First Look: Orbx Volanta


Orbx Volanta is a virtual flight tracker, made by Orbx. I’ve had access to it now for a couple of months, and seen the tool progress a lot. In this first look article, I want to give you my thoughts on Volanta and tell you how it works.

Let’s begin with the latter part: how does Volanta work? Volanta integrates perfectly with your flight simulator, Prepar3D v5 in my case. This even happens when you’re not actively using it, but instead just have it running in the background. When you load up your sim and have selected your aircraft, Volanta will automatically add this aircraft (recognised by registration and type) to your fleet. In much the same fashion, Volanta will also keep track of your flights. If you fly from anywhere to anywhere, Volanta will log this as a flight too.

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Orbx Releases Volanta for Public Use

Volanta Flight Tracker
After a few months of closed-beta testing, Orbx's Volanta is now available for the public to sign up to and use. The all-new flight tracker app works across all major flight simulator platforms and includes automatic flight tracking abilities, 3D maps and an easy-to-use interface One of the unique features of Volanta is the fact that it will start tracking
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New Volanta Development Update

A brand-new development blog post was shared by the team at Orbx in relation to their flight tracking tool, Volanta. The team said that so far there are over 1,000 Discord members who are delivering feedback on the beta of the software. The development update gives us a little more insight into some of the new features being added to
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Orbx Announces Volanta App – Personal Flight Tracker

Orbx is going beyond scenery development and will soon be releasing a personal flight tracker called Volanta. This all-new easy to use smart flight tracker integrates flight data across all simulators. The concept behind Volanta will be to provide simmers more reasons to fly and find new inspiration challenges, friends to fly with and track your progress within the virtual world.
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