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Air Hauler 2 Now Available for P3D Version 4

The Air Hauler 2 team have released their latest early access patch (v51) and now supports P3D V4. The update also includes the new Nomad mode. This difficulty setting doesn’t allow you access to own or build new bases, you can only find jobs and missions by visiting other airports. Great for you explorers and bush pilots.

You can now download the new patch via your Just Flight account or if you are new to Air Hauler? You can visit the Just Flight website for more details on Air Hauler 2.

PMDG Push Update for 777-200LR/F

Users of the PMDG 777-200LR/F will already be enjoying it in P3DV4, whilst they eagerly await the 300ER to be compatible. In the mean time, it appears PMDG have worked to further enhance the 777 line with a new update pushed out via the micro-update system inside the PMDG Operations Centre.

The new update is considered minor, but has added the same ground rolling friction functionality as found with the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II. Furthermore, other items were fixed as well as correcting a bug that caused brakes to overheat in some unexpected conditions.

Right now, this update it only live for both Prepar3D platforms, but FSX and FSX:SE versions will be updated over the weekend.

The next update due is the 777-300ER, which is expected once Lockheed Martin release a hotfix for P3D V4 later this week.

A2A Products Now Available for P3D Version 4

The guys over at A2A have already confirmed their commitment to version 4 of Prepar3D, and today they have demonstrated that by releasing a handful of their Accu-Sim products for the new platform. The updates are FREE for the P3D fleet, and are available on the A2A Store. The installers have been sent to other vendors so it will be a matter of time before those other stores update their download links. [Edit: You can now get them from SimMarket]

The current link of products that have been updated are as follows:

Accu-sim C172 Trainer
Accu-sim C182 Skylane
Accu-sim Cherokee 180
Accu-sim Comanche 250
Accu-sim T-6 Texan

Right now, there’s no ETA on the availability for the Connie, but if we hear anything else, we’ll let you know.

First Details of IXEG 737 In X-Plane 11 Surface

Reader Maurits was kind enough to share that he stumbled upon the first details of the IXEG 737 in X-Plane 11. The 737 classic received critical acclaim for its detail and system depth when it was originally released. Since then it’s had some updates, but now fans are excited to try it out in the latest version of X-Plane.

As you can see, work has some along quite well with significant detail on the reflection of the gauges and other minor details.

The team haven’t disclosed any ETAs yet as they don’t want to disappoint the community, but they’re working hard on bringing it to the new Sim as quickly as possible.

Further to the visuals, the team are ensuring that the flight model is compatible with X-Plane 11’s updated physics, fixing other bugs and errors and in general making sure it’s fully compatible.

Progress has been reported as good. As soon as we have any further details, we shall share.

‘Updated for Prepar3d V4’

A lot of stuff this week was released with compatibility for P3DV4. And there was almost just as much news from developers announcing their plans or giving us an update about their support for the updated platform. Instead of making a whole bunch of different posts, we’ve decided to collect everything that has been updated for Prepar3d V4 this week into one post. And there’s a lot.


Over on their forums REX gave us an update into their product status for P3DV4. WorldWide Airports HD, Texture Direct, Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds and REX Soft Clouds will shortly receive a hot fix to be compatible. Release is estimated for this month.

Weather Architect, Essentials Plus and Essentials Plus Overdrive will require a major service pack to be compatible. The release time is yet to be determined.


ImagineSim announced over on Facebook that all their sceneries are now compatible with P3DV4. People that have previously purchased any product for P3DV3 will receive a free update. ImagineSim compatible sceneries are: KATL, KLGA, ZSPD, KAUS, VIDP, KSJC and KCLT.

Jetstream Designs

These guys took the time to give a really nice update to some of their previous sceneries. Both updated with P3DV4 support are Marseille and Little Rock. The latter has also been updated with volumetric light halos. But that’s not all, because both sceneries got a nice overhaul and are now featuring brand-new, completely updated SODE jetways. You can find some screenshots of the updated sceneries below.

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Drzewiecki Design

UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo, EPWA Warsaw and EETN Tallinn have all received an update to be compatible with P3DV4.


Miami V3 is now compatible.


MILVIZ will be updating the majority of their aircraft. This includes aircraft that has previously been released for P3DV4, with a few exceptions. MILVIZ have stated they will issue a $5 upgrade fee. Every upgrade will come with MILVIZ new MVAMS tool which is used for framework features and includes the capability of updating their products in the future.

Global AI Ship Traffic

This freeware add-on loved by so many also got an update to P3DV4. The add-on has been split up in several separate parts which you can install almost independently (some files are required). There are a lot of new models (the total amount is now 179) and routes added that cover the entire globe.

Airports of Norway

AoN, my personal favourite, got updated as well. This (freeware) package will continue to receive updates to fix issues with airports as they are being found.

Aerosoft Oslo Gardermoen

A big update coming from Aerosoft. ENGM Oslo has been updated for P3DV4 and a lot of new features have been added. The full list can be found over here. Notable though is definitely the added support for SODE for animated jetways, passengers and de-ice service. Another very notable feature is added support for Prepar3d volumetric lighting for flood lights and the headlights from de-ice trucks.

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BlackBox Simulation

Last but not least on our list is BlackBox. These guys have updated both their Aviation Bulldog & Cessna L19 aircraft for P3DV4 for free.

Flight Sim World Community Update 2 Now Available

Since the release of Flight Sim World a few weeks ago, the community have been very vocal about their feedback for the product. Dovetail Games have been working really hard and have been listening to the comments to be able to put together the latest community update.

The update pushes a lot of fixes for the included aircraft. These fixes include contact point adjustments, optimizations to cockpit instrument selection and more. Furthermore, the 205mb update also includes various crash and localisation fixes and users of the Sidewinder 2 will be pleased to know that it now works.

The update for people experiencing performance issues in full screen and multi-monitor set-ups will have to wait a little longer as they complete further testing. Rest assured, Dovetail Games say it’s coming.

You can find the full update list below. Don’t forget, as it’s a Steam product, it will download and install upon starting up nice and simply. Keep Reading

TFDi Designs Update 717 to Version

TFDi Designs have worked tirelessly over the past 6 months to update and bring their rendition of the 717 up to the community’s standards. Since the release of the Boeing aircraft back in December 2016, TFDi have released numerous bug-fixing updates, entrusted the community to test new features and provided regular updates on their progress. It has been a challenging road for the team. With the release of version, the aircraft has received a huge number of fixes and additions, vastly improved from the original release.

The number of changes is absolutely massive, with things like T/D information, added additional functionality to the FMS, added several alerts, CO ROUTE support, support for place.bearing/distance waypoints and so much more added or changed.

Further to this, the team addressed questions such as “where is the paint kit” and “what about Prepar3D V4 support”? Both of these are described as “short term goals”, with finishing touches being added to both elements before being made public. The modelling of the exterior aircraft is being put through the final touches and a few other CTD scenarios are being fixed before the final push is made.

Once everything is complete, there will still be ongoing updates, but some of their time will be focused on future projects. What those projects are, well, we’ll find out in due time.

They also wanted to drop a quick line to say if you’ll be attending FlightSimCon (June 10th and 11th), to stop by booths 207 and 208. We’ll be there as well so we’ll be sure to get the best information.

FlyTampa Compatibility update Prepar3d V4

FlyTampa is completely prepar3d for V4, and has made updates available for all airports that weren’t working right off the bat. You can find the downloads over here. Note that they will need to be applied manually! Great to see developers getting their products ready so quickly. I was already afraid that I’d have to go without a good rendition of Amsterdam Schiphol again..