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Flightbeam Releases KSFOHD Version 2 – Free Update

After the shock announcement from Flightbeam stating they would be releasing a version 2 of their incredible KSFOHD, they have today released it. The free update brings added functionality, features and further optimizations to the US scenery. If you don’t own it already, you can buy it now from Flightbeam’s webstore for $29.99. 

The biggest change to the KSFOHD package is the fact that it uses the brand new Flightbeam Manager, with Couatl and Addon Manager being dropped. This means easier installation as well as the chance to be able to adjust settings to suit your PC spec. Speaking of performance, the new update sees a 10-40% increase as well as the issue of stutters on approach being resolved.

Furthermore, just like Flightbeam’s KMSP (review coming soon, by the way!), SODE jetways have been implemented so you will be able to operate dual jetways. Additional new features include water puddles, enhanced ground textures, gate revisions and new floodlights. Of course, it also brings dynamic lighting for P3D V4. Keep Reading

Aerosoft Release Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 Professional for P3DV4

Aerosoft have today released their Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 Professional for P3DV4.

Following on from yesterday’s announcement, the scenery has been designed specifically for Prepar3D V4 and comes with a range of new features. Such features include snowfall for winter, automatic season changes, optimized 3D runway lights and apron lights that use the new dynamic lighting technology. Of course, this version of Frankfurt V2.0 has been exported using the P3DV4 SDK for maximum optimization.

Whether these features which aren’t specific to P3DV4 make it to other sims is yet to be seen.

The new upgrade will cost you €5.95 if you’re upgrading from the normal version. If this is a brand new product, then it will cost you €29.37 (+VAT). You can buy Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 Professional from the Aerosoft shop.

Mega Airport Professional is a new lineup from Aerosoft that is specifically aimed at Prepar3d V4 compatibility. You can read more about this in our recent article on it.

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Aerosoft to charge for Prepar3D V4 scenery updates

In a post on the forums, Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft has given us an interesting insight in the companies stance on their Mega Airports and making these compatible for Prepar3D V4.

Previously the company announced to be working on free updates for P3DV4. These would become available over time, with some of them already ready and working on the updated platform. A good example of this is Mega Airport Oslo which received a free v4 update with dynamic lights, SODE support and an updated installer. Also, the much anticipated Mega Airport London Heathrow was previously announced to be getting an update coming soon™.

However, Aerosoft seems to be moving away from this. P3DV4 versions of airports will be rebranded as Mega Airport <name> Professional. These Professional products will come with support for P3DV4 features such as dynamic lights. This approach may also be extended to non-Mega Airports. It’s expected for Frankfurt to be the first Professional Mega Airport.

This is going to affect the price of Mega Airport addons in the following ways:

Current Mega Airports will keep *roughly* the same pricing. Prices for non-commercial use of Professional products will be around €6 higher and prices for commercial use or licensed simulators, it will remain the same. Updates from a “normal” to a Professional version will be available for a small fee.

29Palms Scenery Design Preview Skiathos 1.5

The team over at 29Palms Scenery Design have previewed the latest beta shots of their upcoming Skiathos 1.5. The new and improved version of the Greek island is only available for Prepar3D V4. This is in line with their statement lately that all future developments would focus on the newer 64-bit sim.

As you can see from the previews, the new build will include new autogen, dynamic lighting as well as all new lighting effects. Furthermore, the team have said that improvements have been made for performance and that users will be able to switch between simple and complex vegetation thanks to the scenery configuration tool.

The update will be free of charge for all customers who own Skiathos X. Keep Reading

TOGA Projects Release ENVTEX SP1 for FS9, FSX and P3D

After an extended period of being in open beta, TOGA Projects has officially released service pack 1 for their popular ENVTEX program.

Some of the biggest changes since the release version are thanks to feedback left in our review. The new update sees a brand new user interface, ability to change sun and moon sizes, new effects, and of course official Prepar3D V4 support.

This is a full new installer so includes all previous hotfixes and updates. They recommend you uninstall the version that you may have right now and install it completely fresh.

If you are still using FS9, then you’ll have to launch the software via the specific FS9 launcher as TOGA Projects have said they’ll no longer be developing for that platform.

