Pilots – Your Guide to VATSIM Cross the Pond Westbound 2021

Guide To Cross The Pond Vatsim

VATSIM Cross The Pond is one of the most popular events on the online network. The 2021 Westbound edition will start on April 24th 2021 from 11:00z until 23:00z. VATSIM CTP takes place twice a year, one time Westbound (from Europe to North America) during Spring and the other Eastbound (North America to Europe) during Fall. The goal is to replicate at best the specific Oceanic procedures with full ATC from departure to arrival. The lack of radar coverage for traffic deconfliction above the Atlantic Ocean means that the aircraft must obtain a specific clearance, follow a given route and report their position regularly.

These procedures are not so easy to grab at a first glance, but worry not : here’s the FSElite guide to help you make your way across the pond and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

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VATSIM Announces CTP – Westbound 2021 Participating Airports

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With virtual voting booths having closed only recently, VATSIM, taking to their official Facebook page, has released the results and shared the list of Cross The Pond Westbound 2021 participating airfields. With the event scheduled to occur on the 24th of April, 2021, interested participants can rejoice with the number of airfields participating in this year's westbound edition of the event. With
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VATSIM Announces Velocity

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VATSIM has today announced the approach of a critical update to the network. Titled Velocity, the all-new technology will see vast improvements to the online network for flight simulation to include functionality that the community have been requesting for a long period of time. The trailer for VATSIM Velocity is below. From the short trailer, we know that the new
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FLAi Shutting Down


The popular flight model matching solution FLAi has been shut down. FLAi was used by many VATSIM pilots due to its ease of matching airplane models in VATSIM and displaying these in the users’ simulator. FLAi could also be used to add traffic to your offline simulator using traffic tools, as it offered one of the largest aircraft and livery collections in the community.

As per a statement on their website, FLAi is shutting down as a group of painters revoked permissions from FLAi to use their liveries as part of the software. Many of these painters and modellers are part of Alpha India Group (AIG) and as 90% of the FLAi liveries were created by that group of painters, the team no longer saw a reason to continue with the product. Furthermore, the team adds it was unclear how to move forward into Microsoft Flight Simulator with their add-on.

FLAi has long had permission to use the liveries by AIG, something that it finds very important. AIG was however of the opinion, that a third party planning on using FLAi in a new product, was doing so as a ‘conduit towards using work without permission’. This third party has since stated that FLAi won’t be required for any of it’s free products, but this did not change the mind of AIG. Another solution, allowing FLAi to work inside AIG’s own distributor, was deemed technically not feasible due to significant development efforts. The FLAi team then decided it would be better to shut down the project, as it clearly did not have access to one of its largest freeware creators’ content anymore, and wasn’t on the same page with this same freeware creators community.

The shutdown might come as a bit of a shock to the VATSIM community, who have long relied on FLAi. In a statement shared by the VATSIM Board of Governors, they announce how they are in touch with both FLAi and AIG in the hope of finding a solution that will allow members to continue using the high quality model matching service that FLAi has long provided.

People that already had FLAi installed, can continue to use it without issues. It won’t however be available for downloading from the website again, and further updates will also not be provided.

Article has been updated as of 11th Jan 2021 to better reflect the fact that the painters who contribute to AIG were the ones who revoked permissions, not AIG as a whole.

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VATéir Charity Giveaway – 24 Hours on VATSIM

The passionate team at VATéir will be hosting their annual charity event in support of the Irish Community Rapid Response (ICRR) team. The event this year will be bigger than ever with over 20 developers giving away numerous quality prizes for those that donate to the cause and take part in this year's live stream event. The event this year will
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Cross The Pond Eastbound 2020: Rien Ne Va Plus!

"Vancouver Approach, ACA27MD heavy, mayday mayday mayday! We have lost one engine, request emergency landing!" "ACA27MD heavy, Vancouver Approach, copied your mayday, expect ILS runway 08L, I’ll have vectors for you in a minute." "Roger that, Approach, we’ve lost our second engine, we’re losing control of the aircraft!" "Copy, ACA27MD, if have some time, can I get your souls on
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