Freeware Live Traffic Mod for MSFS

Freeware Live Traffic Mod For MSFS (5)

A new freeware modification tool called Easy airlines+aircraft matching with default live traffic has been released on which aims to make traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator more realistic.

The utility does require you to use IVAO Altitude for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but once installed, you will have a huge variety of AI aircraft that represent realistic aircraft types and airlines in your sim. For example, the add-on will add in the correct aircraft and liveries based on the data that is streamed into the sim from the real-world traffic. This means 737s, A380s, etc, will all match their counterparts.

In addition, there is a detailed FAQ and support topic on the download page. Within that, the developer says that you should gain frames as the models are optimised.

Whilst this tool doesn’t claim to be the perfect solution to having more realistic AI live traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator, it is a solution that does a reasonable job – and certainly better than the default options available to us.

If you want to give this great little tool a go, you can download it from right now for free. Full installation instructions can be found on that same page.

Let us know in the comment section how you found the tool.

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Seafront Simulations Releases Enhanced AI & Vessels: Global Shipping

Vessels Enhanced AI Vessels Global Shipping Launch Trailer
Developer Seafront Simulations has released two new products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Enhanced AI and Vessels: Global Shipping are two new products to enhance the default Microsoft Flight Simulator AI ships and add new routes. Enhanced AI The new Enhanced AI pack will overhaul your default AI ship and leisure boat traffic with better quality models. Whilst this pack does
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Working Title Releases Garmin G1000 NXi

Chrome 2021 07 27 11 41 51
We featured Working Title's upcoming Garmin G1000 NXi yesterday and now we're pleased to confirm that the freeware modification is now available to download. The new modification will completely overhaul the default G1000 found in various default aircraft including the Cirrus SR22, Cessna 172 Skyhawk and the Beechcraft G36. After it's installed, you will have access to a suite of
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Aerosoft Announces Simple Traffic for MSFS

Chrome 2021 07 27 11 06 01
One area of Microsoft Flight Simulator that has yet to see real improvement is the integrated AI traffic. Whilst the live air traffic often matches up with data from real-world sources, it often results in fictional airlines and aircraft types. However, Aerosoft Simple Traffic aims to resolve this issue and also help to optimise the performance of the simulator. In
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SimToolKitPro Updated to Version 0.7.X

SimToolKitPro has been updated with the "single largest performance update" to date. The new update has a big focus on performance improvements, along with a new user dashboard and a reworked live map page. The new update from SimToolKit has a brand new map that has been enhanced for speed and efficiency. Furthermore, there are new import options for those looking
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REX Releases Real Global Airport Textures for MSFS

Rex Real Global Airports Msfs (3)

In a surprise move, REX has released a brand new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator called Real Global Airport Textures. The team beyond Weather Force for the simulator has released a brand new texture product that enhances all airports around the world with new high-definition textures.

The new product will apply to all 37,000 airports and add a more realistic looking set of textures to each of the airports. The new product adds over 1GB of new data that will enhance the aprons, taxiways, runways and ground markings at each airport. REX says that Real Global Airport Textures includes 28 different types of runway surfaces and each set includes realistic weathering, dirt, grime and cracking effects for maximum realism. Along with the improvements to the runways, REX also says that this product adds different variants of surfaces for taxiways and apron areas. Despite the new level of detail, REX says that this product is “FPS-friendly.”

The team say that this product will have an impact on all default airports, and even some freeware ones that use the standard texture sets found in the simulator.

Right now, we can only see that the product is available on Just Flight’s website for £11.99. At the time of writing, there’s no official statement from REX on their social channels or website.

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TDS Sim GTNXi Released for MSFS

Tds0sim Gtnxi
Dubbed as the most advanced gauge for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the TDS Sim GTNXi adds a replica of the avionics product into your simulator. Using high-resolution displays, the GTNXi brings an array of features to simmers looking for the navigation device. The GTNXi is an advanced navigation tool designed to help pilots have impeccable situation awareness during flight. The tool
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Toolbar Pushback Freeware Released for MSFS

Ezgif 3 A044eb76d314
A brand-new freeware tool to give you control over your pushback for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released.  Created by AmbitiousPilots, Toolbar Pushback improves on the Better Pushback tool released last year and gives users even more control over how their aircraft is pushed back. Toolbar Pushback can be called up directly within your simulator without the need for any additional
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Jetliner by FSAcademy Released for MSFS

If you're looking to expand your knowledge with airliner aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, then FSAcademy could be for you. Now released via OrbxDirect, FSAcademy Jetliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator gives you 12 missions to help you learn jet aircraft. Described as a "study-level mission package," those who pick it up will provide a realistic environment to learn how to handle the
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Just Flight Announces Real Taxiways United States for MSFS

Just Flight Real Taxiways Us (3)
Just Flight has announced a new series of products called Real Taxiways for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Real Taxiways will add real-world taxiway signage to default airports in the simulator, which will add more realism at those locations. The series will initially start in the United States with Class C and D airports. Upon installation, Real Taxiways for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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