ToLiss Updates Airbus A321 Series for XPL to V1.2.1

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Highly renowned XPL aircraft developer ToLiss has quietly updated their Airbus A321 Series product for Xplane, bringing the highly regarded addon now up to Version 1.2.1.

While mainly concerned with the addressing and fixing of bugs, the update is also set to provide users with a couple of new features introduced to the developers’ A321 product line. Among said new features are the addition of both an AP TCAS and AP soft go-around mode for the recently released A321 Neo expansion pack, the addition of A321 Neo specific cockpit changes, and the addition of minimum and 100 above callouts for BARO/MDA minima. 

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ToLiss Releases A321Neo Expansion; Updates Existing Airbus A321

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Renowned X-Plane developer ToLiss, known within the X-Plane Community for their Airbus series product line, has just released their highly anticipated Airbus A321Neo "New Engine Option" expansion pack. Taking off from the manufacturer's Hamburg Finkenwerder Plant on its first test flight, the Airbus A321Neo series aircraft made its world debut on February 9th, 2016. The Neo version of the Airbus
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ToLiss Announce A321NEO Release Details

ToLiss, the team behind the A319 and A321 for X-Plane, has released further information ahead of the release of the A321 New Engine Options and update to version 1.2.  Through two separate posts to the ToLiss Facebook page and the X-Plane forum to disclose information about changes the update will bring as well as information on different setups for the
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ToLiss Previews A321NEO/LR/XLR

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X-Plane aircraft developer, ToLiss, has previewed their upcoming New Engine Option additions to their current Airbus A321 aircraft. ToLiss released their A321 variant of the type back in February 2020 with the Conventional Engine Options, the CFM56 and the IAE V2500. Since the release, ToLiss has promised the community the additional New Engine Options in a later update. Today, previews
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BlueSkyStar Releases A321 BSS CFM Soundpack on XPL

BSS Toliss A319 CFM V2 Promo
If you're looking to enhance your sound environment with the ToLiss A321, then BlueSkyStar has you covered with the release of the A321 BSS CFM Soundpack. The X-Plane 11 add-on for the ToLiss A321 includes quality recordings for the CFM56-5B engine. The developer has created a package that takes linear data and sounds from the aircraft type and engine and
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ToLiss A321 Major Update to V1.1

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ToLiss has just pushed a major update to their popular A321 add-on for X-Plane. The improvements and bug fixes are numerous, here are the most notable ones. The sound system has been fully transformed into FMOD sounds and has seen some sounds renewed. The PFD and ND received some further details such as profile intercept indicators and both of them have been redrawn from the ground. On the FMGC, the RAD NAC page has also been redone, allowing proper tuning of radionavigation, which can still be useful at some airports even when flying an Airbus. The SmartCopilot has also been improved as it now supports input priority logic. Finally, Trustmaster TCA Sidestick and Quadrant owners will be happy to know that these are now recognized and mapped automatically.

There is a ton of other minor updates and bug fixes, of which you will find the complete list below. You can purchase the ToLiss A321 for X-Plane on the X-Plane Store for $79.00USD. We reviewed the ToLiss A321 in May 2020, so users who are still hesitating will get a good idea of the improvements over our review version.

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ToLiss Updates A319 to V1.5.1

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Following on from the last large improvement in August of this year, aircraft developer ToLiss has updated their Airbus A319 to version 1.5.1 for X-Plane. The ToLiss A319 was released in February 2018 and has seen many developments since release. This particular update builds on previous improvements and is the first update since the developer increased the price by $10
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ToLiss Updates A319; Price Increase Expected Soon

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Developer ToLiss said last week that an update for their A319 would be made available and that update is now ready to download for customers. The new update, version 1.5, includes numerous new features and bug fixes, with the primary update being the inclusion of the TSS IAE soundpack as default. The new included soundpack is what was originally made
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ToLiss Increasing Price of Airbus A319

Aircraft developer ToLiss has announced that they will be increasing the price of the Airbus A319 in the coming days to reflect improvements made to the aircraft since the initial release. The X-Plane 11 aircraft will increase the price from $69.99 USD to $79.99 USD. The new price increase is due to improvements made to the aircraft and a new
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ToLiss Comments on Microsoft Flight Simulator Development

In a Facebook post, Guiliana Gennaro (ToLiss) shares their thoughts concerning the question that occupies more and more of their users nowadays: Will ToLiss develop for MSFS? ToLiss is well known for its quality Airbus aircraft for X-Plane, all officially licensed by Airbus. Since there's a new kid in flight sim Town, for the ToLiss users it begs the question of
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