopter flight models for the B407 and MD500 have been improved as well as the T38A which received a tutorial on how to operate the aircraft effectively.


For those who have yet to pick up FlyInside, there is a try before you buy demo available on their website. Stay up to date with future developments and update on the FlyInside news page.

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FlyInside FS Updated to v0.5.4.0

Flyinside Sim Aircraft (5)
Over on their Facebook page, FlyInside has announced that their FlyInside Flight Simulator has been updated to v0.5.4.0. Version brings along quite a few fixes and enhancements coupled with some big new features. This update includes the beginning of FlyInside's 'Flight School' which will incorporate a series of tutorials and challenges. As it stands, two missions/scenarios are currently included.
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FlyInside FS Released on Steam + December Update

Announced over on their news section, the team at FlyInside has released their still-in-development virtual-reality focused flight simulator on Steam as an Early Access product. To accompany the Steam release, a major December update has also been pushed out. The December Update for FlyInside FS introduces all new and improved scenery, an improved flight model and an assortment of improvements. Scenery improvements bring along denser objects,
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FlyInside Flight Simulator Updated To v0.3.7.0

Announced over on their Facebook page, the team at FlyInside have released an update for their still-in-development virtual-reality focused flight simulator. The changelog for version includes several bug fixes, realism adjustments and axis and key binding additions. You can view the full changelog at the end of this article or on the FlyInside website. To find out more about FlyInside Flight Simulator,
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VFlyteAir Releases Ikarus C42C

204094 VFlyteAir IkarusC42 Exterior 05
VFlyteAir Simulations Inc have recently released their Ikarus C42C ultralight aircraft for X-Plane 11. The Ikarus C42C is a light-sport ultralight aircraft powered by an 80hp (or 100hp) Rotax 912(s) engine, with a range of up to 432 miles. VFlyteAir's rendition of the aircraft is full of features and looks to be a fun little aircraft for the simmer looking to
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