Orbx TrueEarth Oregon – Portland Previews


Orbx announced TrueEarth US Oregon just two weeks ago, and has been following up the announcement with some previews since then. This time, Iain Emms has taken to the Orbx forums to show off some previews of the city of Portland, the biggest city in the new TrueEarth State. The previews show off recognisable areas and buildings, such as the down town city center and Government Island. But also lesser known areas, such as the suburbs and industrial areas can be seen. The previews have been made in Prepar3D v4.

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Orbx Released TrueEarth US Washington for Prepar3D

Orbx has released TrueEarth US Washington for Prepar3D v5. Using the latest technology, TrueEarth US Washington will inject thousands of square miles of photoreal scenery, millions of accurately placed trees and buildings, along with hundreds of custom-modelled 3D points of interest. The region covers areas such as San Juan Islands, Lake Chelan, Mr Rainer and of course the busy metropolis
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Orbx Releases Various Updates for all TrueEarth Great Britain Products on X-Plane 11

X Plane Orbx True Earth Central Gb (2)
Orbx has issued multiple updates for all of their TrueEarth Great Britain scenery products on X-Plane 11. This means that Great Britain South, Central and North have been updated with plenty of changes across the board. Perhaps the most significant changes are seen with TrueEarth Great Britain South with all new points of interest (lighthouses, masts) added along with new
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Orbx Introduces TrueEarth US Oregon for Prepar3D v4+

Official Trailer Orbx TrueEarth Oregon
Orbx has introduced TrueEarth US Oregon for Prepar3D v4+ officially via their forums. The new scenery product will feature over 99 thousand square miles of hand-correct imagery covering the whole state in immense detail. As with other TrueEarth scenery products, it will feature millions of accurately placed trees, buildings and over 480 custom created 3D points of interest to find across
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Orbx TrueEarth Washington Previews

Being someone who lives within sight of the Olympic Mountain Range, this very much so excites me. Seeing famous landmarks being recreated by such a well-known developer is spectacular and this is the perfect way to describe TrueEarth Washington State. With 66574 square miles (172428KM) of high-quality imagery with sum 940 custom modeled 3D POIs, this will be a stunning area to fly around. This is not just for P3Dv4 and V5, but is also built for X-Plane 11 unique to the platform.

TrueEarth Washington ideal scenery for any low and slow fliers. I for one will most definitely partake in some more GA flying since I will be able to see key landmarks for VFR flying. Though IFR flying with the large jets will be fantastic as well. Coming in from the south over Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens will offer an absolutely stunning display of land. The scenery goes as far as Spokane to the east and to the border where we expect to find TrueEarth Oregon. Up North, it covers parts of Canada as well. Southern Vancouver Island, where I live, and a good chunk of the island is covered and will have major cityscapes as well as key buildings and landmarks. Parts of the Southern Interior have also seen some attention including the San Juan Islands. Sharp and detailed Ultra-HD textures have been placed on mountains, coastlines, and valleys offering stunning views no matter where you look or are flying. Water masking has been heavily focused on making the entire coastline, most rivers, and lakes flow perfectly with the land around them.

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Orbx Releases TrueEarth US Southern California for X-Plane 11

Chrome 2020 05 08 12 44 53
After showcasing some previews off earlier this week, Orbx has released TrueEarth US Southern California for X-Plane 11. The latest in their TrueEarth series features over 250,000 square KM of coverage including Los Angeles, San Diego and Catalina Island. The product will transform X-Plane to feature detailed ground imagery with impressive 3D modelling and autogen on top for an immersive experience.
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Orbx Previews TrueEarth US Southern California

Orbx True Earth Southern Califonia Us X Plane 11 (1)
Orbx has shared the first previews for one of their most anticipated regions for their TrueEarth series. Following on from Northern California, TrueEarth US Southern Califonia will cover over 250,000 square KM of the world with plenty of detail, custom modelling and plenty of points of interest to explore. According to the map published, Southern California will start coverage from
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Orbx Releases TrueEarth US Florida for X-Plane 11

Trueearth Us Florida
Orbx has released their latest in the TrueEarth series with the Sunshine State of Florida. The region is known for its humid temperatures, pleasant beaches and huge tourist appeal. With coastal views, vibrant cities and plenty of marshland to explore, Florida is one of the most diverse states to fly over in X-Plane 11. Orbx has also introduced a new featured
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