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FSReborn Releases AI Lights Reborn Professional Version 1.12

Official Teaser FSReborn AI Lights Reborn Pro Edition AviationLads.com

AI Lights Reborn Professional for Prepar3D V4.4+ has been released by FSReborn. While AI Lights Reborn is still a freeware addon, the professional version includes many more features, functions, and effects to take your AI traffic to the next level.

The Professional version allows the user to control the AI traffic lights using an adjustable, sleek, user interface. Basic, advanced, and expert options are available allowing the user to control how much customization is displayed. Customization options such as synchronized strobe lights, Xenon strobe bulbs, LED strobe bulbs, and much more can be edited to the users liking.

AI Lights Reborn Professional also includes a custom lighting effect scale which overrides the default algorithms included in Prepar3D V4. As a result, the lighting behavior is much more accurate at both long and short distances. This feature also contains specific techniques for HD devices and those with 4K resolutions, these techniques also helps display an accurate lighting scale.

In order for AI Lights Reborn Professional to operate correctly, the users AI fleet must be P3D/FSX SDK compliant, this compliance more specifically applies with how lighting effects are installed in the models. Beta testers have confirmed AI Lights Reborn will work with models from AIG/AIGM-OCI, FLAI/BVAI, Just Flight Traffic 360, all versions of UTL, and any freeware models from Alpha India Group.  The best way to check compatibility is to download the freeware version and test. It is recommended that both the special effects detail and radius are set to maximum, dynamic lighting is enabled, and zoom levels in the cabin are set to 0.40 or higher.

AI Lights Reborn Professional is available from the FSReborn website for $27.00.


  • Adaptable graphic user interface.
  • Synchronized strobes for your AI models. Strobes now behave as they do in the real world.
  • Different strobe pattern implementation depending on aircraft type and manufacturer.
  • XENON strobe bulbs simulation with options for light filters at 5500K or 6500K.
  • LED strobe bulbs simulation with light filters at 6500K as per real world operations.
  • Set different types of strobe bulbs per aircraft in your simulator.
  • Select different navigation lights texture sets for your AI models.
  • Change effects sizes, dynamic lighting quantity / intensity, dynamic lighting size and color intensity for your beacons, navigation lights and strobes.
  • Disable dynamic lighting for your navigation lights, beacons or strobes if you wish.
  • Change your taxi and landing lights effects sizes
  • Preview all your lighting effects settings and preferences in real time inside your simulator by using our LPM (Live Preview Module).
  • Custom landing lights and taxi lights textures for your AI Models.
  • Custom light effects scaling techniques.
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RD Presets Autogen v1.0 and Orbx Buildings HD: The FSElite First Look

RD Presets Autogen V1.0 And Orbx Buildings HD The FSElite First Look
In this video, Ronnie takes a look at both RD Presets Autogen v1.0 and Orbx BuildingsHD. This side-by-side comparison video, will demonstrate the visual differences in both products and also the impact it has on your Prepar3D installation. In the video, Ronnie travels across the world looking at various different regional buildings including locations such as Madrid, Sydney and many
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Self-Loading Cargo V1.5 Development Video

Self Loading Cargo V1.5 Development Preview
Self-Loading Cargo is a utility that works with P3D and X-Plane and injects virtual crew and passengers into your simulator, giving each of them their own feelings, needs and desires. The tool, which was released in early-access a few months ago, continues to be updated in response to feedback from the community. The developer has since continued to add features
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Little Navmap 2.4.4 Update Released

Little Navmap developer Alexander Barthel has released another big update for his Little Navmap utility. This update brings a lot of new features to Little Navmap. Among them are a permanent aircraft performance collection, the wind aloft forecast, a complete rework of the logbook and the ability for users to create final approach vertical guidance such as ILS glideslopes at
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Update (16-Oct-19): ProjectFLY Status Update [Back Online]

ProjectFLY 2018 01 29 23 51 45
Update posted 16-Oct-19 @ 15:30 by Calum Since the original post, projectFLY is now back online. The team left comments on various social networks saying that the team has "cleared enough of the bill to have the services reinstated." Whilst the team said there is still £700 left to clear from the original bill, the servers are now back online. Following
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SimBuddy Now Officially Closed


As we reported earlier this month, online community tool SimBuddy was due to close on October 12th. It’s with sadness that we are now writing to confirm that the website and service has now officially closed its doors.

The website has now been replaced with a single page with a message from Georgio, Clorix, TheMarmerliser and Mejjo thanking the community for their support and giving some final information for those who were subscribers. The full transcript is as follows.

“SimBuddy was closed on Saturday 12th October 2019. You can read the official closure statement here.

A huge thank you to all our members and subscribers for your continued support. It’s been an amazing journey.

If you were a Premium subscriber and you have any questions about your account, please use the email address below.

[email protected]

Client uninstall instructions can be found in the closure statement here.

This page will remain online until Saturday November 30th.

Looking for alternatives? Give these a try:

Self Loading Cargo
A Pilots Life

Thank you Flight Sim community, you’ve been awesome 🙂

Georgio, Clorix, TheMarmerliser and Mejjo”

As for why it’s closing, down the team put it down to the time and energy needed to maintain such a platform. “I put roughly 30-40 hours a week into developing SimBuddy and a further 40+ hours into my day job.” Commented one of the developers, “As you can imagine, this is getting pretty difficult to maintain, and it’s having a huge impact on my life.” “It’s a sad day for me, and I’m sorry it’s come to this. It’s been a fantastic journey, and I thank you all for being a part of it.”

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FS2Crew UGCX Updated to Version 1.3

2019 9 15 19 52 17 248
FS2Crew's Ultimate Ground Crew X (UGCX), released a few weeks ago, has received yet another update based on community feedback and bug reports. The new update is free to all users, but considered by the development team as a "required update" and UGCX will not function without it being applied. The update fixes numerous reported issues such as a performance issue
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FSDreamteam Updates GSX To Version 2.7.3

FSDreamteam has updated GSX to version 2.7.3. This version introduces pushback with multiple waypoints. The new custom pushback uses hand placed nodes to create routes, similar to an AFCAD creation. The nodes are created ingame, using a combination of key presses and mouse clicks. It is fairly simple to use, and up to 9 waypoints per pushback route can be
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OldProp 787 Immersion Package Update

OldProp has updated its 787 Immersion package to support the recently released QualityWings 787-10 update. The update is available right now through VFXCentral, the add-on manager provided by OldProp. The 787 Immersion package aims to enhance your simulator visuals by providing a number of added effects. These effects include, for example, wing condensation, engine condensation, jet wash, contrails, volumetric lighting
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JustFlight Releases More Information on Traffic Global for X-Plane 11

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JustFlight released a short minute and a half video on Facebook addressing various questions surrounding Traffic Global for X-Plane 11. Traffic Global is still in development and aims to add high quality AI models in accurate airline liveries to the skies of X-Plane 11. Many have asked JustFlight if the installation is simple. The installation consists of an executable that
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