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QualityWings Q1 2017 Update – 787 Status

QualityWings today posted an update for their 787, which has been in beta testing since December 2016. Since beta testing started, over 150 different bugs and fixes have been identified and are currently receiving treatment. It’s their biggest project yet since development officially took full focus 3.5 years ago. As a result of the lengthy development, QualityWings have decided that this will be the last post regarding status updates for the 787. The next update we heard from them will be regarding an actual release.

Throughout the beta, the team have identified many areas for improvement and have listed exactly what they’ve worked on so far:

  • The Flight Management System is getting the most attention these days since there is so much going on in there.
  • The Electronic Flight Bag and its interface with the FMS has also received a lot of work.
  • The Fonts recently received a complete redo and we are still picking up the pieces and making sure the new font fits everywhere. It was not something that we wanted to do this late in development, but we just weren’t happy with the original font produced. We still have to make some sacrifices on accuracy on the displays in order to ensure fonts are legible.
  • The sound environment in the flightdeck has received extensive work
  • A huge upgrade to the Passenger Announcement System (QWPAS) to include F/As speaking in the selected Airlines First language
  • Implementation of an all new feature called Crew Announcement System (QWCAS)
  • Performance Tweaks.
  • Virtual Cockpit Refinements

Not only that, but the team also provided an excellent start up video showing off the 787.

They also published a quick FAQ as well. You can read the full post on Facebook, but here are some highlights and paraphrasing done by myself:

What type of product this 787 will be? Is this a Study Level Simulator? Will it be like the QualityWings 757 in terms of complexity? Will it be like the QualityWings 146 in terms of complexity?

Not really defined, but expect a detailed rendition of the 787 with lots of features. Not only that, but it will be easy to use thanks to help dialogues in the flight deck. QualityWings suggest that 80% of the systems will be accurately modeled.

Is this aircraft ready for Multiplayer?

Nope, maybe some day.

What is the price range?

Priced “competitively”. No details on whether this will be one price for one sim and another for another sim.

What 787 models will the Package include?

No commitment on this, so no real answer.

Will it be available for FSX and P3D on release?

FSX first, P3D later. Grrrr!?

Are you looking for Beta Testers?

Not right now, no.


Of course, QualityWings have other projects, but basically, they’re all on hold until the 787 is out of the door.

Great to hear from the team, but sad to hear we won’t know anything else until a release candidate. Hopefully it won’t be toooooo long now!

JustSim Barcelona update

JustSim have pushed an update for their Barcelona El Prat airport (LEBL) to SimMarket. This update will include a number of fixes and enhancements to the airport. According to JustSim there is a 30% VAS reduction and are the ground poly’s fixed (although this meant they had to sacrifice on some parts of the coloured asphalt. There is also a new model for Terminal 1 with new geometry and textures and they have added ground vehicles.

You can get JustSims Barcelona airport for €21,50 on SimMarket right now. Make sure to check out our review of the airport as well!

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HiFi Simulations Releases Hotfix 021517 B6255

HiFi Simulations have released a new hotfix which improves the max upper visibility rendering for Active Sky 16 for Prepar3d, as well as other fixes and updates for all current weather engines. This includes Active Sky 16 and Active Sky Next for both FSX and Prepar3d.

The team have also fixed high CPU utilisation when you disable wake turbulence and other minor things.

You can read out full review on Active Sky 16 and Cloud Art here.

The full list of changes is here:

Changelog for AS16 for P3D/FSX Hotfix 021517
– P3D Experimental upper visibility depiction handling change via previous HotFix made permanent
– Fixed issue where CPU usage would climb and app may eventually crash if Wake Turbulence Strength setting was set to zero (disabled)
(Experimental upper visibility depiction handling change with Volfog on (P3D), attempts to increase apparent visibility while still masking cloud draw distance using typical “masking” upper max visibility settings of approximately 80 miles)

Changelog for ASN for P3D/FSX Hotfix 021517
– Fixed CPU usage increase issue when Wake Turbulence Strength option was set to zero (disabled)
– Fixed issue where custom/manual weather would not export into current_wx_snapshot.txt file

You can download from the HiFi Simulation’s downloads page.

