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Verticalsim Studios Shares New Tampa Previews

Vertical Simulations Tampa X Plane 11 (5)

Developer Verticalsim Studios has shared a range of new previews for their upcoming Tampa scenery on X-Plane 11. The scenery was announced a while back, but development started up full-time again most recently after Verticalsim’s statement.

The new previews focus primarily on dawn/dusk shots, with a single day-time shot also included showcasing the terminal buildings.

Verticalsim Studios’ Tampa International Airport will also include the city of Tampa and the surrounding area. The airport’s largest airline is Southwest Airlines with a 32.68% share of total passengers, operating up to 121 daily departures. In 2018, Tampa International Airport served 21,289,390 passengers. Cargo airlines such as UPS, FedEx, and Amazon Prime Air also serve Tampa International Airport.

Verticalsim Studios did say that the product would release before Christmas, but are likely taking the extra time to polish the product in preparation for release. You can follow the team on Facebook to stay updated with progress.

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VTrees by Verticalsim Studios Released for X-Plane 11

Vertical Sim Vtrees (2)
Developer Verticalsim Studios has released an all-new freeware addon for X-Plane 11. The new addon will bring millions upon millions of trees to the whole world of X-Plane 11 if you're using VStates or orthoimagery. The freeware tool will add custom high-definition trees, which are then colour matched to the environment of the imagery used. You will also be able
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Verticalsim Previews Myrtle Beach for X-Plane 11

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Verticalsim announced their newest airport, Myrtle Beach International Airport, on Facebook. Myrtle Beach International Airport is 6 miles southeast of the central business district of Myrtle Beach and is right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The airport has a single runway, a passenger terminal, and served over 2.4 million passengers in 2018. Both Allegiant and Spirit maintain a
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Verticalsim Studios Updates KPVD For X-Plane

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Developer Verticalsim Studios has released version 3.4 of their Providence (KPVD) airport scenery for X-Plane. While the list of updated items may appear small, the update is fairly significant. Version 3.4 adds items like better ortho scenery, PBR concrete textures and support for the SAM jetway plugin. Version 3.4 of the airport is currently on sale for $10 USD from
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Verticalsim Studios Relaunches VStates

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In a post on their Facebook page, developer Verticalsim Studios announced the latest version of their Vstates ortho project. Alongside updated versions of Alabama and Illinois, the developer has made Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania available. The VStates ortho project aims to provide colour-corrected ortho/satellite imagery for the entire mainland United States. Each tile is hand
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Verticalsim Studios Releases Spokane KGEG for X-Plane 11

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Verticalsim Studios has released its Spokane KGEG scenery for X-Plane 11. Spokane Airport is the second busiest airport in Washington State with 3.9 million passengers per year, while still being far behind Seattle-Tacoma and its 49.8 million passengers. This release joins Verticalsim’s growing list of secondary US airports such as Providence KPVD and Norfolk KORF.

The scenery features PBR textures, detailed buildings, 3D grass, airport clutter, night lighting, and custom 0.5px/m satellite imagery, bringing the file size to 2.88 GB. It is compatible with Orbx True Earth US Washington. The scenery is available on Verticalsim Studios site for $20 USD.

Feature List

  • SAM Autogate System
  • Compatibility with ORBX True Earth Washington
  • PBR on buildings and ground textures
  • Ambient occlusion + photorealstic texturing
  • 3D grass (matched color to ortho)
  • Full gate position support (all gates are available to spawn)
  • Full WT3 and LiveTraffic support
  • Custom night lighting
  • Custom purchased 4k 0.5px/m resolution ortho imagery
  • Good FPS on all systems
  • Ground objects (pushback trucks, GPUs, air conditioning units, etc.)
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Verticalsim Studios Releases KCRP Corpus Christi International HD for X-Plane 11

Verticalsim Stuidos KCRP Corpus Christi International (2)
Scenery developer Verticalsim Studios (previously known simply as Vertical Simulations) has released their HD version of KCRP Corpus Christi International airport for X-Plane 11. The HD version brings a wealth of new features including brand new HD buildings, PBR ground textures and also cosmetic changes to the terminal texturing. Corpus Christi International airport offers a few US-only routes including Southwest
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