FlyJSim Show Off Rainman Package for their 737 & 727 Aircraft

Aircraft developer FlyJSim has shared the official trailer for their all-new Rainman Package coming to their classic series of jets; the 737 Classic and the 727 on X-Plane 11.

The upcoming free Rainman Package will add a few new features to the aircraft including librain effects which depict realistic rain effects on your windshield of the aircraft. Furthermore, the update will also provide the 732 with a working weather radar, interchangeable TCAS-VSI and independent flight directors.

In addition, the AviTab integration will also be included in this update.

The YouTube trailer above also confirmed that the update will be coming sometime later this week.

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SimBitWorld’s A Pilot’s Life Updated to Version

Developer SimBitWorld has updated A Pilot's Life to version 1.4.0, which focuses on the community aspects of the application. All of these new community features start building towards a more multiplayer orientated application and community. The new community tab will show off statistics for the whole A Pilot's Life (APL) universe that is generated daily. For example, you can search
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Minor Orbx Central Update, Issues Overview

Orbx released their new Orbx Central application about two weeks ago. The Orbx team has been happy with the many performance improvements it has brought. However, they are also aware that some users have experienced an upgrade that did not go as smooth as the team had hoped for. Many users took to the Orbx forums to out their frustration, ask
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FS2Crew Releases FSLabs Airbus Edition Update V1.1

FS2Crew FSLabs Airbus Official Trailer
After a series of open beta tests, the FS2Crew team has released their FSLabs Airbus Edition update, which brings it to version 1.1. The new update is fairly significant with new voice commands, new user configurations and much more. Some of the previously mentioned new features include a re-recording of the German voice set from community member BlackBox, along with
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FS Academy – On Instruments Available Now

218212 Departure Copy
FS Academy - On Instruments is now available for Prepar3D V4. The video tuition tool is developed by a real commercial pilot with the intention of combining simulation, scenarios and video to teach people IFR flying. This package has been designed and re-built specifically for P3D users. From complex instrument procedures, holding patterns, ILS approaches and reading charts, you will
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FS2Crew Shares Brief Update on Multiple Products


FS2Crew has shared a small update regarding three of their product line: MaddogX Reboot, FSLabs Airbus Edition and also Ultimate Ground Crew X (UGCX). The information shared earlier today on Facebook gives just a minor glimpse into what the community can expect.

First, the Maddog X reboot has been updated to version 1.9. This new update, which is free, corrects a few issues. The full changelog comprises of two entries:

  • Flap problem solved when using select Dial A Flap values for T/O.
  • Fuel pump issue in climb fixed.

The update can be downloaded now for users via the FS2Crew website.

Moving down the list of items, FS2Crew also spoke about a public beta for the new FSLabs Airbus Edition. The first public beta went live a few days ago, but a new one has been issued. Dubbed Public Beta 2, the new update includes additional voice commands, changes to commands such as START THE APU PLEASE and also some fixes reported by the community. The list of changes can be found below and if you’re a user, you can opt to participate by heading to the forums for download links.

Finally, Ultimate Ground Crew X is coming to a development close by the sounds of it. The team are looking who can “write perfect English, French, Spanish and German” to send a support ticket to help them write the manual for the product. If you’re interested, you will need to submit a support ticket with your details.

You can read the Facebook post from FS2Crew here. We’ll let you know if we hear any new information from the development team.

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Parallel 42 Shows Off Autonomous Vehicles & Persistent Objects For TheSkyPark

Autonomous Vehicles
After their big announcement during FlightSimExpo 2019, the team behind TheSkyPark have been very quiet continuing development on the product. Keven  Ménard, Creative Director of Parallel 42 has since written a new blog post on their portal page detailing a few new things about autonomous vehicles and persistent objects. Starting off with autonomous vehicles, the team is said to have
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Mettar Simulations’ ProjectFLY Seeking Self-Funding From Community

ProjectFLY 2019 07 28 11 03 49
ProjectFLY has sent out a mass email to its community, giving an overview on the current status of the application, along with information about the new subscription tiers and also how the community can financially support the platform. In the email delivered from Matt at Mettar Simulations, due to the "intensive growth" since the project came to fruition three years ago,
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FS2Crew Details FSLabs Airbus Edition V1.1 Plans

66584232 2551610804890976 5654106823486078976 N
Not long ago, FS2Crew released their most ambitious version of their series of products for the FSLabs A32X family. Since release, the team are "happy to report that product has been a huge hit with a rapidly expanding user base." With that news, some version 1.1 update details were also shared both via an email newsletter and also a Facebook post.
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