TOGA Projects ENVTEX – New User Interface Preview

TOGA Projects, the team behind ENVTEX, have shown off a new user-interface for their great product. We have been massive fans of the team for a while now, so it’s great to see so many improvements based on the community and our feedback.

As you can see, it’s vastly different compared to what we have today. As we said in our review, it works, but could do with a lick of paint to make it great. Not only that, but there’s brand new customization options which will give you more control than before. This will include sun textures, lens and glow effects, airport textures and much more.

Of course, everything you see is work in progress, so you’re welcome to leave feedback and we’ll pass it onto the developers. I assure you, the team listens and they’re fully prepared to ensure this is a great product for everyone.

Finally, TOGA Projects confirmed that they are prepared for future sim versions as well as some exciting news to share with their friends over at HiFi.

Virtavia update C-17 and B-29 for Prepar3d

Are you a big fan of the huge military aircrafts C-17 and B-29 but were always a little bummed out because these weren’t available in Prepar3d? Be sad no longer! Virtavia has updated their amazing and detailed renditions of these iconic aircraft to Prepar3d. Both aircraft come with a very high quality model and textures, several liveries, 3D cockpits and a huge list of detailed and accurate animations.

You can find these products on the homepage of Virtavia and purchase them through several retailers. The B-29 goes for €30,- whereas the C-17 goes for €37,-. If you have previously purchased these products you can email Virtavia with your product details and get the upgrade for free.

That’s not all the good news from Virtavia however. They have also let us know that they will be working on bringing more of their aircraft over to Prepar3d.

Aerosoft launches new design

Aerosoft have launched the new design for their web shop! The new design brings the shop into current day standards, looks a lot nicer and cleaner and should make it a lot easier for anyone to find their favourite products and purchase them. The site is also completely responsive so you don’t have to fiddle with your phone or tablet when you want to buy a new scenery.

The new homepage comes with a layout with big tiles, each for another category of Aerosofts products. Whether that be aircrafts, busses, trains or other services; you can now easily go there from the home screen. Quickly checking up on news and updates or looking at some new screenshots for that scenery that just came out has become a lot, lot easier.

Also pretty nice is the new customer page where you can more easily see your details, see the products that you bought or check your wish list. We haven’t made any purchases through the new store yet but supposedly this has become a much better experience as well.

We’d love to hear what you think about their new storefront so make sure to use that comment area down below!

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Aerosoft A330 Previews and FMGS Features

After we shown off some images for the interior table for Aerosoft’s upcoming A330, Mathijs has given some further insight into what we can expect from the FMGS system in their upcoming A330 series, and probably integrated into their upcoming A320 series 2017 update.

First a brief visual update from the external view.

Expect to see things already included with the current ‘Bus series such as Navigraph/NavDataPro support, company routes, complete vertical profile and lateral navigation modes. Of course, things such as hold patterns, DIR TO and DIR TO Radial In and Out are also present. Some cool updates included are going to be Wind Aloft data, equitime point calculations and time marker, required time of arrival and estimated time of take off. So compared to what we currently have, this brings massive improvements and more features than ever before. Of course, dual MCDUs working separately are also included this time!

The list below is almost locked in, but Mathijs has said that if people “feel anything major is missing” or have any other comments, then this is the time to “influence” the team.

Before I leave you with the full list, Mathijs also confirmed the release schedule is still as follows:

  • Aerosoft / DA CRJ
  • Aerosoft A330 2017 (new)
  • Aerosoft A320/A321 2017 (update + update price)
  • Aerosoft A318/A319 2017 (update + update price)


Leave a comment on their forums if there’s something else you would want to see.

