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Massive Orbx Update – OpenLC NA, ORBX Store and More

ORBX night lights

John Venema from ORBX has updated the community with a HUGE range of topics that are currently on-going at ORBX HQ. I will briefly summarise each below, but you can check out the full thread over at the ORBX forums.

FTX Central V2.1 Migration

Orbx recently updated FTX Central to sync up all of your Orbx scenery so you don’t have to keep chopping and changing scenery. However, out of the 8,000 people who have updated, 1-2% have had some issues. Orbx delivering as usual have been working hard on a diagnostics tool to help people understand what the issues are, and what Orbx need to do to fix it.

It’s coming along nicely and an update will be inbound soon.

P3Dv3 Airport Ports

This is nearly done, and the last of the airports will soon be with us. Remember that this is probably the last time we’ll get free installer updates.

OpenLC North America

Beta testing is going well, with everything matching Google Maps very well. Their new night lighting will also come packed with the installer, which will also update OpenLC NA Alaska/Canada.

If you’ve already purchased NA Alaska/Canada, then you’ll be entitled to an AU$22.50 discount for the rest of the US. Not bad, not bad.

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