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Virtual-Fly Yoko the Yoke Video Review [The Flight Sim Deck]

Our friend and fellow video producer TheFlightSimDeck was also lucky enough to get his hands (literally) on the Virtual-Fly Yoko The Yoke. Whilst this review is independent of the FSElite written review we published late last year, the comments on what Patrick liked and disliked are very similar. Furthermore, as we work closely on a daily basis, it only made sense to share this review with our community. Let’s call it an ‘unofficial’ FSElite review in that sense.

Regardless, you can visually see the Virtual-Fly Yoko the Yoke in action thanks to Patrick’s video.

If you’d like to read our written review, you can do that here. Or you can visit our Virtual-Fly hub to stay up to date with the latest news, reviews and content from the team.

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Virtual-Fly V3RINO TPM: The FSElite Review

The V2RINO TPM Throttle Quadrant from Virtual-Fly is one of their more recent releases. After a range of successful products that have provided simmers and professionals with high-quality hardware, it was time to explore creating the Vernier Style throttle quadrant. It is also the most expensive flight control in their entire product range. Virtual-Flight has created an impressive feature list,
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Virtual-Fly Yoko the Yoke: The FSElite Review

Spanish-based flight simulator hardware developer Virtual-Fly has been producing high-quality hardware for many years, including throttles, rudder pedals and their full-cockpit sim set-ups. It’s no surprise that they have built up a huge following of loyal and supportive customers over the years. FSElite has been following the team for a while and we were delighted that they asked us to
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Virtual-Fly Ruddo Rudder Pedals: The FSElite Review

VIRTUAL FLY Ruddo Pedal Set Featured Review
Rudder pedals are an important  piece of equipment for any serious simmer. Whilst the effectiveness of a rudder axis on a joystick is okay, it’s not exactly designed for more complicated scenarios. Rudder pedals provide that extra sense of realism and control needed for serious pilots. They’re often one of the first things someone will purchase when looking for new
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