Aerosoft Updates Tromso XP to Version 1.1

Tromsoe Xp (10)

Aerosoft has issued a small update to their edition of Tromso XP for X-Plane. The new version sees a range of brand new additions including adding wet surface effects, the addition of JSGME winter mod and also neutral orthophotography. The libraries can be changed manually for either summer or winter textures.

The update goes further in also changing AutoGate to SAM for jetway management, multiple fixes for ground poly not showing in certain conditions as well as updating vegetation and water bodies near the airport itself.

The update can be picked up from the Aerosoft store (and subsequently other stores if you purchased elsewhere). You will have to download the full package again.

If you’re looking to pick up a copy of Tromso XP for X-Plane 11, you can do so on Aerosoft’s website for €15.08.

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Aerosoft Tromsø XP Released

Tromsø XP – Trailer
Aerosoft continues to release X-Plane products, this time, it is Tromsø XP. Developed by Jo Erlend Sund and Stairport Sceneries, the Norwegian airport comes with a huge range of coverage all with high resolution textures and other X-Plane exclusive features. Furthermore, the team have included a range of custom-designed building, realistic night lighting and a variety of static aircraft. AutoGate,
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