GayaSimulation Vienna X-Plane 11 Previews

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As promised in their previous update, GayaSimulation finally seems ready to preview their upcoming Vienna scenery in a simulator, as opposed to the renders they have been showing up until now. The previews give us a clear picture of the ATC tower from different directions, and show some signs that can be found at the airport. We also get a close up view of the main terminal building, but none of the previews reveal too much of the airport just yet. The team is still committed to releasing this airport before the years end.

GayaSimulation did say the next set of previews will showcase the Prepar3D version of the airport.

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GayaSimulation Vienna Terminal Previews

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GayaSimulation is back with more previews of their upcoming Vienna (LOWW) scenery. The previews show off renders of the main terminal buildings. The modelling in the previews looks very detailed, and with the textures added, it seems the team is progressing quite nicely and pretty rapidly. GayaSimulation is hoping to preview more in-sim previews of the airport soon.
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GayaSimulation Announces LOWW for X-Plane 11 and P3D

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Developer GayaSimulation has announced over on their Facebook page that their next project will be LOWW Vienna for X-Plane 11 and P3D. After dropping a hint of "#O##" and the clue of "major airport in Europe" over the past few days, GayaSimulation announced, after many correct guesses from the public, their new project will be Vienna for both X-Plane and
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Taburet Releases Vienna XP

XP11 Vienna XP
Scenery developer Taburet has released Vienna XP for X-Plane 11. The newly released product transforms the area within the simulator with hundreds of additional autogen objects and photorealistic texturing for the added models. Elements such as cranes, telephone masts, landmarks and more have all been included in this package to make the city feel alive and vibrant. All of the
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FlyTampa Updates Various Sceneries


If you own FlyTampa Boston, Vienna, Corfu, St Maarten, Montreal (version 2) or Toronto make sure you check the software for the latest update from FlyTampa.

In an effort to standardize the install process for their airports, the developer has implemented the FlyTampa Universal Installer for most of their more recent airports.

In addition to the Universal Installer, many airports received small updates that are listed below. The updates can be obtained from the FlyTampa forum or from your account on simMarket.

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FlyTampa Vienna and Toronto Update

FlyTampa have released updates for two of their sceneries. Both Vienna (LOWW) and Toronto (CYYZ) have gotten big updates. Both sceneries have been recompiled using the Prepar3D v4 SDK and as such the updates are not available for older versions of the platform (or FSX for that matter). Both airports now also support dynamic lighting, a highly requested feature from
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