Editorial: PMDG’s Three Year 777 Update


The Boeing 777-200ER is arguably one of the most requested add-ons from PMDG ever since they released their 200LR/F Base Package. Though the 200LR is certainly a very beautiful long-hauler, many fans have always been wondering why PMDG opted to model this variant of the Boeing 777 over the 200ER version of the plane, which is much more widespread in use with different airlines all over the world.

For years, it seemed we would not be getting a decent 200ER in our simulations. That was until Captain Sim came to answer the call and created their Boeing 777 Captain II package. That’s when most people collectively decided they didn’t want a 200ER after all, or at least, a 200ER of a certain quality that Captain Sim perhaps did not provide.

And so fans of the 200ER would have to wait almost two more years after that before PMDG released their 200ER. The release of the 200ER was certainly received rather controversially by many. Amidst a general 777 family update, a 200ER expansion pack with three new engine types and an EFB, many simmers were upset with the pricing, PMDG’s release strategy or more. I will admit that I myself certainly felt some confusion over both, so I decided to go on our website and find old news articles and corresponding PMDG announcements to create a timeline and see how we got to the point we are at today.

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