ToLiss Announces A321 for X-Plane 11


In a surprise Facebook post, developer ToLiss has announced that they are bringing the A321 to X-Plane 11.

Announcing that the plane has just entered the pre-release beta phase, the developer said the plane is coming in early 2020. Following the announcement, we spoke to a member of the development team who provided FSElite with additional information. They confirmed that the aircraft will come with both IAE and CFM engines, along with sharklets, fences and SATCOM varients. It was also confirmed that the NEO, LR and XLR variations are on the roadmap but no timeframe at this stage.

We were also given some additional screenshots of the aircraft from the simulator.

While details in the post are scarce, the fact that the plane is already in a pre-release beta phase indicates development on this project has been ongoing for a while. Following the success of their A319, the 321 promises to be another great addition to the X-Plane hangar.

We will continue to bring you details as they emerge over the coming weeks.

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Blue Sky Star Releases A319 ToLiss CFM Sound Pack

Simon Fselite Toliss A319 EasyJEt
Announced in a Facebook post, Blue Sky Star Simulations has released it's much-anticipated addition to the ToLiss 319, the Baby Bus Symphony A319 ToLiss CFM sound pack. Blue Sky Star is known for providing remarkable sound packages for FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane add-ons. This sound pack is their 10th leap into the X-Plane world of add-ons. The Baby Bus Symphony pack
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ToLiss A319 Updated to Version 1.3.3

A319 StdDef 14 1600×900
Aircraft developer ToLiss has issued an update for their A319. The new update, version 1.3.3, brings new features along with a range of bug fixes. Some of the new features include a reworking of the ECAM flap indication and F/CTL + HYD pages to bring them up to the latest standards. Along with that, there has been an imporvement in
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ToLiss Releases New Update for A319

Aircraft developer ToLiss has released a brand new update for the A319 on X-Plane 11. The officially licensed aircraft will first see a name change from ToLiss 319 to Airbus A319 by ToLiss. Some of the larger changes between version 1.3.1 and version 1.3.2 will include a large reduction in CPU and GPU workload, which will help users with performance.
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ToLiss 319 Updated to v1.2.2

Just in time for the Holidays, announced on their forum, ToLiss has updated their popular Airbus A319 add-on aircraft to version 1.2.2. This update introduces important bug fixes and a plethora of new and improved features which owners of the ToLiss have been longing for. Some new but minor features include support for 8.33kHz frequency, satcom toggling through the ISCS,
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ToLiss 319 Updated to V1.2


Just in time for the Black Friday sale, announced on their forum, ToLiss has updated their popular Airbus A319 add-on aircraft to version 1.2.

This update introduces many new and improved features which owners of the ToLiss have been longing for including as an ice-detection system, XP11 style windows for pop-up displays and a custom ground effect model to make landing flare more realistic. There are also many bug fixes in this update. You can view the full set of changelogs at the end of this article.

If you don’t already own the ToLiss A319, you can grab a hold of it now on the X-Plane.org store for a discounted price of $49.00 (Incl. VAT). You’ll have to be quick though as this is a Black Friday offer and it won’t last long.

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ToLiss 319 Updated To Version 1.1.1

ToLiss Simulation Solutions has recently updated their 319 aircraft to version 1.1.1 bringing a variety of minor new features and bugfixes to the product: New Features: ESC key can now be used to close ISCS Improved Cost Index - Mach calculation relationship Implemented an external volume slider Default X-Plane EFIS commands now work for Captain's ND 'Resume from last time' -
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ToLiSS A319 Updated to Version 1.1

The ToLiSS A319 in X-Plane 11 continues to improve thanks to the latest update from the developers. Version 1.1 includes a host of new features, bug fixes and stability improvements to make the product better for the community. New features include major rework of the cockpit textures, ECAM rework, custom sound set from TSS for the CFM engines, and a
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ToLiss A319 Updated to v1.0.2

A319 120
The hard work hasn't stopped for the ToLiss team since the release of their well-received A319 Airbus for X-Plane. The release was followed up with a 1.0.1 update a short time later, addressing a handful of bugs that weren't picked up on by the small testing group. Now, the A319 is being updated once more to v1.0.2. Version 1.0.2 is
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ToLiSs A319 v1.0.1 Update Released

A319 Saa Watermarked
In a follow-up to their recently released A319, ToLiss has updated the product to v1.0.1. This update addresses issues with joystick axes as well as other features affecting the usability of the product. Changes include modified runway acceptance criteria, added filters on flap/slat lever to prevent spikes from joystick axes, correct joystick axes decoding bug, fixed missing SIDs transition bug and
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