FS2Crew January Product Update


FS2Crew has posted an update regarding a few of their products.

FS2Crew announced a while back that they are rebooting their old Leonardo MD-82 product. They posted that they plan to release alongside the MD-82. Still no dates have been set, but since the NDA has been lifted, we can expect it very soon.

The iFly 737 is getting an update to P3Dv4. FS2Crew is looking for testers to test the new update before it can be released. In the Facebook post on their page, they ask that you submit a support ticket if you wish to participate. You must have P3Dv4 and the iFly 737.

The PMDG 747 and Majestic Dash 8 SP1 are both complete. FS2Crew is just finalizing some last minute items. They stated that “it’s an absolutely huge update.”

Be on the look out for all the new products and updates coming from FS2Crew. Check out their Facebook page for more information!

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REX Announces Hotfix 1 for SkyForce 3D

191744 04
Recently, the Real Environment Xtreme (REX) team posted an update on their forums, thanking customers for their support through the release of SkyForce 3D. Most importantly, however, they are planning to release Hotfix 1 shortly.  Some of the fixes to be expected in this version are: Registration issue in Step 2 A number of odd .NET Framework errors that occur
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ChasePlane Beta 0.4 Released

FSElite First Look FSFX Packages ChasePlane V.04 Redesign Beta
A little over a year after the very first Alpha release of ChasePlane, it has come out with probably it's biggest update yet. FSFX Packages, developer of the very popular camera addon, has released Beta 0.4 of the tool. The update comes with some huge improvements. We'll take some time to go through all of those down below. Make sure
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Ultimate Traffic Live announced

It would appear that long time users of the rather old but still really nice AI traffic pack Ultimate Traffic 2 will get a replacement soon. On the closed support forum, only accessible for registered owners of Ultimate Traffic 2, developer Steve Halpern announced that beta testers are needed. This was posted quite some time ago, so they have probably filled
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FSFX Packages Big Announcement Coming Soon


Since FlightSimCon all the way back in June, we have known that FSFX Packages have been working on a brand new project – something unlike they’ve worked on yet. With the Dash Q400 nearing the end of beta testing, development must have really started speeding along.

As you can see, FSFX will be revealing all on September 21st at 7pm GMT, via a live stream on Youtube.

Nothing else has been revealed, but with the slogan “A new point of view,” we are guessing it could be a new camera system – similar to Ezdok.

We’ll be there at the live stream, but for now, add it to your calendars and we will see you there.

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