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Orbx Detail Upcoming TrueEarth GB South SP1 Package (X-Plane11)

Cessna 172SP 9 1.thumb.jpg.c0befe44d868d118f3308c82746d5ea5

Orbx’s TrueEarth series is the product of many years of research and development, along with brand new technology and data to enhance flight simulation. During 2018, many variations of the product were released, including a range of packages to cover the entirety of Great Britain. The first of those packages was TrueEarth Great Britain South and was released on X-Plane 11 in October last year. Since then, development has continued on making it a better package. John Venema from Orbx took to the forums to go into detail about what significant changes the product will see with the first service pack.

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More Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South Previews

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Orbx continues to tease us with previews of their upcoming TrueEarth GB South addon for Prepar3D. The previews appeared over on the Orbx forums, and once again show off the beauty of this upcoming addon. If you, like us, really can't wait for this addon much longer, there's some good news for you. At the beginning of this week we
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Orbx Previews More TrueEarth GB South for P3D v4

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In two separate posts on their website, Orbx has provided more previews of their upcoming TrueEarth Great Britain South product. Captured by John Lovell, the photos concentrate on the area around Sittingbourne as well as Essex. Shots include a look at Shoeburyness (at the end of the Thames Estuary) , along with Southend-on-Sea and Wickford. Identifiable buildings, such as the
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Orbx Releases TrueEarth Great Britain North for X-Plane 11

Orbx True Earth Gb North Beta X Plane 11 (13)

After months of teasing, Orbx has finally released TrueEarth Great Britain North for X-Plane 11. The coverage area of the third and final pack of the Great Britain series is over 40,000 square miles of hand-corrected imagery, autogen technology and thousands of hand placed forests, buildings and points of interest.

TrueEarth Great Britain North primarily covers Scottland, as well as other areas such as the Shetland Islands and the Isle of Man. This means cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow are covered and have been faithfully recreated for X-Plane 11 users with the highest detail.

The product has millions of buildings placed in the correct location and display at the correct height, over 400 points of interest to view on your journey around the region and finally accurate road and rail networks which blend into the high definition aerial colour-matched aerial imagery

The product is now available from Orbx for $54.95 AUD, which roughly converts into US$39.55 | €34,58 | £30.18.

Along with TrueEarth Great Britain North, you can also buy both Central and South regions to complete your Great Britain experience. You don’t need any of the other parts to enjoy North, and vice versa for the others.

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Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South For Prepar3D Coming In A Week

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Since Orbx started previewing the popular TrueEarth Great Britain South addon for Prepar3D just a few weeks ago we've all been very eager to get our hands on it. They were showing off Great Britain, and particularly the London area, in beautiful fashion. Lucky for us, we won't have to wait much longer. The team is currently putting the final
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New Coastal Previews of Orbx TrueEarth GB South in P3DV4

Orbx Trueearth Gb South Coastal (3)
As the development of TrueEarth GB South for Prepar3D V4 continues, as do more previews. This time, Iain has taken to preview some of the stunning English coasts which will be included in the package. The previews also highlight some of the POIs included, bridges and other elements which will be included in the product upon release. You can follow
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Further Details on Orbx TrueEarth US Projects & Beyond

ORBX Roadmap 2019 62 1600×792
As TrueEarth development continues, Orbx is dropping further details on their upcoming TrueEarth US projects and beyond. In particular, John Venema has detailed which areas we can expect work to be developed and also the inclusion of new PBR models and cityscapes. So far, John confirmed, over 800 points of interest (POI) 3D models are planned for Washington State alone.
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Further Previews of Orbx TrueEarth GB North [X-Plane 11]

True Earth Orbx North X Plane 11 Edi (10)
Further to the first beta shots previewed yesterday, various Orbx forum topics are popping up with more detailed looks at how TrueEarth GB North is coming along. Over the past few days, Iain and John have both taken to the forums to share various previews around Edinburgh and various other areas in the region. The previews below are from the
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