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Prepar3D v5 Complete Changelog

Lockheed Martin Prepar3d V5 Splash

Announced just moments ago, Lockheed Martin will be bringing Prepar3D v5 to the market next Tuesday, 14th April 2020. Whilst the key features of this all-new version was spoken about in our previous article, Lockheed Martin also provided us with a huge list of expected changes.

As mentioned before, the new DirectX 12 rendering engine and trueSKY integration are two of the main new features which will be coming to Prepar3D v5. Along with those features, a huge number of changes will also be coming to the simulator. The full list is down below.

You can read our full article here.

We’ll be publishing a full interview with Chris Metel from Lockheed Martin very soon.

Full Prepar3D V5 Changelog

Correct as of April 7th 2020.

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Orbx Santa Barbara (KSBA) Receiving Major Update Soon

Santa Barbra Update (8)
Orbx developer Misha Cajic has shared the news that his Santa Barbara (KSBA) scenery product will soon receive a major update completely free for customers. Confirmed in his forum post, Misha said that the Californian Channel Islands not far from Santa Barbara airport will soon be released as part of the original scenery package. This will give simmers a new place to
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SimBitWorld A Pilot’s Life Updated to Version 1.5.1

A small update for users on SimBitWorld's A Pilot's Life has been released. Version 1.5.1 features an all-new dark mode, an airline leaderboard and also various other fixes. The incremental update also fixes possible X-Plane issues when on the resume report, along with disabling the progress bar whilst not in flight. Finally, the decimals in the money report have also
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XSquawkbox Updates Vatsim Client to Version 2.0

XSquawkbox 2.0
Vatsim client developer XSquawkbox has updated their Vatsim client to version 2.0 for X-Plane. XSquawkbox is a plugin that is used to communicate between the simulator and the Vatsim network to allow you to fly online. XSquawkbox has been in development since 2011 and has been improved no end and has become one of the most recommended Vatsim Clients for
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TFDi Design Updates their Boeing 717

TFDi has finally released the long awaited update of their Boeing 717 for FSX and P3D. This updates contains fixes for the crash to desktop that occurred when switching between internal and external views, and another fix for people who have more than one active graphic cards in their use computer, where some graphics would flicker. The TFDi 717 will
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – April 2nd

Micorosft Flight Sim Update 4 2 (5)

Its Thursday, so another Microsoft Flight Simulator update has been dropped on the normal blog website. While this is a shorter update, we do get an alpha update, a general development update, and lots more screenshots of the sim.

Development Update

Starting with the general development update, the team has said that in early April, a new feedback snapshot will be released, showing updated feedback. Also coming in mid April will be a partnership series update. While no news on who it will be with, we will for sure post about it when it is released. Lastly, coming in late April to early May will be episode 8 of the feature discovery series, which will cover IFR in the sim.

Alpha Update

As reported yesterday, the latest build of the Alpha was released, bringing the version to The team is currently focused on getting any issues with the released of the Alpha fixed, which the team expect to take about a week. The team asks that those in the Alpha to check the Alpha forums for the latest requests.

Alpha invitations are currently on hold as the team gets everything worked out with the latest Alpha. This is what they are planning on doing for the next week.

  •  Ensure that everyone that received an acceptance email has access to the Alpha.
  • Assess Alpha participation options for adding more people as quickly as possible.
    • Prioritize access for those that registered early for pre-release build testing.

If you haven’t seen our latest video talking about the latest alpha release, you can watch it here.


Lastly, a plethora of new screenshots have been posted for everyone to enjoy. These show off the snow season, a lot of land marks around the world, and more.

If you didn’t see last weeks update, you can read about it here. Be sure to check out Microsoft’s feeds for more, as well as here as we will report on more updates when they become available.

If you want to join the team as well and be a content writer for MSFS content, please check out this page and apply if you are interested.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha Build Available for Those In Process

MSFS Screenshots 19 Dec (1)
For the first time, Microsoft has shared patch notes for the current Alpha Build with the general public. The patch notes range from including information about new included aircraft, new multiplayer components and also fixes and changes based on community feedback. In the blog post from Microsoft, they firstly thanked the community for providing feedback throughout the alpha testing process.
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Feelthere Embraer E-Jets Update Released Publicly

Aeroplane Heaven Embraer Feelthere P3dv4 (8)
SP1 for the Feelthere Embraer E-Jets has been released publically. The long-awaited SP1 has been in development since the release of the E-Jets from Feelthere when it first came out last year. The new service pack is somewhat extensive and features many new fixes, additions and reworkings based on customer feedback. Some of the highlights from the new service pack include
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – Multiplayer, Development Roadmap, and more

Microsoft Flight Sim Update 3 26 (3)
Watch our breakdown video now: == Original Article == Microsoft has updated their regular blog website, and this update includes the Feature Discovery Series on Multiplayer, a new development roadmap, an update on the alpha, and more. Feature Discovery Series Starting with the feature discovery series episode, this episode covered multiplayer and how it would be implemented into the
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