Ultimate Realism Pack (URP) V1.2 Will be a ‘Breakthrough’

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If you don’t know what Ultimate Realism Pack is, then let me briefly explain: it’s a fantastic piece of freeware that enhances the colouring of your sim to make it as realistic as possible. It’s a custom set of files including new textures, PTA pre-sets and more. The developer has spent countless hours perfecting a realistic approach to the sky, shadows and atmosphere itself. With version 1.2, he has worked on ensuring that there is no more ‘ugly visible transition line’ on the sky at lower altitudes, re-worked the sky so it’s more realistic and darker above 15,000ft and made the horizon haze a lot more natural looking.

The preview pictures below are just a small preview of the difference the new version will bring. Whilst the new version isn’t available just yet, the developer has some work left to do on adapting all the sky textures to the new system, re-test the five ReShade pre-sets and tweak a few other files.

We’re huge fans of the work and you can watch the trailer below giving you more insight into the freeware project.

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Ultimate Realism Pack (URP) 1.1 Now Released – P3D V4 Ready

The team behind the Ultimate Realism Pack have just announced the immediate release of version 1.1 of the tool is now available to download. If you don't know, URP is a tool that allows you include a set of new sky and sun glow textures to produce realistic ambient lighting in the Prepar3D environment. It's a piece of freeware that
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Ultimate Realism Pack 1.1 Released for Prepar3D

URP V1.1 Official Promo
We mentioned a few days ago of a preview video of Ultimate Realism Pack 1.1 and since then, the developer has been working hard on the first release candidate of the new version. Today, you can download it for yourself for free! With version 1.1, there's a reworked PTA set alongside new ReShade presets for your disposal. There's also completely
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