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Drzewiecki Design Releases Polish Airports vol.1 X Version 4

Drzewiecki Design have today released an update for their Polish Airports vol.1 X, which brings with it numerous updates to the airports, the local terrain, as well as compatibility for Preapr3 v3. Included airports are EPGD Gdańsk EPKT Katowice EPRZ Rzeszów (including EPRJ) EPLB Lublin (including EPSW) With a new lighting system, SODE support, as well as automatic season adjustments,
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64Bit P3D “On The Horizon”

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  It's been mentioned many times that Prepar3d will soon go 64bit. After all, this is the future for flight simulator. PMDG's Randazzo has mentioned it, Orbx have said it'll happen soon and now Toposim are claiming it's "on the horizon." Toposim have even began to detail their upgrade policy in light of their source of information, stating  customers will be
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