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Ultimate Realism Pack 1.1 Released for Prepar3D

We mentioned a few days ago of a preview video of Ultimate Realism Pack 1.1 and since then, the developer has been working hard on the first release candidate of the new version. Today, you can download it for yourself for free!

With version 1.1, there’s a reworked PTA set alongside new ReShade presets for your disposal. There’s also completely new sky textures with complete dawn, pre-dawn and post-dawn textures.

Head over to the official website, click download and you’ll be able to enjoy it. The instructions are dead simple, but be sure to follow them to ensure everything works properly.


PMDG Update on Their Future Flight Simulation Plans

Robert S. Randazzo today updated the community with PMDG’s official stance on their future with regards to development on future flight simulators. This includes both Prepar3d V4 and the recently announced Dovetail Game’s Flight Sim World.

RSR started by saying how over the past decade, the development community has been somewhat stable. With a core codebase that has remained mostly the same, it’s been easy for developers to understand, learn and enhance their products because they learn new techniques for the software they develop for rather than learn new software all over again every few years. In light of the recent announcements of new sims and rumours of code changes, it means development may got back to how things were many years ago.

Prepar3d v4

PMDG have re-confirmed what was already said back in January 2015. So any P3D customers (including the upcoming DC-6) will be supported through “at least” P3D v4 – whatever changes that product may bring. RSR stated that it’s “reasonable to expect” that version 4 will bring new features and PMDG are expected to adopt those features for their current line of products. This obviously includes the 737, 777 and the recently released 747 Queen of the Skies II.

Dovetail Games’ Flight Sim World

Next, RSR wanted to address what PMDG’s official stance is on FSW.

As is known, PMDG and Dovetail were in communication during the development process of the simulator, but as RSR puts it, “communication dried up” after they declined to use their method of product delivery through Steam. Despite this, PMDG are very much open-minded when it comes to developing for the platform.

Once the team get their hands on a copy of the simulator and an SDK, as well as the marketing direction for the sim, then they will have a look and evaluate whether they will support the sim. There is also mention of whether current products can be ported over to the new sim.

“It’s safe to presume that they can…After all- it is just software”.

Of course, it will require development time and work. As for how much, PMDG don’t know which is why development plans are simply undecided for sure at this point.

In other news, the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster is coming along nicely for both FSX and P3D, and the PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II is moving towards testing. There will probably be a few more updates for the 744 at some point soon using the new download toolFinally, there was a hint that we should “wait until we see what else we are working on.”

Sadly a lack of X-Plane future plans at this point.

We’ll let you discuss what you think it can be in the comments section below.

Head over to the Avsim forums for PMDG’s full post.


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TFDi Designs Update 717 to Version

Developer Month: Interview with TFDi Designs

TFDi Design 717: The FSElite Review

Yesterday, TFDi Designs updated their community beta for users to try out the impressive update. We revealed details of the update in a previous post, but just to jog your memory, here’s some of the key details:

  • [ADDED] Additional functionality to FMS SPD button
  • [ADDED] Additional functionality to INIT page
  • [ADDED] EBOF functionality
  • [ADDED] Option to accelerate mouse scrolling for various knobs
  • [ADDED] Chocks and cones
  • [FIXED] Missing approach transitions under some conditions
  • [CHANGED] Improved magenta line tracking
  • [CHANGED] Improved DRAG messages on MCDU

Today, TFDi Designs have updated even further and released version to the community beta for people to continue enjoying updates to the already impressive aircraft. Some of the updates include distance to top of descent, fixes to bank angle warnings and also the TCAS fail display logic. The full list provided by TFDi Designs is below.

  • [ADDED] Function to force a persistence save to the MAINT page for debugging
  • [ADDED] DIST to T/D to CRUISE PERF page
  • [ADDED] RETURN functionality to the MENU page
  • [FIXED] “BANK ANGLE” warning at very low altitudes
  • [FIXED] T/C or T/D disappearing under some conditions
  • [FIXED] Cruise level and cost index not resetting when the flight plan resets
  • [FIXED] Derates being reset when switching between thrust limit modes automatically
  • [FIXED] “TCAS FAIL” display logic
  • [FIXED] Some weight inputs/displays not honoring the weight unit setting
  • [FIXED] Scroll acceleration requiring too much to initiate
  • [FIXED] Missing EXTRA= display on VERT REV page
  • [FIXED] B not resetting standby altimeter

To get the new update, ensure you’re part of the community beta and download the update. Simple. If you’re unsure how to participate, head over to the TFDi Design blog for information.

