VATSIM Cross The Pond Slot Booking Changes


VATSIM has published an important information note regarding the upcoming Cross The Pond 2020 – Eastbound event which will take place on November 14th.

Slot Allocation

The slot allocation was previously done using a booking system on a “first come, first served” basis. In the previous events, the slots would be gone in a matter of minutes, letting on the side of the road anybody who was not able to connect to the site at that time. In addition, the slot bookings sites where sometimes not accessible, making it even more difficult to grab a slot. It has also been considered unfair that depending on the time when the slot booking happened, some people living in certain time zones where advantaged.

In consequence, VATSIM has decided this year to introduce a lottery system for slot allocation. Upon slot booking opening, which will happen on October 28th at 2000Z, people will be given the choice between three most prefered city pairs as well as two most prefered departure times. The booking closure will happen on November 4th, which will give pilots plenty of times to poll in their options. The system will then randomize the selections and allocate slots accordingly. This means that not everyone will be served. Some routes pairing will probably have much more picks than others, leaving less chances to get them. Importantly, VATSIM added that people who polled in their preferences but who still have not be selected in the lottery will have priority bookings for the next events. No further details have been added in regards to the exact process.

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VATSIM Cross The Pond Eastbound 2020 Airports List

CTP2020 V2
VATSIM has revealed the final list of airports which will be featured in the VATSIM Cross The Pond Eastbound 2020 event. The event kicks-off on November 14th at 1100Z. A semiannual event, Cross the Pond sees pilots from all over the world make the trek over the Atlantic Ocean. One event generally happening in Spring sees pilots flying from Europe
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vPilot Update Brings MSFS Compatibility

vPilot, a utility used by virtual pilots to fly on the online network, VATSIM, has been updated to version 2.6, which is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator.  vPilot is used to enable a virtual pilot to communicate with virtual air traffic controllers and other aircraft, all over the world. Private beta testers have been putting the client to the test with
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Flight Simulator VATSIM Partnership Update and Dev Q&A

Partnership Series VATSIM
Over on the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog, a series of videos and information has been shared with regards to VATSIM and also a full-length Q&A session. VATSIM Partnership Whilst announced a few weeks ago, the VATSIM Partnership series focuses on what VATSIM is for newcomers and how the online virtual air traffic control network will go hand-in-hand with the new
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VATSIM Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Release Day

Chrome QR2A34Iqm9
In an exciting announcement made by VATSIM today, it is confirmed that VATSIM will be compatible with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator on day one once the new simulator releases on Tuesday, August 18th 2020. Matthew Bartels from VATSIM said that today is a big day for VATSIM. Alongside the reveal that the online network will be ready for
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VATSIM Event – Cross the Land This Weekend


On Saturday, 13th June 2020, VATSIM will be hosting Cross the Land. Pilots will be taking to the virtual skies to fly across Europe and the Middle East with the hope to test both pilots and ATC’s skills in handling a large amount of traffic.

Pilots will be able to depart from Amsterdam, Zurich, Riga International Airport and Belgrade heading for Dubai, Doha, Cario and Beirut-Rafic Hariri Airport. The airport choices give virtual pilots a nice variety of aircraft to take across Europe and the Middle East.

The event will take place on Saturday 13th June 2020 from 11:00z until 21:00z. You can book slots right now via the official Cross the Land booking page.

Even better is that FSElite is proud to be a giveaway sponsor for the Cross the Land event this weekend. Participants will be able to win a free FSElite Magazine (Issue #3). This is for both pilots and ATC. More details on how you can win will be provided by the Cross the Land team. In total, we are giving away 8 copies to both pilots and air traffic controllers who participate in the event. You can find out more about the FSElite Magazine here.

Event details can be found here.


  • Departures: EHAM, LSZH, EVRA, LYBE
  • Arrivals: OMDB, OTHH, HECA, OLBA
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XSquawkbox Updates Vatsim Client to Version 2.0

XSquawkbox 2.0
Vatsim client developer XSquawkbox has updated their Vatsim client to version 2.0 for X-Plane. XSquawkbox is a plugin that is used to communicate between the simulator and the Vatsim network to allow you to fly online. XSquawkbox has been in development since 2011 and has been improved no end and has become one of the most recommended Vatsim Clients for
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Free Webinars to Learn How to Fly Online

91465035 2699393316946691 9049429696772571136 O
Our friend Sebastian Knoop-Troullier is hosting a series of webinars to help those learn the ropes of flying online. Whilst many are staying at home during the current pandemic, it's meant that many are able to fly online with friends and communities. To help those who may be unfamiliar or just need a helping hand, Sebastian is going to provide
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VATSIM Cross The Pond 2020 Westbound Bookings Open

Ctp 2020 West
. VATSIM has opened today the booking system for the slots of their upcoming popular Cross The Pond event. The first edition of the CTP event for 2020 will take place on April 4th and will start at 1100z. This Westbound 2020 event will take place at the following airports. Departures: EDDK, EGCC, EHAM, EIDW, LIRF, LOWW Arrivals: CYYZ, KBOS,
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