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Orbx Will NOT Be Charging for Upgrades to Prepar3d V4

Prepar3d V4 rumours and information have been rife lately, and today, Orbx CEO John Venema adds to that. Based on his previous statements [Editor’s note: sorry, couldn’t find the original post], Orbx have today announced that there will be NO UPGRADE FEE for when Prepar3d v4 is released.

This is excellent news as many people have been worried that the new version, likely to be 64-bit, will mean that many developers would charge additional upgrade fees. Not only will Orbx be updating their entire library free of charge, it’ll be done ‘magically’ through FTX version 3 without even having to download gigs and gigs of data.

John wants to remind everyone to not pester people on the Orbx team as they are all under strict NDAs, but wanted to reassure the community they are as committed as ever to bringing the best scenery to Prepar3d.

You can read the full forum post over on the Orbx forums, but we’ve pretty much covered it all here.

Drzewiecki Design Releases Polish Airports vol.1 X Version 4

Drzewiecki Design have today released an update for their Polish Airports vol.1 X, which brings with it numerous updates to the airports, the local terrain, as well as compatibility for Preapr3 v3.

Included airports are

  • EPGD Gdańsk
  • EPKT Katowice
  • EPRZ Rzeszów (including EPRJ)
  • EPLB Lublin (including EPSW)

With a new lighting system, SODE support, as well as automatic season adjustments, the version 4 really is a massive upgrade to the product. As a result, if you’ve owned any of the previous products, you’ll need to pay a 10eur (+VAT). Not bad considering the massive list of changes, as well as 4 major Polish airports.

Those of you who don’t already have version 3, you can buy it now from SimMarket.

If you’re still not sure, we’ve copied in the change list after the jump.

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64Bit P3D “On The Horizon”


It’s been mentioned many times that Prepar3d will soon go 64bit. After all, this is the future for flight simulator.

PMDG’s Randazzo has mentioned it, Orbx have said it’ll happen soon and now Toposim are claiming it’s “on the horizon.”

Toposim have even began to detail their upgrade policy in light of their source of information, stating  customers will be entitled to a “FREE upgrade to the forthcoming 64-bit P3D and Dovetail Games Flight Simulator when they become available over the coming months“.

With the anniversary of P3Dv3 coming up soon and Dovetail’s flight school, we wouldn’t be surprised if things were going to hapen sooner than later.

We will keep you updated.