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UK2000 Aberdeen is released for X-Plane

UK2000 released their next airport scenery for X-Plane 10 and 11, this time it's Aberdeen. As usual the assets in this package origins from FSX/P3D platform. Assets like custom taxiways, grass, signs, buildings and Autogen safedock. As well as X Plane spill lights. Aberdeen airport is in Northern Scotland and opened in 1943 to link it with London. It became a
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UK2000 Aberdeen Extreme Preview for X Plane 11

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UK2000 has unveiled some information on their current project which is Aberdeen Xtreme or Dyce. This airport includes all assets found in the FSX and P3D version of this airport. Assets included are custom taxiways, grass, signs, buildings and Autogate safedock. And of course X-Plane spill lights is included as well. UK2000 expect the release on Saturday the 14th of October,
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UK2000 Gatwick update 4.01

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UK2000 have informed us that they have released an updated for Gatwick (EGKK). This airport was released just last week. The update includes several fixes for several platforms, so make sure to check it out. Changelog Added GSX files for P3D install Fixed 6 DXT3 textures with no alpha channel (mainly for fs2004) Fixed FS2004 runway light problem at night
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UK2000 Norwich Announced for X Plane 10/11

UK2000 has announced their next X-Plane scenery and this time it's Norwich. It includes all the assets you can find in a P3D/FSX scenery, such as custom ground textures, grass textures and taxiway edge lighting. Release is predicted to be on August 5th for X-Plane 10 and 11 users. It will have a new 'experimental' static aircraft option which you
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UK2000 Common Library 3.43 Update and more

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UK2000 announced today that they have updated their Common Library again to version 3.43. This means that all products will need this, starting this Saturday, including all versions for P3D V4. The big differences with this new update are the following: All airports under the name Xtreme name has had their BGL files updated to P3D V4 format, except for
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UK2000 Scenery Heathrow Xtreme Updated for P3D V4

Heathrow Egll P3dv4
UK2000 Scenery have been busy working away through their catalogue of products to bring them to P3Dv4. The latest scenery by them is Heathrow - the UK's biggest airport and one of the largest in the world. Heathrow opens up many possibilities for simmers, especially as we also await the Aerosoft version, which is still on track for July. Further
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UK2000 Release Norwich

Just a few days ago we showed off some screenshots of UK2000's Norwich Extreme scenery that at the time was approaching release. That day has now come and the scenery has been released. It can be purchased from UK2000's website for the standard price of £16.99. Norwich airport is a minor internation airport within the City of Norwich in the
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UK2000 Norwich Xtreme previews

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UK2000 has unveiled their next project with a whole bunch of projects. Norwich airport (EGSH): a small airport in Norfolk originally founded as an RAF airbase to be used during WW2. Nowadays Norwich serves a number of airports within the UK as well as a few more sunnier destinations around the Mediterranean Sea. The airport also has a long history
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