Orbx FTX Scotland Service Pack 4 previews

Orbx is hard at work on updating their existing sceneries. A few days ago they shared some previews of the upcoming service pack 4 for FTX Scotland. The update will add over 60 new points of interests in the area. Furthermore they have enhanced some Scottish Islands with reworked land class and geopositioning of building. Also fixed was the monster of Loch Ness…

Sacramento International (KSMF) update

Developer I.D.S. Development Studios have issued an update for KSMF, Sacramento. The update is mainly focussed on performance. According to tests that were run amongst a few selected customers, as well as tests they have ran themselves, the results are very positive regarding FPS and VAS. The updated installers are currently being prepared and it shouldn’t take too long before they are out.

Full changelog:

  • Reworked textures
  • Library optimization
  • Grass removed due to invisible blending with grass texture on airport
  • LODs added
  • Optimized and re-exported models

Level-D 767 Now Functional with Prepar3d at No Extra Cost

A few days ago, we posted about the fact that Level-D were working on their 767 to make it compatible for Windows 10 users. It would appear the team have now gone even further and made sure that the product works Prepar3d v3. Best part is: all for the upgrade cost of FREE. The only caveat is that you MUST have Service Pack 2a (version 1.42a) installed already before using the upgrade link below. Additionally, Flight1 have updated the original installer to include these new files.

Here’s the upgrade download:

Here’s the product page:

For a product that was released 10 years ago, it’s great to see love and attention being given to it. Sure it may look dated in some area, but it’s still the most sophisticated 767 currently on the market for flight sim user. It also shows that Level-D are back actively developing. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally get their 757!

Orbx Stockholm update preview

Update. 06 April @ 0850z: Ben from Orbx has confirmed this will indeed be a free update.

Orbx is hard at work updating Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) airport. The addon was released over a year ago and despite being of amazing quality, Orbx felt like this airport deserved an update. And perhaps rightfully so, since over the last year we’ve seen some amazing sceneries coming from Orbx with super cool and exciting features (such as the Orbx Flow technology for animated traffic and people) that ESSA is lacking. We already knew Orbx was working on an update: that was announced a while back. But now we got to see some previews of what we can expect from it.

The update for ESSA will bring with it some updates to already existing features, but also some really new features! To begin with, Stockholm will now make use of the TrafficFlow technology for animated traffic! There will also be more people, luggage carts, busses, trucks and other vehicles to make the airport feel as alive as its real life counterpart. Next, they have redone the entire autogen area. This should give you a modest performance boost according to their post. To round it up, they have re-textured a lot of terminals. Terminal 5F, 5A, 5B, Terminal 2 and Terminal 4 all have gotten new textures that are of higher quality and are more detailed. Also new will be interior in terminal 5F.

One thing to note is that this update, though massive already, will sadly not include the moving jetways that we were promised some time ago. But with such an amazing update to look out for, I’m sure we can overlook that for some time. We have selected some screenshots for you down below, but make sure to check out the original post since there is a huge amount of preview shots there!

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A2A Constellation update

A few days ago, A2A have issued a quite extensive update for their recently released Captain of the Ship Lockheed L049 Constellation “Connie”. Quite a number of fixes and enhancements included in this one; the changelog is down below. For instructions on downloading and installing the patch you can head over to this post on the A2A forum.


– 2D controls: Carburetor air flaps control works in 0-100 range
– Input configurator – linear trim axes response
– Engine 1 oil temperature initialization issue fixed
– Oil viscosity system added
– Air conditioning now runs off compressors attached to engines 1 and 4
– Fuel Xfeed corrected
– Engine fuel line capacity increased
– Captain’s cruise announcement won’t occur in heavy or severe turbulence
– Contact points adjusted
– 3D model gaps next to rudder pedals sealed
– Controls lock depends on engines hydraulic pressure (RPM)
– Nav lights “Squares” fixed
– DME gauges has got a tooltip.
– 2D map displays distance data
– Rudder trim tabs animation reversed
– CoPilot’s magnetic bearing gauge FROM/TO needle fixed
– Landing gear animation corrected
– Transponder Alt switch animation reversed
– Autopilot pitch shortcut reversed and made less coarse
– Upper and lower cowl flaps tooltips corrected
– Max RPM and Min RPM key shortcuts inverted
– Co-pilot’s altimeter pressure dial animates
– 2D Map. Blue wind arrow inverted to show wind direction

JustFlight PA-28R Arrow III update

JustFlight have issued an update for this popular aircraft. Full changelog below. Please note that the previous updates (SP1) are also included in this update.

  • ADF gauge logic fixed
  • ‘Refill Menu’ option added to menu bar
  • FDE improvements
  • Sound-set improvements
  • VOR indicators still functioning when NAV radios are switched off – fixed
  • Manual PDF updated to reflect software changes since release


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FSFX ChasePlane Doors preview

We’ve been wondering how the door system in ChasePlane works for a little while. Luckily for us, they’ve created a tutorial video explaining all about this new feature and how it works! Go take a look!

The door system is available right now for all users of the experimental version of ChasePlane.