Aman Sim Products Releases Carrier Control Plugin for X-Plane

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Developer Aman Sim Products has released a plugin in which you can take control of the default carrier within X-Plane 10/11.

If you have ever tried to fly an aircraft onto the default X-Plane carrier and it decides to turn just as you approach, this plugin will help make the carrier more predictable and usable. The plugin has many features including the ability to change the carrier’s heading and speed from 15 metres per second backwards to 62 metres per second forwards depending on your preference. The carrier can be teleported to your location without using the map feature within X-Plane.

Instead, the carrier is controlled with the carrier control panel. The panel contains lots of useful information including weather conditions around the carrier including wind speed and direction. If the carrier is heading for an obstacle at a distance of 9500 metres ahead the control panel displays a message regarding the distance to obstacle so you can change the carrier’s heading before it hits the object in its path.

To save you and your aircraft ending up in the drink from the deck, you can secure your aircraft to the deck of the carrier even at high speed. 

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ExoFlora Released by Skytitude

Skytitude Exoflora (3)
We introduced a new X-Plane developer just last week named Skytitude. They said that they would soon be releasing ExoFlora for X-Plane 11 to provide worldwide vegetation and flora coverage across X-Plane 11. Sticking to that promise, the team has released the utility package on The selling point that Skytitude is keen to let the community know is that there
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Introducing Skytitude and Product ExoFlora for X-Plane 11

Skytitude Exoflora (3)
A new developer is on the scene for X-Plane 11. Introducing Skytitude, this new team is soon to release its first product under the title of ExoFlora. ExoFlora looks to bring vegetation to the whole world of X-Plane 11 in a single package. The selling point that Skytitude is keen to let the community know is that there is no
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Immersive Audio Releases 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2

The second version of the highly impressive 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack by Immersive Audio has been released. The new version, which is completely free to current owners, features all-new recordings of the CFM56-7B engines from the flightdeck. The soundpack is now compatible with the recently released PMDG NGXu, as well as the original NGX.

Furthermore, the product also features other sounds including a high-quality groundroll, main gear touchdown sounds and also more realistic gear retraction and extension sounds. All of the sounds have been optimised for Buttkick and other bass-shakers. There are plenty of other sound effects available included to immerse yourself with the aircraft.

As mentioned before, this is a free update for those who owned the previous product. On simMarket, you will need to be signed in and add the product to your account. If you have yet to buy the Immersive Audio 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack before, you can pick it up for €10.80 at simMarket.

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Parallel 42 Announces PMDG 737 NGXu Immersion [Exclusive Image]

Immersion Pack 737ngu
Following the blowout of information from the developers at Parallel 42 (//42) regarding their complete acquisition of OldProp, the team then announced that the PMDG  737 NGXu Immersion is in development. The project is being headed up by Raul Morales of Flight Sim Technologies Limited, creator of AI Lights Reborn under a new Partner Developer Program within Parallel 42. "Raul shows an
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FSElite Interview: Parallel 42 Developers

FSElite Interview Parallel 42 Development And Update
Following on from their announcement post earlier today, we were able to sit down with the team at Parallel 42 to discuss everything that happened in their busy press release. The video interview discusses why OldProp was moved to Parallel 42 as well as an update on future products and also the long-awaited The Skypark. Be sure to subscribe to us
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All OldProp Products Now Part of Parallel 42, Immediately Available Via OrbxDirect

Two big announcements have taken place concurrently with regards to three flight sim developers. The first important bit of news is the knowledge that beginning immediately, all OldProp products are now part of Parallel 42 (//42). In a press release issued by Parallel 42, the team said that "it seemed like the right thing to do" to bring OldProp products to Parallel
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