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SimToolkitPro Version 0.6 Now Available

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SimToolkitPro, known as the all-in-one EFB, is now available as version 0.6. The EFB tool enables simmers to plan flights, view weather, keep track of their progress and see how other virtual pilots are getting on with their flights.

Version 0.6 has been teased for a month now and comes complete with new features, functionality and more. As described back in the start of the month, version 0.6’s main new features include compatibility with MacOS and Linux, user accounts, free cloud save back-ups and also the ability to Microsoft Flight Simulator support.

Users will be able to manage their entire fleet, produce flight plans via SimBrief an also generate routes based on set criteria. For example, if you want to fly a specific airline to a certain distance, you can find routes based on all of that information.

Along with new features, version 0.6 still contains all of the features found in previous versions, but with improvements to speed, memory usage and utilising resources.

The new website is now online, along with all the new download links to each version. SimToolKitPro, along with all their features, is free to download and use.

As a reminder, SimToolkitPro version 0.6 is optional to users, with version 0.5.83 still available to those wanting to use it. Also, your data will be backed up free to the cloud to ensure there are no issues with migration. 

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SimToolKitPro V.06 Further Previews

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The developer behind SimToolKitPro, Dan Gallacher, has revealed further previews of the next update over on Facebook. In the brief post, Dan mentioned that the update to 0.6 will be handed over to testers shortly, providing that some minor roadblocks can be worked through. The post showcases lots of screenshots showing the upcoming improvements such as the new website, the
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simHeaven Releases X-Europe 5

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Freeware X-Plane tool X-Europe from simHeaven has been updated to version 5 providing all-new OSM data across numerous parts of Europe. The UK, Germany and Ireland are primary focuses for this update, along with new objects being added to Norway, Greece and the Mediterranean. Across the data, you will also find FlyAgi Vegetation and SAM seasons are also supported and
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Parallel 42 Releases ChasePlane 1.2

ChasePlane By Parallel 42 Cinematics 4K
After a cinematic trailer showcasing the new Cinematics mode the other day, Parallel 42 has now released the awaited ChasePlane 1.2 update for the whole community. The new free update introduces numerous functionality and is available now. Starting with Cinematics, this was previously known as Cinematic Mode. Not only did the name change, but all-new features creep in to enable artists to create
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JARDesign Releases Co-Pilot for ToLiss A321

JARDesign ToLiss A321 Co Pilot 1
Aircraft and utility developer JARDesign has released their Co-Pilot plugin for the ToLiss A321 for X-Plane. JARDesign previously released the Co-Pilot for their A320 and A330 aircraft as well as the ToLiss A319 and Flight Factor 767. With the ToLiss A321, we have the presence of Linda, an experienced A321 Co-Pilot who can action your commands made by voice or
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ChasePlane New ‘Cinematics’ Mode Feature Trailer

We shared with you a few weeks ago a sneak peek of a new Cinematics mode coming soon to ChasePlane. The concept behind this name change is to signify the more streamlined approach Parallel 42 is taking with the next build of ChasePlane. All your settings and controls for the Cinematics can be controlled in one place.

When previewing the new mode back in May, Edson said that the new features included will enable creators to have the empowerment for content creators to manage their camera settings and create fresh new takes on views for viewers and other producers.

With that in mind, Edson considered “what if we made a video using only ChasePlane logic and no human input on the shots.”

Reaching out to the team at AviationLads, they produced a new trailer made purely from ChasePlane Cinematics and no input from a human. The result of that project is above.

No mention of when this update will be made available, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, Parallel 42 did reach out to the community asking for real-world and virtual A320 pilots to reach out about beta testing the upcoming Aerosoft Airbus Immersion Pack.

Be sure to give AviationLads a follow on Facebook or a sub on YouTube. We’ll be announcing a joint contest very soon – you won’t want to miss this.

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FSElite Developer Interview: AirHauler 2 For X-Plane

Just Flight Airhauler 2 Interview
Years after the release for Prepar3D, X-Plane users have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of AirHauler 2 from JustFlight. With its release in May of this year, what's in store for future virtual airline pilots and managers? AirHauler 2 gives you the ability to create your own airline, grow your hangar with purchased aircraft, earn cash (albeit not real) and
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Turbine Sound Studios Previews E-175 Soundpack

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Soundpack developer Turbine Sound Studios has shared a new video of their E-175 GE-CF34-8 in action. The preview video is of a work in progress development state in Prepar3D v4. This package, once released, will be compatible with the Feelthere E-Jet v3 series, which released at the end of last year. No other news was shared with the preview, other than
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X-Camera 2.4 Released for X-Plane 11

X Camera V2.4 For X Plane 11 First Look
Creator of X-Camera, Mark Cellis, has announced the release of X-Camera 2.4 on the Forums. X-Camera is an advanced view plugin for X-Plane and can be used to create hundreds of unique views for the cockpit, external views of the aircraft, views from the airport, and many more. Many options can be edited on a per camera basis and
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