VIRPIL Releases Range of Control Panels


Hardware producer VIRPIL has released a new series of products for anyone looking to build up their VPCockpit. The all-new VIRPIL Control Panels are a standalone USB device that can be attached to your PC to add a huge number of customisable switches and buttons for your at-home cockpit.

Featuring sturdy materials and built using “aircraft-grade duralumin mechanics”, the VIRPIL Control Panel has 12 RGB momentary buttons and 6 toggle switches. Alongside that, the control panel also features 2 latched toggle switches, 2 flip cover toggle switches, 2 axis dials and finally 3 encoder dials. All of this comes with specific inlay sheet so that you can truly customise it to your needs.

The VIRPIL Control Panel launches alongside the VPC Desk Mount Adapter (Keyboard Platform) and also the VPC Desk Mount V3 (Mini) to keep your products accessible on your at-home cockpit.

You can buy the VIRPIL Control Panel as a back-order from the VIRPIL website for €239.95 (excluding VAT). The VPC Desk Mount Adapter (Keyboard Platform) will cost you €29.95, and the VPC Desk Mount V3 (Mini) is €39.95. Those prices are all excluding VAT.

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