Aerosoft FMGS features:

  • Navigraph/NavDataPro support;
  • Flight Plan construction using procedures like SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches;
  • Company routes, primary and alternate;
  • Complete Vertical Profile, including constraint management, managed climb and descent etc;
  • Complete Lateral Navigation modes;
  • All flight phases: Preflight, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Descend, Approach, Go-Around and Done;
  • Primary, TMPY, SEC, ALTN and SEC ALTN flight plans;
  • AIRWAYS management;
  • HOLD patterns;
  • DIR TO, DIR TO Radial In/Out and Abeam;
  • Direct waypoints PD, PBD, PBPB, LatLon;Pseudo points: T/C, T/D, SpeedLim, DECEL, S/C, S/D, Level Off, ETP and more;
  • Navaids automatic and manual tuning;
  • Accurate predictions and performance calculations: fuel/time/ALT, managed/selected/presel speed/mach;FIX INFO;
  • OFFSET path;
  • Equitime point calculation, and a time marker;
  • WINDS aloft;
  • Constant Mach cruise segments;
  • Required Time of Arrival, Estimated Time of Takeoff;
  • DUAL MCDU, working independently from each other;
  • MCDU web interface;

REX Environment Force status update

I’m sure that many of you are wondering whatever happened to REX Environment Force just as much as we are. It has been pretty quiet around the product for a long time. Only a few updates back in December 2016 were given. These announced the products moving from a development phase to a beta testing phase. But a few hours ago REX finally gave us an update again!

In a small forum post REX announced that Environment Force has gone back to the development phase. They say that they are about 85% done with beta testing, but there are still a few things that need to be changed for both FSX and Prepar3d. Once these things are integrated and tested the product will continue testing before being integrated with its user interface.

FSDreamTeam Memphis (KMEM) update

It seems like only a few days ago that we informed you that FSDreamTeam was working on an update for Memphis International Airport (KMEM). Nothing is less true because it was only a few days ago we did this. Today we are happy to be able to tell you that this update is available for download as of right now! The update is incredibly huge and mainly focuses on performance. FSDreamTeam have done an amazing job and managed to reduce VAS usage by 150 to 200 MB! Furthermore, as we showed you before, the update will include new, even more optimised ground textures as well!

People who have bought KMEM and want to update need to download the full installer from the website of FSDreamTeam. No need to uninstall your previous airport, the installer will handle everything for you! Oh and while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out their just released GSX update as well!

GSX Version 1.9.11 Released – Major Update

Hot off heels from the update for Prepar3d’s Hotfix 3 and the release of PMDG’s 747 Queen of the Skies II (which includes their own form of ground handling), FSDreamTeam have updated their Ground Services X to version 1.9.11. The update includes lots of fixes and several new features requested by the community.

Some of the new features include better icing conditions detection, which is now based on temperature + dew point, as well as adding deicing pads to Zurich and Chicago o’Hare. In addition to icing, the fueling aspect has also been further developed to a more realistic approach.  For example, fuel starts refilling via wings further, before moving onto central and external tanks.

Further updates includes support when using PMDG’s 747 Queen of the Skies II and also the automatic detection of 3rd party progressive refueling.

Of course, there’s a range of updates that have been included, all of which can be found in the forums. I’ve also included the full list below anyway.

Like always,  you can download the update through the stand alone manager and airport vehicles update, or just download the full installer direct from their site.

– Icing conditions detection more realistic, now based on Temperature + Dew Point.
– Deicing pads added to Zurich and O’Hare.
– Refueling starts by filling wings tanks first, then the central ones and finally externals.
– Preset Fuel quantities indicated in USGAL and Lb/Kg (depending on International settings).
– Automatic detection of 3rd party progressive refuel simulation made optional in GSX – Settings.
– Support for Prepar3D 3.4.22 (Hotfix 3).
– Support for the PMDG 747-400 V3.
– Don’t remove PMDG Ground Equipment around the airplane by default.
– Airplane Configuration: Don’t display traffic cones if engine z < -100 meters. Used by the Concorde.
– New Ground Operators added: Aegean, Air Asia, Brussels South Charleroi, EVA Air. REQUIRES Downloading the Vehicles Update or the Full GSX Installer.
– More precise collision detection at KMEM.
– Bugfix: Refueling not stopping anymore when quantity requested exceeded the tanker capacity and the “Multiple Trips” option was disabled.
– Bugfix: Departure (PushBack) queuing.
– Bugfix: Random operators appearing when parking has no codes.
– Bugfix: Progressive refueling requested by custom aircraft system, activated only if aircraft is parked.