TorqueSim Releases BN-2 Islander on X-Plane 11

Torque Sim Bn 1 Islander (6)

After announcing that their BN-2 Islander would release this week, TorqueSim has done good on their word and released the aircraft for X-Plane 11. The twin-engine jet is flown throughout the world today, despite being originally designed during the 1960s. The versatile design of the aircraft means it can take off and land at just about any location in the world. The model simulated is the BN-2B-26, equipped with 2 Lycoming O-540 engines.

As you would expect from TorqueSim, the aircraft will feature a highly-detailed 3D model, including fully 3D cockpit and PBR 4K textures. Furthermore, custom systems such as an electric system, fuel manager and lighting are also included. Various avionics such as the KFC225 Autopilot and also the KR87 ADF will also be included giving pilots plenty of systems to learn and play with. The aircraft is also compatible with the latest version of X-Plane, which means it is ready for Vulcan/Metal with no issues.

You can buy it now from X-Aviation for $39.95 for both Windows and Mac (but no Linux).

It’s worth noting that Nimbus Simulations Studios also announced they are working also on a BN-2 Islander for X-Plane 11.

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TorqueSim BN-2 Islander Releasing on Friday April 24th 2020

TS IS 18APR 14 1536×956
TorqueSim only shared a development update the other day, but a recent newsletter from their mailing list has confirmed that they will release the BN-2 Islander for X-Plane on Friday, April 24th 2020. Leading up to the release of the BN-2 Islander, TorqueSim will be releasing further details of the 1960's aircraft, but we already have a feature list that should give you
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TorqueSim BN-2 Islander Development Update 2

TS IS 18APR 14 1536×956
In the wake of their habit now, TorqueSim has released their second development update of their upcoming BN-2 Islander for X-Plane. 3D Model Progress The team has progressed well on the 3D model. While the overall model was done in the early stages of development, the team is now focusing on adding further refinements to it. This comes in the
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Torquesim SR22 Development Update 5

TS SR 30Mar 8 1024×598
Weeks after weeks, Torquesim keeps updating us about their SR22 development progress. This week's update is about the aerodynamics of their upcoming general aviation plane. The aerodynamics model of the Torquesim SR22 has been created by an external developer called X-Aerodynamics. They are known for their previous works on the Aerobask DR-400 and DA-62 as well as  many other addons
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TorqueSim Updates Development Blog for the Islander BN-2

Torque Sim Bn 1 Islander (4)
TorqueSim announced that the Islander BN-2 is coming to X-Plane just a little over two weeks ago. Since then, the team has continued to develop the aircraft and now wants to share some additional details with the community. This week's blog post focuses on the interior and panel, along with a new livery. The new interior shots preview the efforts
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TorqueSim SR22 Development Update 4

1a Aerate 1024×598

TorqueSim has taken the habit to update the community on the progress of their SR22 on a regular basis. The 4th update starts with a statement concerning the COVID-19 situation and further elaborates their approach to the engine behavior model.

Covid-19 Statement

The TorqueSim team is currently monitoring the situation, and since the team works from remote places, they have been so far unaffected in terms of progress by the current pandemic. They wish everyone in the community the best health.

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TorqueSim Announces BN-2 Islander for X-Plane

TS ISL 13Mar 12 Scaled
Aircraft developer TourqueSim has announced via a blog post, that their latest project is to be the Britten Norman BN-2 Islander for X-Plane. The Britten Norman Islander is a twin-engined, high-wing, light transport aircraft built in the United Kingdom since 1965. The Islander has a large planform wing surface area which enables a much lower takeoff, landing and low-speed performance
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TorqueSim SR22 Development Update 3

SR22TN FMOD Preview
The team at TorqueSim has shared their latest development update which highlights the progress being made on the SR22 in development for X-Plane 11. The update this week wasn't significant in terms of details, but the team did say that this week the team has integrated the 3D model into the sim, making it a huge milestone for the team.
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TorqueSim SR22 Week 2 Development Update

TS SR22 8Feb 7 1024×598
Torquesim X-Plane developer has shared with us their Week 2 development progress update on their upcoming Cirrus SR22. The previews concentrates on the interior and on the electrical system. The latter is paramount on the SR22, since it drives most of the features of this aircraft, from the autopilot and instruments package to deicing the windshield and prop. Hence, a
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TorqueSim SR22 Development Update

TS SR22 28Jan 10 1024×598
After being announced last week, TorqueSim has given us a small development update on their upcoming aircraft: The Cirrus SR22. The development update started with an exciting announcement, namely, that the SR22T will come bundled with the SR22. This turbocharged version of the plane sacrifices some load capabilities as well as the air conditioning in order to gain higher cruise
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