Brief Roadmap Overview from FlyTampa

Lgts Xp Flytampa Thessaloniki (4)

Earlier today, FlyTampa allowed us to share the news that they are bringing Thessaloniki to X-Plane. Along with that news, the team at FlyTampa also shared with us a brief overview on what to expect from the team over the course of the next few months.

As mentioned, the next release from FlyTampa will be Thessaloniki on X-Plane 11. That product is almost ready for the prime time and we’ll let you know once it’s available to purchase.  Thessaloniki will join Corfu and Athens as confirmed Greek airports from FlyTampa. For those curious about Athens, work is still on-going but nearing completion according to the information we were given. Furthermore, Heraklion for X-Plane 11, has been pushed back slightly to incorporate the new features found in Thessaloniki. Heraklion was originally under the FSDG banner, but since the developer has now moved to FlyTampa, it will be released via them instead.

Further to the new announcement and previews, FlyTampa also confirmed to us in the next four to six months, Copenhagen and Amsterdam will receive brand new updates for Prepar3D V4, with both airports scheduled to be released on X-Plane by the end of the year. Las Vegas will follow on from that afterwards.


Please note that this information was extracted from our previous post to ensure that the information is communicated correctly to those interested in specific information from FlyTampa.

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PMDG Updates on P3D v4.5, 737, 747 and 777 Development

Image 674
Courtesy of their forums, PMDG has updated the community on its development status regarding the new P3D v4.5 update, the 737, 747 and 777. PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo had previously mentioned updates to the 747 product line. He also mentions that Jeppesen and Navigraph reached an agreement with PMDG to unlock displaying charts on the iPad app - so customers
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Alabeo Updates Multiple Aircraft for X-Plane 11

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Popular developer Alabeo has updated no less than three of their aircraft for X-Plane 11. In a post on their Facebook page, their C177 Cardinal II, C207 Skywagon and M20R Ovation have been given improvements. Included within this patch are flight dynamics performance tweaks, minor bug fixes and visual enhancements. The most noticeable update is the inclusion of rain effect
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PMDG Reveals More Development Updates

PMDG 744 BOE 5
PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo has revealed the latest information regarding PBR updates and a little teaser regarding their NG3 project. In a post on their new forum, Randazzo announced that PBR testing for the 747 QOTSII has now been given to beta testers in order to push for a release after this weekend. After a troubled few weeks of technical
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Several Major Orbx Airport Updates – KSBA, ESSA and More

Orbx Multi Airport Update (9)
Further to this morning's announcement from Orbx that various airports had now seen SODE implementation, there was also a range of airports that saw significant updates to their original product. As per John's original 2019 roadmap post, ESSA Stockholm Arlanda was due a huge update which brought new textures, improved performance and a range of other technology to the dated
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PILOT’S Give Statement On FS Global Real Weather Progress

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PILOT’S recently posted a couple of updates on their Facebook page. The updates are detailing how they are progressing with bringing FSGRW to P3D V4.4 and how they are “immensely revamping the 64bit version of FSGRW for great enhancements with X-Plane.”

The post showed two main points of what they are mainly working on at the moment: preparing the release of LEAM Almeria Airport for XP11, and immensely revamping the 64bit version of FSGRW for great enhancements with X-Plane

Along with the news, they explained they will post a seperate press release about both the release of LEAM and the enhancements for XP11. A picture was given as well with the caption of “you might get an idea when checking the WIP screenshot attached to this post. The only hint I give is high altitude cirrus.”

The final point given was talking about how they are in open heart surgery with the FSGRW code which sounds like they are heavily modifying the application.

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More Info On RealAir And Their Future Projects

RealAir Duke
Less than 24 hours ago, FSElite provided some news to customers of, the now defunct, RealAir Simulations. The news was that, despite the company having been dead and buried for near-2 years, Sean from RealAir was working on updating the installers to support P3D v4. Hoping this meant that RealAir may be making a return, we reached out to Sean
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FlightSimLabs October 2016 Update

After their successful launch of their long-awaited Airbus A320X series, FlightSimLabs have been busy working on ensuring bugs are ironed out and improvements are made for their next update. Not only that, but P3D users (including myself and everyone else here at FSElite) have been waiting patiently to get their turn. After waiting for what seems like an eternity, Lefteris
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TFDi Designs 717 – More Progress Shots

TFDi Designs are becoming increasingly good at publicity for their 717. Drip feeding us live feeds, competitions and screenshots constantly keeps our appetite whet. Moments ago, they posted another sneak peak showing off the FMC, giving us further glimpse into the detail they're going to with their systems. Although there's no "ALIGN POS" (yet), it's clear TFDi are going the
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