The new update is free for all current users and installers are already available on SimMarket. Keep Reading

Update: Aerosoft CRJ – Version Now Released

Update 4th August 2017 – Version Now Released

– [Exchanged] Manuals have been exchanged

– [Fixed] PFD: VOR-Pointers showing bearing to localizers

– [Fixed] PFD: ADF-Pointers visible when ADF signal strength is zero
– [Fixed] AP: Sensitivity for autopilot disconnect feature due to aileron, elevator or rudder input decreased to avoid unwanted disconnects with unprecise control hardware
– [Fixed] ACP: Radio Idents are now being switched off on loading the aircraft. No beeping anymore!
– [Fixed] RTU: Improved initialization for more better representation of the loading status of FSX/P3D

– [Fixed] FMS: Added additional valdity checks for any fuel and time output to avoid potential CTDs due to buffer overflows*
– [Fixed] AP: APPR mode not capturing glideslope when NAV mode was active before
– [Fixed] FMS: Fixed a problem that caused Crs/Hdg to Along Track Distance legs to not properly switch to the next waypoint (KMSP 30R LEINY5 departure)
– [Fixed] FMS: Fixed a problem with Fix-to-DME Distance legs which messed up the distance/fuel/time calculations and ultimately caused a CTD due to buffer overflow
Head to your Aerosoft account to download.
– Original post –

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Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World Community Update 7 Released

Dovetail Games has released Community Update 7 named “cold & dark” (version 1.2.18937).

The Cold and Dark update feature a checklist that highlights the levers, buttons and switches you need to press in order to start each aircraft in Flight Sim World. Experts can enable the advanced mode and remove any assistance, get themselves prepped up and taxi to the runway.

Next week there will be another exciting announcement for you so make sure you check out FSElite for latest updates on that. For more information head over to Dovetail forum.

Cold and Dark Feature

  • Start-up checklists across all launch aircraft to assist in Cold/Dark functionality
  • Toggle advanced mode to go through the checklist yourself. Uncheck advanced mode to be walked through the cold and dark start process with camera zoom and highlighted switches & gauges (ideal for new simmers)
  • You can now choose your spawn location in Free Flight (parking spaces, runways, etc)

KNOWN BUG: With the introduction of Cold and Dark, we have discovered an issue which affects the PA-46 and the DA40 checklists: If you have auto mixture disabled, you will not be able to start the engine in Assisted Mode.

To work around this issue, please make sure auto mixture is enabled in order to complete the Cold and Dark checklist in Assisted Mode. You can find the auto mixture switch in the Settings Menu under Realism. We’ll provide a fix in a future update, thanks for understanding!

Orbx FTX Vector update

Orbx has updated FTX Vector to version 1.52. This update adds compatibility for Prepar3D V4. It should be noted that this release does not support addons that use the addon.xml method that is being used by a number of addons. Orbx will update the tool at a later time to make these sceneries compatible as well.

Orbx also stated that they now fully own FTX Vector – previously there was a license deal with another party – and have control over all the source files as well. They will continue to work to make FTX Vector and OLC into one unified product over the next year.

FTX Vector 1.52 is available as a free update to previous customers and can be downloaded from your FTX Central application.

MJC8 Q400 Cockpit Sound Immersion 1.1 Now Available

The latest version of the MJC8 Q400 Cockpit Sounds Immersion is now available for you to download via your SimMarket account. New changes include a less “bassy” prop sound and new alternative sounds for the switches and flap levers. With these new sounds, you’ll be able to find the new information in the quick user guide. Finally, there is a brand new ‘external sounds; section which details how to reduce to the volume of the external engine sounds.

Be sure to watch our video on our impressions.

Here’s the full update list:

– Included new alternative less bassy prop sound, alternative switches and flap lever sounds.
– Added “Alternative Sounds” section in the Quick User Guide
– Added “External Sounds” section with step by step explanation how to reduce the volume of external engine sounds.

You can buy it from SimMarket now for 10.70 Euro.

Orbx FTX England SP6 Coming Soon

Orbx are really kicking off loads of updates recently, including FTX England. Despite being released many years ago, Orbx are continuing to update FTX England adding new features and points of interest. In particular, SP6 will give people the opportunity to fly around Windsor Castle, Royal Ascot and more.

The new update will also bring SpeedTrees to the scenery for those of you who use P3D version 3 or version 4.

There’s no release information just yet, but keep an eye on FTX Central V3 in case it drops soon.