PSA: VATSIM Network Scheduled Downtime


A quick note for you online simmers to let you know that VATSIM will be down for scheduled maintenance from 28 September 2021 at 23:00 UTC with an estimated completion of 29 September 2021 at 01:00 UTC.

During this time, the full network will be offline, meaning you won’t be able to connect at all. This will also affect some websites during this period. This scheduled downtime will allow the team to support network advancements in the immediate future and going forward.

It is worth noting that the downtime is not to deploy the VATSIM Velocity update, as this is still being tested and tweaked.

As a quick reminder, VATSIM’s popular Cross the Pond event will be taking place in just over a month on October 30th 2021. You can read a bit more about that event here.

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VATSIM Cross the Pond Eastbound 2021 Happening October 30th

Vatsim Ctp Eastbound 2021
The bi-annual VATSIM Cross the Pond (CTP) even will be heading Eastbound on Saturday, October 30th. The eastbound event will see pilots depart from a selection of airports within North America and head over to the UK and Europe across the Atlantic. The exact timings have yet to be confirmed at this point in time. The release date was confirmed on Twitter.
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VATSIM First Wings Event Happening August 14th

First Wings
If you're new to flight simulation, you may have heard of an online network called VATSIM. For those that don't know, VATSIM is short for Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network and is essentially a giant online network that simulates air traffic. Powered by a team of dedicated volunteers and enthusiasts, the VATSIM network has many members who control airports, air space
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VATSIM Announces CTP – Westbound 2021 Participating Airports

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With virtual voting booths having closed only recently, VATSIM, taking to their official Facebook page, has released the results and shared the list of Cross The Pond Westbound 2021 participating airfields.

With the event scheduled to occur on the 24th of April, 2021, interested participants can rejoice with the number of airfields participating in this year’s westbound edition of the event. With 10 departure airfields scattered across the entire European continent and 9 arrival fields on the other side of the pond, ranging east to west and north to south, the event organizers made sure that there is a place to discover for everybody.

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VATSIM Announces Velocity

Chrome 2021 03 13 14 43 37
VATSIM has today announced the approach of a critical update to the network. Titled Velocity, the all-new technology will see vast improvements to the online network for flight simulation to include functionality that the community have been requesting for a long period of time. The trailer for VATSIM Velocity is below. From the short trailer, we know that the new
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FLAi Shutting Down

The popular flight model matching solution FLAi has been shut down. FLAi was used by many VATSIM pilots due to its ease of matching airplane models in VATSIM and displaying these in the users' simulator. FLAi could also be used to add traffic to your offline simulator using traffic tools, as it offered one of the largest aircraft and livery
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VATéir Charity Giveaway – 24 Hours on VATSIM

The passionate team at VATéir will be hosting their annual charity event in support of the Irish Community Rapid Response (ICRR) team. The event this year will be bigger than ever with over 20 developers giving away numerous quality prizes for those that donate to the cause and take part in this year's live stream event. The event this year will
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