ShortFinal Design Updating Boston Logan Freeware for XP11

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Taking to Facebook, scenery developer ShortFinal Design has announced that they are currently in the process of updating MisterX’s highly regarded Boston Logan (KBOS) scenery for XPlane 11.

Initially released for free back in 2016, Boston Logan (KBOS) was one of the first sceneries released by famous XPlane scenery developer MisterX. Since its original release, the scenery has become one of the most highly regarded freeware sceneries released for the platform. Although having become a bit dated since its release, the scenery continues to be regularly downloaded and persits in serving its purpose of providing XPlane users with a detailed rendition of Boston Logan (KBOS) to enjoy for free.

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BFDG Updates Embraer A-29

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BFDG has updated their Embraer A-29 for X-Plane, to version 3.4. The Embraer A-29 "Super Tucano" is an economical light attack aircraft used by many Air Forces in South and Central America and the Middle East. The Brazilian-made aircraft is especially popular in the Drug War, often used to intercept and even shoot down drug runners in general aviation aircraft
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PMDG 777 Update Previews and Further Details

Pmdg 777 200 Er (2)
As we edge closer to the release of the PMDG 777 update, Robert has taken to the forums to share some brand new screenshots of the 777-200ER in action. Furthermore, we have some new details on the release schedule and some of the included new features and changes. Speaking on the forums, Randazzo said that they are "beginning to implement the
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SSG Annonuces Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental V2.3 Update

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Taking to their Facebook page, acclaimed X-Plane developer Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) announces to fellow customers that the group is in the process of completing its next update for their Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental addon. The update, which brings the product up to version 2.3, has been affirmed to address numerous concerns with the current build, most prominent among which is the
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Fly the Maddog X 2.0b778 Open Beta Released

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Leonardo Softhouse has updated its Fly the Maddog X to version 2.0b778 as part of an open beta phase. The freely available update for owners of the 64-bit edition of the aircraft can now use various brand new features such as integrated voice controls, custom events, CPDLC operations and much more. The first exciting new feature that comes free with
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PMDG Hoping to Release 777 Update Mid-February

PMDG 777 PBR (1)

A new post from PMDG put the long-awaited 777 updates with an estimated release date of mid-February. PMDG isn’t typically known for announcing a release schedule, but the team continue to push ahead with the update to get it into the hands of simmers as soon as possible. In the latest post from Robert on the PMDG forums, he also details how significant the sounds of the aircraft will change with the free update.

In his post, Robert said that one of the biggest changes was the new customised sound engine. The sound engine was first introduced with the 747 Queen of the Skies II and then further improved with the 737NGXu. He said that the team has gone to the “ends of the Earth to get accurate sound packages for each of the 200ER variants. Furthermore, the original LR variants have also got an improved sound package that will “knock your socks off.” Seeing as how each of the 200ER variants come with distinctly different engines, you will be able to hear each of them sound radically different. The new sound engine also means you will experience the right ambience throughout all phases of flight.

As mentioned, Robert said that team is looking at a mid-February release for the update. There’s no guarantee, of course, but the closest we’ve got for a release date at this point for the update.

The changelog and feature list for the new update is in the “hundreds” for the number of entries, and we should get a forum thread detailing those changes in the future. As for previews images, Robert said that he may allow the beta team to give a look later this week, but there’s a few items being worked on before that can happen.

He concludes the forum post by saying there are a few other items that will “surprise” but will give them a dedicated thread at a point in time in the future.

If you’re looking for more PMDG goodness, check out the previews of the 200ER in action or if you’re looking to fly something a bit more private, then check out the release of the 737NGXu BBJ. Hopefully, we’ll also hear more about PMDG Global Flight Ops in the near future.


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Aerosoft Updates A330 Professional to Include CPDLC

Aerosoft A330 Professional Release (7)
Aerosoft has released a brand-new update for its A330 Professional on Prepar3D v4 and v5. The new stable release introduces Controller–pilot data link communications (CDPLC) as the primary new feature to the update. Using the Hoppie network, you will now be able to receive flight ATC data and messages directly within your aircraft. The new networking capabilities mean that VATSIM
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update: Orbx Partnership, World Update 3 Further Delay and More

A brand-new development update on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator blog has been shared, which details new information regarding World Update 3: United Kingdom, a new partnership video and also an update to the bug tracker and wish list. Leading with the bad news first; World Update 3 has been delayed once again. Whilst progress continues to be made, there
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Dev Update: Aerodynamics Series, UK Update Delayed and More

Msfs Uk Update Jan 2020 (1)
Following from last week's rather quiet blog update, this week Microsoft has shared a range of details, new information and made good on the promise of delivering the Aerodynamics Feature Discover Series video. Unfortunately, the awaited free World Update has been delayed by a week. The new update is going to bring improved aerial imagery, new 3D photogrammetry cities and
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Toliss A321 Updated

A320 Neo Xp 02
The Toliss A321 has received a minor update bringing it to version 1.2.2. This simple update is mostly oriented towards the A321NEO. It corrects minor bugs, mostly in the navigation system and introduces new error messages and better predictions across discontinuities. You can purchase the ToLiss A321 for X-Plane on the X-Plane Store for $79.00 USD, and the A321NEO add-on
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