Hot Start TBM 900 v1.1.10 Update Released

TBM 18

One of the most popular aircraft on X-Plane 11 has seen a brand new update that addresses multiple fixes and changes has been released. The Hot Start TBM 900 was originally released in October 2018 and has seen numerous updates since. This update is fairly significant bringing in new features such new glass texture work for nicer reflections, an implementation of screen brightness and also printable checklists in PDF format.

Along with the new features, several additions have been added including reworked airfoils, an adjustment of the stalling performance to better match the “book numbers” as well as corrected CG offsets. Accommodating the improvements is a vast list of bug fixes including VOR intercepts, modeling issues and much more.

The full update can be installed via installing a fresh copy of the plane, which involves downloading a new install from X-Aviation. If you don’t own a copy of the aircraft (which won our Community Choice Award for Best Small Aircraft), you can buy it from X-Aviation for $64.95.

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Infinite Flight 19.4 Video Wrap Up

Infinite Flight has previewed in a Youtube video a wrap-up of what's to come with their 19.4 update, which should be the last major update of 2019. The first aircraft that is put forward is the total revamp of the Cessna 172. The video showcases the remodeling of the aircraft, with detailed animations such as landing gear bending, small details
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JustSim Düsseldorf Update v2.0.1

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JustSim has issued a quick fix for their recently released Düsseldorf v2. JustSim released v2 of this popular German airport just last week, on the first day of December. Some users were quick to point out some of the issues that still persisted in this version, such as missing taxilights on taxiways K1, K2 and K3, which have now been
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Drzewiecki Design Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 X-Plane Previews

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Drzewiecki Design released their Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) v2 update in the end of October this year for Prepar3D, and since then the team has been hard at work on a similar update for its X-Plane counterpart. Drzewiecki Design posted a quick status update on Facebook, informing us that the scenery is undergoing final testing and that it will soon be
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Verticalsim Updates Eastern Iowa KCID Airport

Vertical Simulations Kcid Iwoa (8)

Verticalsim has announced in a Facebook post they had updated their Eastern Iowa airport / KCID rendition for X-Plane 11. The version 1.4 corrects minor bugs, adds a new PBR texture for the terminal glass and sees a general update of most of the textures.

Initially released in September, Verticalsim KCID for X-Plane 11 is also compatible with freeware Verticalsim VStates. They aim to create an accurate rendition of the more rural states of the United States of America. The tiles consist of corrected ortho imagery, compatible with payware airports in their respective areas.

The combination of VStates, VTrees and their various payware sceneries creates a really nice ambiance in those usually forgotten areas. Although VStates and VTrees are provided for free, satisfied users can always donate to Verticalsim Studios if they like their work.

The Verticalsim Easter Iowa KCID scenery is available on Simmarket for a fair €15.

Version 1.4 changelog

  • Some minor fixes.
  • New glass PBR for the terminal glass.
  • Re-done textures for a lot of the buildings.
  • VStates Iowa V2 compatibility.
  • Added downtown Cedar Rapids (day lighting only).
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PilotPlus Bristol For X-Plane 11 Updated To v1.2

X Plane Screenshot 2019.11.28 Stitch Scaled
PilotPlus has released an updated for their Bristol International - Definitive scenery for X-Plane 11. The update brings an updated mesh with an optional sloped runway, a new terminal texture, latest airport layout with the new gates 19 and 20, new airport ground vehicles and many general fixes. Located in the UK Somerset, Bristol airport serves about 8.5 million passengers
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JustSim Updates Düsseldorf EDDL To v2 For P3Dv4.4+

224263 30 11 2019 12 56 56
Shortly after it was announced about two weeks ago on their Facebook page, JustSim has released the V2 of their Düsseldorf / EDDL airport. The upgrade brings the scenery, originally released in June 2017, up to the latest standards for Prepar3D v4.4+. The airport is now up-to-date with the latest layout, is now compatible with SODE VDGS and sees the
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JARDesign Updates A330 To Version 3.3r1

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X-Plane focused developer JARDesign has updated their Airbus A330 to version 3.3r1. This new version introduces several new features and upgrades such as separate throttle control, autopilot and FADEC improvements. The A330 is now compatible with X-Plane 11.40. Mac users will be happy to know that the JARDesign A330 is now also compatible with macOS Catalina, which was released to
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TropicalSim Releases Tirana LATI 2020

224131 Lati2020 Zfsx 13
TropicalSim has released an updated Tirana LATI airport, one of their long standing European destination. While the general layout of the airport has not changed much since the previous release, this new release takes advantage of the latest modeling techniques and Software Development Kits for Prepar3D. This means that the airport now has realistic 3D lighting, specular maps on glass
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