Orbx TrueEarth US Florida – Consortium of Previews (Video and Imagery)

On the Orbx forums, multiple testers have been sharing a wide-range of previews for the upcoming TrueEarth US Florida from Orbx. With such a huge region to cover, the screenshot threads have been broken down into different areas, but we’ve shared just some of them here in one place for your convenience.


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St Petersburg

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Fort Lauderdale

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As a reminder, below is the feature list for Orbx’s upcoming TrueEarth US Florida.

TrueEarth US Florida Feature List

  • Over 170,304 Sq. Km (65,754 Sq. Miles) of crisp USGS and NAIP sourced imagery
  • Will come in both SD and HD versions
  • Stunning ortho-imagery for the whole of Florida offering stunning views across the varied landscape including cities, beaches and Everglades National Park
  • Beautifully crafted water masking along the hundreds of miles of coastline
  • Key cities include Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and beyond
  • Exclusive ultra-HD Cityscape Miami accurately bringing this vibrant city to life
  • Accurate building shapes to precisely match the ortho imagery footprints
  • Nearly 1,000 custom-modelled 3D POIs; including Cape Canaveral, Orlando theme parks, major resorts and hotels, stadiums, bridges and much more!
  • Millions of accurately placed trees
  • Hand-placed and custom modelled landmarks placed throughout the scenery such as bridges, skyscrapers, castles, piers, and monuments
  • Superb night lighting for all 3D POI models and cityscapes
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Orbx TrueEarth US Florida – Previews Around Miami

Orbx True Earth Florida Xplane 11 (10)
Announced at the tail end of last year, Orbx will be releasing the region of Florida as their next TrueEarth product for X-Plane 11. The Sunshine State is known for its humid weather and year-round sunshine. It is also known for hosting some of the world's most popular tourist attractions, including the popular city of Miami. Orbx screenshot artist Iain
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Orbx Updates TrueEarth Great Britain South and Releases Central / North on P3D

Orbx True Earth Gb P3d (3)
Developer Orbx has released the new V2 TrueEarth Great Britain South Update, along with releasing Central and North on Prepar3D V4. All three regions are sold separately and each adds a huge amount of detailed Orthoimagery for the specific region you purchase. For TrueEarth Grea Britain South areas such as London, Bristol, Brighton, Devon and parts of Wales are included.
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Orbx TrueEarth US Northern California Released for X-Plane 11

FB 10
Orbx has released TrueEarth US Northern California for X-Plane 11. The latest edition of Orbx's TrueEarth line is Northern California, extending from the border of Oregon and California down to Big Sur the area is full of varying landscapes, detailed mountains, and breathtaking coastlines. TrueEarth Northern California spans over 212,000 square kilometers, included is stunning color corrected orthography and accurately placed
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Orbx TrueEarth US NorCal – Final Previews Before Release

True Earth Nor Cal Xp 11 (9)

As is usual from Iain at Orbx, his final shots are now available before TrueEarth US NorCal is released for X-Plane 11. The previews depict the diverse region in North America. Orbx has hand-crafted the orthoimagery to ensure it’s high in quality and fits the world of X-Plane. As usual, the scenery package also includes a wide-range of points of interest for simmers to go and explore. A selection of his newest previews are below, but you can view the rest on the forums.

As previously mentioned, TrueEarth US Northern California will feature accurate looking trees, buildings and coastlines across the diverse region. The main feature points for the scenery include the city of San Fransisco being created in full PBR, along with other areas including Silicon Valley, Yosemite National Park and Mt Shasta.

With the final shots now released, it is only a matter of time before the region is available to buy and download. We will let you know once it has been released.

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Orbx Formally Previews TrueEarth US Northern California

FB 01
Although announced initially during Flight Sim Show in Cosford earlier this month, Orbx has formally previewed the all-new TrueEarth US Northern California for X-Plane 11. Over 212,000 km2 of coverage will be included in this vast region, delivering high-quality orthoimagery, 3D objects and plenty of points of interest for simmers to explore. As per previous TrueEarth regions, TrueEarth US Northern
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Orbx Announces Three Airports for X-Plane 11

63 Ebb647a33342e64736ed029f5d5780d9
Orbx's John Venema announced three new airports for X-Plane 11 on the Orbx Forums. The three airports for TrueEarth Washington and Oregon are KORS Orcas Island for Washington and both 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark and WA79 Walter Sutton's Airstrip for Oregon. 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark is located near Portland, Oregon and is perfectly located
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Orbx Updates TrueEarth US Oregon HD to Version 1.1.0

4 60fcd9d8b70eec4c81e4b02867d9b3bb
Orbx has updated their TrueEarth US Oregon HD for X-Plane 11 to version 1.1.0. The update is available through Orbx Central. Orbx also stated that an update for Oregon SD is in the works. Changelog Updated orthoimagery for Portland, Medford and six tiles along the west coast with the newer, sharper and colour corrected imagery. Added mesh fixes for upcoming
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