FS2Crew Releases PMDG 737u Edition

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Earlier today, FS2Crew released their newest product, the PMDG 737 NGXu Edition. The PMDG 737 NGXu Edition has been added to FS2Crew's long list of aircraft they have covered in the past including the PMDG 777, PMDG 747, and Fly the Maddog X. FS2Crew allows the user simulate flying the aircraft with a virtual crew to make the experience as
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RealTurb Introduces Thermal Effects

RealTurb Thermals Preview
RealTurb is a product that adds realistic turbulence to your flights within P3D and impacts the handling of your aircraft accordingly to variations such as wind and terrain. In the future, as announced by RealTurb on Facebook, the product will take into account temperature. In a free update, to be released "next week", thermal simulation will be added to enhance the
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Stairport Sceneries Releases SAM Version 2 and Seasons for X-Plane

SAM2 UI.jpg.ffa2c9303f2b89b18833608f7b21a6a1
Developer Stairport Sceneries has updated their already successful Scenery Animation Manager to version 2 which includes season functionality for X-Plane. Stairport Sceneries is known for its airport scenery developments published by Aerosoft which include, Tromso, Helgoland and St. Tropez. Stairport Sceneries is also known for its Scenery Animation Manager or SAM for short. SAM enables third party airport scenery developers
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Behind the Scenes Interview: FSReborn

Fsreborn Interview
The developer behind AI Lights Reborn Professional, FSReborn has taken some time to speak to us and give the community a little insight of some of the behind the scenes of development. The utility is unique in that it offers users the ability to adjust and make AI lighting much more realistic. Whilst the software sounds basic, it actually offers
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AeroNavMap Released for X-Plane 11

IOS AeroNavMap For X Plane Preview

Fresh to the X-Plane market is AeroNavMap. AeroNavMap is an app for iOS that provides the user with aeronautical maps, charts, live data from X-Plane, and integration with PilotEdge. The goal of AeroNavMap is to be an affordable Electronic Flight Bag for users of X-Plane.

Users of AeroNavMap will have access to sectional VFR and IFR charts covering the United States that are updated with every nav cycle. AeroNavMap has a similar feel to the popular app Foreflight. 3D airspaces are included to give the user an easy to understand picture of the airspace around them. The use of 3D airspace can be especially useful when transiting through complex airspace like LAX or SFO. Crucial information such as the METAR, airport elevation, pattern altitude, and more is available at the press of a finger. Selecting an airport will bring up all of this data and more.

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Just Flight Announces Air Hauler 2 For X-Plane

Air Hauler 2 Xplane 6 Ss L 191106120701
Just Flight has announced today they were bringing their Air Hauler 2 add-on to X-Plane 11. Released in January 2019 for all versions of Prepar3D and FSX, Air Hauler 2 is a utility that recreates the environment of an airline management. Pilots are able to buy aircraft, fly specific job and have to manage every aspect of running an airline
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FSElite Exclusive: [Update: Released] GeoReality Design Announces Global Forests for X-Plane

Georeality Global Forests X Plane 11 (8)
Update: The product has since been released. Now available via X-Plane.org for $11.00. Original Article: A new developer who specialises in geospatial data has come to FSElite to announce their entry into the world of X-Plane. GeoReality Design is proud to announce Global Forests, which installs trees across the world using "never-before-seen technology." The whole earth has been scanned and analysed
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12bPilot Releases SODE VDGS Pack

223063 VDGS SFO
12bPilot has released their SODE VDGS pack for both FSX and Prepar3D V4. The SODE VDGS Pack models six different visual docking guidance systems. The models simulated include the FMT APIS++, Safedock T2-18, Safedock T2S-24, Safedock T3-9, Safedock T3-15, and the "Traffic Light" docking system that is used at various airports including San Francisco. All VGDS models have been modeled
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