Orbx DVD Crossgrade Licence Available from October 1st


Since the introduction of Orbx’s FTX Central V3, many fans have been left waiting to know what the outcome for those who purchased DVDs will be for transferring their licenses across. It has taken longer than Orbx would’ve liked, but finally, they’re able to confirm that from October 1st 2017, you’ll be able to put these licenses into FTX Central 3.

There’s a lengthy post on  with the key details about what it is and the process, but I’ve created a summarised version below for those who want a quick overview:

  • Crossgrade license is intended for those who purchased the DVD version of an Orbx product to transfer to a digital license.
  • It will cost $3.99 AUD to cover the cost of admin, bandwidth and fees. No discount is available on this.
  • To transfer the license, you will need to submit proof of purchase and an Orbx staff member will manually accept or decline. Usually 24-48 hours, but allow up to 5 working days.
  • Proof of purchase is: receipt or invoice with clear purchase date, product name and price. DVD cases is NOT proof of purchase.
  • Authorized sellers include
    • PC Aviator Australia
    • PC Aviator USA
    • SimWare Simulations
    • Mailsoft Switzerland
    • FlightandFun Germany
    • FSPilotShop USA
    • Globaero France
    • Aerosoft
    • Flightstore UK
    • Flightsimulatorshop Netherlands
    • Aeroteca Spain
  • Eligible DVDs can be found here.

You can find full instructions on how to do it can be found on the Orbx forums.

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