TorqueSim Entegra SR22 and SR20 Preview Video

Aircraft developer TorqueSim, in partnership with X-Aviation and RealSimGear, has announced they will be bringing an Avidyne Entegra equipped version of the Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22 to X-Plane 11. The all-new custom avionics suite replicates the systems for the aircraft adding functionality such as AHRS alignment, GPS navigation and checklists for normal and emergency flight.

The current TorqueSim SR20 product already available for X-Plane 11 is part of X-Aviation’s Take Command series which represents products that are “the very best of flight simulation immersion” and assures customers that those who buy the plane will get an authentic experience. The aircraft features in-depth systems, an impressive sound engine and detailed modelling of the cockpit and external model.

In addition to the announcement, TorqueSim has released a new trailer for the Entegra SR22 and SR20 highlighting the new features and capabilities of the new avionics in the aircraft.

Whilst the virtual aircraft is getting the new treatment, RealSimGear will also be bringing a suite of new tools and hardware to align with the updated avionics suite. You can read more about the new PFD/MFD displays on the RealSimGear website.

More details on the ToruqeSim SR22 Entegra can be found here and we’ll be sure to let you know once the product is released.

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TorqueSim Releases Turbine Islander BN-2T for XPL

BN2T 23
Three months on from their original showcase of the aircraft back in mid-November, TorqueSim has recently released their rendition of the Britten Norman BN-2T Turbine Islander for XPL. Initially developed by historic British aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman back in 1965, the Islander is considered a light regional utility aircraft. With most versions of the plane featuring STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) capabilities and
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TORQUESIM Updates Both Cirrus SR20 and SR22 for XPL

SR22TN 2020 08 12 23.13.47 1024×570
Xplane general aviation aircraft developer TORQUESIM has recently taken to their development blog, informing community members about releasing a new update for both their Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft products. The new update, bringing the SR22 up to V1.1 and the SR20 up to V1.0.1, brings several notable fixes and improvements to both airframes. Fixes and improvements pushed out with this
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TorqueSim Announces Turbine Islander BN-2T

BN 2T 13 Scaled
Following on from their recent Britten-Norman Islander, lead developer Ulrich Oetzel over at TorqueSim, has just announced that their next release is going to be the turbine version Of the previously released BN-2B-26 Islander, with a release being very close. The Britten-Norman Islander, initially developed by famed British aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman back in 1965, is considered a light regional utility aircraft.
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TorqueSim Releases SR20

SR 02
Aircraft developer, TorqueSim, has released their latest project, the Cirrus SR20 for X-Plane.  The Cirrus SR20 is a single-engine, light aircraft is the smallest aircraft in the Cirrus fleet but can carry up to five passengers over 600 miles at a speed of 155 knots. The SR20 has been manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft since 1999 and was developed into the
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TorqueSim Introduces the Cirrus SR20

SR 03

TorqueSim has introduced to the community  their next product, the X-Aviation Take Command! SR20 for X-Plane. The aircraft is a derivative of all the work that was put in the previously released TorqueSim SR22. This new aircraft is a partnership between TorqueSim, RealSimGear and X-Aviation. The SR20 will retain the major features of the SR22, with a dedicated piston engine model simulating in this particular case the Continental IO360-ES. This engine features a dedicated custom physics model which reproduces the airflow and heat exchanges that happen in the engine much more accurately than the regular X-Plane model. The aircraft fuel and electrical systems are also faithfully reproduced with extreme attention to details such as vapor lock and simulation of all circuits and breakers. From a pilot perspective, the Take Command! SR20 also comes with a G1000 Perspective avionics suite based on the Laminar G1000 but which also includes Synthetic Vision. Finally, the flight dynamics are on par with the rest of the aircraft and use custom airfoils and a highly accurate shape to provide with the most faithful behavior.

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TorqueSim Releases SR22 for X-Plane 11

SR22TN FMOD Preview
After months of teasing and previews, TorqueSim, in partnership with RealSimGear and X-Aviation, has released the SR22 for X-Plane 11. The product package includes two variations of the SR22; the standard SR22 and the SR22TN. Both have highly detailed 3D modelling work, impressive and sophisticated system depth, along with a range of features such as FMOD sounds, a persistence model
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TorqueSim Updates BN-2 Islander to v1.1.1

RUN Richard HZHiSMKrjG
A small update for the TorqueSim BN-2 Island was released, bringing it to version 1.1.1. The new update adds a couple of improvements but focuses primarily on bug fixing. The two improvements include a door open/close to the menu bar and also a change to the textures for some of the gauges to 2K to bring it in line with
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TorqueSim SR22 Series Releasing Next Week

TS SR22 2020 05 18 01 Scaled
In an email sent out to those on their mailing list, TorqueSim has confirmed that their Cirrus SR22 Series will release next week. The anticipated aircraft has been developed to bring the highest possible quality rendition of the aircraft to life in X-Plane. With thousands of hours of work poured into creating the aircraft, the team are hoping this fills
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Torquesim BN-2 Islander Update 1.1.0 Released

TS ISL 13Mar 10 Scaled
Attention X-Plane island hoppers, Torquesim has provided us more incentive to fire up their BN-2 for a trip around the Tropics by releasing update 1.1.0. Three weeks ago we were promised a major update for the Islander, this update would bring massive improvements to the aircraft while fixing "all bugs reported to us so far". Let's take a look at
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