PMDG Updates DC-6 for MSFS

Pmdg Dc 6 Msfs Release (8)

PMDG has issued another update for their popular DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update aims to improve the performance and enhance the usability of the plane.

The update is available through PMDG’s Operations Center.


  • Automated Flight Engineer’s audio now has his own volume channel tied to the Aircraft Miscellaneous slider
  • A/C inverter logic and certain A/C powered instruments reworked/remodeled/corrected
  • Improved hardware support
  • Fit-and-finish items around the virtual cockpit
  • Visual tidying of the cabin and exterior models
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PMDG Updates DC-6 for MSFS

Pmdg Dc 6 Msfs Release (8)
PMDG has issued a new update for their popular and most recent aircraft release, the DC-6 for MSFS. The update includes a number of fixes and performance improvements, as well as some usability improvements for using the plane in sim. Furthermore, after extensive investigation, PMDG has identified an issue that a small number of users has been reporting. Namely, that
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Prepar3D v5.2 Hotfix 1 Now Available

Prepar3d V5 Lockheed Martin (7)
Lockheed Martin has just released a brand new hotfix for Prepar3D v5.2. Hotfix 1 addresses some of the higher priority items on the bug and issue list that have been identified since the release of Prepar3D v5.2 earlier this month. The hotfix is primarily aimed at fixing various issues or scenarios where the sim may crash. A new configuration option
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PMDG Issues First Update for DC-6 on MSFS

Pmdg Dc 6 Msfs Release (9)
Following on from the huge release earlier this month, PMDG has issued its first update to their popular DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Updated to version 2.00.0025, this new update make some significant changes to improve the user experience and result in less simulator crashes. According to Robert on the PMDG forums, this update focused on issues that have the "largest
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SimToolKitPro Updated to Version 0.7.X

SimToolKitPro has been updated with the "single largest performance update" to date. The new update has a big focus on performance improvements, along with a new user dashboard and a reworked live map page. The new update from SimToolKit has a brand new map that has been enhanced for speed and efficiency. Furthermore, there are new import options for those looking
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FlightSimLabs A32X-X Series and Spotlights Updated

2021 5 30 13 22 24 118

A new update for the FlightSimLabs A32X-X Series and Spotlights has been released. Version for the Airbus series is mostly a compatibility update for Prepar3D 5.2, but some fixes and updates also made the cut.

Not long after the Sharklets were released, the map functionality on the EFBs was disabled. The new update restores that functionality and is only available when you update to version If you use Skalarki hardware, the Hardware Interface has been updated which fixes several small issues and brings Prepar3D v5.2 compatibility. Looking at the changelog, we can also see there has been some cosmetic fixes for the external and cockpit modelling, as well as new logic for PA Xmit buttons.

Finally, you will need to download the newest version of Spotlights (v5.0.0.3) in order to have functionality in Prepar3D v5.2. You can download Spotlights from the forums.

You can get the updates for any of your A32X-X aircraft from the redownload section on the FlightSimLabs website.

If you need some help with the EFB or want to learn more, you can watch our EFB overview on our YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can read about the changes made by Lockheed Martin for Prepar3D v5.2 here.

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Leonardo Softhouse Fly the Maddog X Updated for 5.2; Previews in MSFS

The team at Leonardo Softhouse has shared some new information regarding their Fly the Maddog X. Firstly, the team has confirmed that a new hotfix has been released that adds Prepar3D v5.2 compatibility, and secondly, we have some new previews of the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following on from the release of Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v5.2 yesterday, Leonardo Softhouse
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Just Flight 146 Professional X-Plane Update Info

Just Flight 142 Custom Fms (3)
Just Flight's 146 Professional was released on X-Plane back in April, following on from the Prepar3D release of the plane. However, today, Just Flight has shared news for those waiting on a the custom Flight Management Computer (FMC) for the aircraft. It was confirmed on Facebook that Just Flight will be bringing the custom FMC to the aircraft in an
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Lockheed Martin Releases Prepar3D v5.2

Prepar3D V52 Clouds Scaled
Lockheed Martin has surprised the community and has released Prepar3D v5.2. This newest version of Prepar3D has a massive changelog that addresses a lot of issues with the enhanced atmospherics engine, VR and more. The changelog is fairly extensive, with a lot of focus on the Enhanced Atmospherics engine and lighting. According to the changelog, Enhanced Atmospherics can be used
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Volanta Version 1.1 and Volanta Premium Announced

Volanta Flight Tracker
Orbx's flight tracking and community app, Volanta, has seen a small number of updates since its release, but version 1.1 represents its biggest leap in new features and changes. The first major feature update introduces a plethora of new features in addition to the existing core functionality. Announced on the Orbx forums, this is a preview of the upcoming functionality
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