Drzewiecki Design Releases Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 for X-Plane 11

Scenery developer Drzewiecki Design has released Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 for X-Plane 11. The airport in Moscow, Russia, has five main terminals serving a variety of airlines including KLM, Nordwind and of course Aeroflot. You will be able to travel to destinations such as Brussels, Hong Kong, Zurich and many more across the world from the busy international airport.

The airport features a high-quality model of the entire airport including all terminal buildings, train station, and plenty of ground clutter and other 3D objects to bring the airport to life. Despite the details, the airport package promises to be performance-friendly and also includes interior modeling of terminals, the control tower, and some hangers. Drzewiecki Design has included animated jetyways, visual guidance docking systems and marshallers courtesy of the SAM plugin. There is also dynamic lighting, animated trains, and optional volumetric grass.

The airport package does not include the city of Moscow but is fully compatible with Drzewiecki Design’s Moscow City XP.

You can buy Drzewiecki Design Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 for X-Plane 11 from a variety of places including simMarket,, and others. The price is 22.00 for the airport package, but there is discount available for owners of the first version.

Scenery Features

  • High-quality model of UUEE Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, featuring the most up-to-date version possible including airport parts that are still under construction
  • Extensive though performance-friendly interior modeling at most terminal buildings, control tower, and some hangars
  • Animated jetways, VGDS, marshallers (SAM plugin), custom animations, advanced dynamic lighting, static aircraft and people, animated trains, wet asphalt effect, optional volumetric grass, optional static aircraft
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Drzewiecki Design Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 X-Plane Previews

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Drzewiecki Design released their Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) v2 update in the end of October this year for Prepar3D, and since then the team has been hard at work on a similar update for its X-Plane counterpart. Drzewiecki Design posted a quick status update on Facebook, informing us that the scenery is undergoing final testing and that it will soon be
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Drzewiecki Design Updates Moscow City X and Sheremetyevo X v2.1

222913 UUEE X V2 22
On Facebook, Drzewiecki Design, posted a status update on both Moscow City X and their newest scenery, Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2. Moscow City X includes a detailed model of the Moscow metropolitan area in Russia. It includes "lite" sceneries of seven airports, various helipads, and thousands of buildings. Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2 is a highly detailed scenery compatible with both FSX and
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Drzewiecki Design Releases Moscow Sheremetyevo v2

222925 UUEE X V2 10
After having been in development for some time, Drzewiecki Design has announced the release of Moscow Sheremetyevo v2 (UUEE). The scenery has been updated to make full advantage of the 64 bit SDK's, but remains compatible with older, 32 bit, platforms. V2 of Sheremetyevo features the airport in its updated state. Most notably, this airport include the newly built Terminal
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Drzewiecki Design Previews of UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2

Drzewiecki Design UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2 (1)
Developer Drzewiecki Design has shared some new additional previews for UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2. The project has been in development for a while now, but the team confirmed that the product is in the "final stages of construction." Along with the news also came some previews showcasing off the current development status. Over the course of the past few months, we have seen
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Drzewiecki Design UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2 – WIP Preview

Drzewiecki Design UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2 (1)

Scenery developer Drzewiecki Design has shared a few new previews for their upcoming UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2. The new previews are from the Aeroexpress Terminal’s Train Hall and the developer is excited due to the “exceptional piece of engineering.”

The terminal itself will be fully modelled, and Drzewiecki Design wanted to share some previews of it from a development perspective. Supplied in the preview set was a real-life photo of the scenery along with a wireframe render and then an in-sim preview.

Finally, it is confirmed that this new version of Moscow Sheremetyevo will be released as payware, but there will be a discount available for those who own version 1. It is also confirmed that the plan is to release UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2 in October.

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Drzewiecki Design Shares Behind the Scene Previews of Sheremetyevo UUEE V2

Drzewiecki Design Sheremetyevo UUEE V2 (3)
Scenery developer Drzewiecki Design has shared some brand new behind the scene previews for their upcoming Sheremetyevo UUEE V2. The airport, announced back in May, will build on the original 2014 release, but with new details and bring it to today's standards. Sheremetyevo UUEE V2 will be made with all new ground poly details, additional buildings and all new lighting and interior
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Moscow Sheremetyevo v2

Drzewiecki Design Previews Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 FSElite1
Just a few weeks after announcing Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) v2, Drzewiecki Design has previewed their new project even further on their Facebook page. In addition, Drzewiecki elaborated that besides the terminals, they are developing around 100 additional buildings around the airport in order to provide the best visuals on approach to the airport. That was all that we got for
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Drzewiecki Design Announces UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X/XP v2

UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo Drzewiecki Design (2)
Drzewiecki Design has today announced that they are working on UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X/XP v2. Building on from the initial 2014 release, the new product will be made with all new ground poly details, additional buildings and all new lighting and interior modelling design. The airport will take full advantage of the new 64-bit technologies, but will be made available
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