FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Installer, Virtual Printer and More

FlyByWire Installer 2021 01 15 10 55 31

The team at FlyByWire Simulations has continued to make headway with their A32NX modification and has been updating their Facebook page with some of the new features currently in development. This includes a brand new virtual printer, reworked radios, a new dynamic sound pack, improvements to the engine modelling and also a brand new installer to make it even easier for people to get the aircraft modification in their simulator.

Many of the new features shown off through their Facebook page are still very much a work in progress but highlights the collaborative effort the team are going through to make this modification even better for the community.

The first preview is that for the new dynamic sound engine being developed for the aircraft add-on. This will create an immersive 3D sound environment for the aircraft and improving how you hear sounds throughout the plane.

Another requested feature is to be able to have a virtual print out of information coming from the MCDU. This particular example showcases an AOC message coming through the virtual printer.

Communication is an important element of flying and with the recent updates to the simulator itself, FlyByWire is now able to improve the radio management panel. This will now feature full support for a working COM2.


One of the biggest improvements coming to the aircraft modification in the future is related to the engine modelling. As seen in the video below, an upcoming update will mean takeoff rolls can be conducted without any N1 spikes. The video demonstrates how smooth and accurate the new thrust settings are in the simulator.

Finally, FlyByWire Simulations has released a new installer module which makes adding the aircraft to your simulator even easier. The new installer enables you to easily view version history, switch between mainline and experimental versions, and also paves way for the installation of the upcoming A380X product being developed by the team.

You can download the FlyByWire Simulations installer right now from their website.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update Jan 14th 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.01.13
A brand new development update blog post was shared by Microsoft on the official Flight Simulator website. Whilst it was hoped that the Aerodynamics Feature Discovery Series video would release today, it was decided that to ensure that the quality matched previous videos, a little bit more time is needed to ensure it reaches the same standard. The current plan
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Xvision Releases V2.00 with Support for Vulkan

204457 Heavymetal
The team behind xVision, a utility to change the visual appearance of X-Plane, has released an update to version 2.00 which brings full compatibility with version 11.51 of X-Plane and the Vulkan API. When Laminar Reasearch released the latest version of X-Plane to incorporate support for the newer Vulkan rendering option, they revamped the shaders and the way X-Plane creates
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Short Final Design Updates Munich Airport

Short Final Design Munich Update (2)
X-Plane 11 users who own Short Final Design's Munich Airport (EDDM) can update their product to version 1.1. The new update is freely available to all current customers and can be downloaded from The new update adds SAM Season compatibility, improved runway textures and also the new construction sites at terminal 1. This extensive update also brings with it
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PMDG Previews 777-200ER Expansion Package

Pmdg 777 200 Er P3d (2)
Robert Randazzo from PMDG has taken to the forums to update the flight sim community on the current development cycle for the 777 on Prepar3D. The update covers both the upcoming 777-200 LR/F and 777-300ER product updates, along with some of the first previews for the 777-200ER Expansion Package. He opened up the forum post by saying that throughout the
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update for January 7th 2021


Microsoft has taken to its blog to update the community with the latest news regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following on from an extensive update at the end of 2020, the team has been collecting feedback and working through improving some of the issues identified in an upcoming update. Furthermore, the teams are working on planning what the goals for 2021 will be and prioritising workload based on that.

Whilst the update this week was lighter in content than usual, a new bug tracker and feature wishlist roadmap was published. Many of the dates and timeframes remain unchanged, but Microsoft did comment that the Spikes on Terrain issue will have a solution in the coming days. Otherwise, we’re waiting on solid dates for feature requests such as updated taxiway signage, improved pushback system and seasons. Whilst seasons are on their way, the last update did at least bring dynamic snow to the simulator.

In addition to the improvements to the features, Microsoft said that the developer mode would be updated in the next update. Various bug fixes have been made and the first wizard setup for airports is being reviewed which will make the creation of new airports via the Project Editor much easier. DevMode and WebAssembly continue to be a focus throughout 2021 to enable developers to create even better products for the simulator.

As mentioned, the update is a little lighter than usual, but we’re likely to see additional information for World Update III: United Kingdom / Ireland in the coming weeks ahead of the late-January release. Stay tuned to FSElite to learn more as we get it.

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Gaya Simulations Vienna International Airport Updated

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Gaya Simulations has updated their rendition of Vienna International Airport (LOWW) to version 1.2. The update is available right away for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator through Orbx Direct, with other stores (including the Microsoft Marketplace) to follow in the next few days. The update will also be coming to X-Plane soon. The 1.2 update is quite significant, and adds
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ToLiss Updates Airbus A321 Series for XPL to V1.2.1

Store Image 321 5
Highly renowned XPL aircraft developer ToLiss has quietly updated their Airbus A321 Series product for Xplane, bringing the highly regarded addon now up to Version 1.2.1. While mainly concerned with the addressing and fixing of bugs, the update is also set to provide users with a couple of new features introduced to the developers' A321 product line. Among said new
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TORQUESIM Updates Both Cirrus SR20 and SR22 for XPL

SR22TN 2020 08 12 23.13.47 1024×570
Xplane general aviation aircraft developer TORQUESIM has recently taken to their development blog, informing community members about releasing a new update for both their Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft products. The new update, bringing the SR22 up to V1.1 and the SR20 up to V1.0.1, brings several notable fixes and improvements to both airframes. Fixes and improvements pushed out with this
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Aerosoft Updates Airport Berlin-Brandenburg XP

Ber Xp 07
Aerosoft has updated Airport Berlin-Brandenburg XP (EDDB) to version 1.0.2. Berlin-Brandenburg Airport is of course the newly opened, official airport for Berlin. The changes in version 1.0.2 are quite significant, with added SAM support, new ground traffic and road networks, and new vegetation and effects. The full changelog for the update can be found below. The update can be downloaded
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