Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition: First Look

THRUstmaster Tca Sidestick First Look

Finding the right hardware to start your journey into flight simulation is always tough. For months, I tried desperately to use a keyboard and mouse. The virtual flight instructors were always mad at me for terrible landings (tips on pg. 63), but I always blamed the hardware setup I had. However, when I got my first joystick, my flight sim life changed. Finally having full control over each movement meant I could land with much more precision. I could no longer blame my hardware for the rough landings, but at least having a joystick made things easier than ever before.

As we enter into this new realm of flight simulation, it’s worth stopping to remember that finding your first piece of hardware is a crucial first step into your flight simulation journey.

For years, Thrustmaster has been involved in the production of quality hardware in the flight simulation world. The TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition is the latest in a long line of products from the hardware manufacturers, but the first entry that is designed with commercial airliners in mind. Working closely alongside Airbus, the new TCA Sidestick is designed to offer enthusiasts and future pilots alike the chance to hold something close to the real thing.


Design and Feel

The design is taken straight out of an Airbus cockpit. Blue hues make up the base, whilst the buttons and switches strike a good resemblance to sidesticks I’ve seen in rea Airbus cockpits. Despite being made from plastic, it feels sturdy and durable.

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Thrustmaster Announces TCA Flight Sim Product Range Airbus Edition

Thrustmaster has today announced they are bringing a range of civilian flight simulation products to market this summer, all of which are officially licensed by Airbus. With 30 years of experience in the market, this is the first time Thrustmaster has stepped into the ring to provide flight simmers with specific civilian hardware. These all integrate perfectly with all current
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[Re-post] FSExpo 2019: Thrustmaster Announces The F/A-18C Add-On Grip

Thrustmaster F A 18C
We have re-posted this article as it appeared to not get published correctly at the time of the announcement. Apologies in advance if you have already seen this. Today at FSExpo 2019, Thrustmaster announced the latest addition to their flight simulation line of products: the F/A-18C Add-On Grip for the Thrustmaster Warthog and Cougar HOTAS systems! The Thrustmaster F/A-18C Hornet
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Developer Month 2019: Thrustmaster

Welcome to Developer Month 2019. Between April 8th and May 8th 2019, we will feature a variety of developers, publishers, community personalities and more who will tell us their story. From written interviews and blog posts to video interviews and more, we have curated a range of interesting content to maybe even inspire you to be one of these developers
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Win an All Expenses Paid Trip to FlightSimExpo 2019


This is your opportunity to win big. FlightSimExpo, in partnership with Thrustmaster, have today announced an all expenses paid trip to FlightSimExpo 2019. Thrustmaster has demonstrated that they are serious about the flight sim community and are doing their bit to get involved. To show that commitment, they are giving people a chance for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you have had any consideration about heading to FlightSimExpo, then this contest is most certainly for you. Flights, hotel accommodation and show access will be provided to you completely free of charge to attend the event, providing you win. Furthermore, you can also win a Thrustmaster product of your choice.

To enter the contest, you have plenty of opportunities to enter the raffle. You can simply enter the raffle with your name and email address. If you want more chances to win, then you can like, subscribe and follow both FlightSimExpo and Thrustmaster. You can find the contest details on the FlightSimExpo contest page.

All the terms and conditions regarding the contest can be found on the contest page. The contest closes on April 30th.

Just a reminder, FlightSimExpo is North America’s community-driven flight simulation conference and event. It will take place at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld during June 7 – 9th 2019. So far, 60 exhibitors have been confirmed including Orbx, Virtual-Fly, Aerosoft and more.

If you’re keen to register, you can do so by buying a weekend ticket. The current cost is $70 until May 15th. After that the price will increase. The two-day event will include discounted rates at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh through a free, 6-month EAA membership.

FlightSimExpo is proud to announce the following new sponsors and exhibitors: iCloth, ELITE Simulation Solutions, SIMiONIC, MidContinent Airlines, TakeFlight Interactive & EAA, and They join Diamond Sponsors Aerosoft GmbH, Navigraph, Orbx, PILOT’S GesmbH, Mettar Simulations, PMDG, Lockheed Martin, SimMarket, Laminar Research, and many more of the top names in at-home simulation at the event.

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Thrustmaster TPR Pedal Set: The FSElite Review

Thrustmaster Tpr Review
Over the past few years, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve seen a huge technological push within our flight simulators. Whether that is the arrival of 64-bit, PBR, or other advanced techniques we didn’t have just a few years ago. Whilst our simulators are becoming more fluid, look more realistic, and actually run better than the average powerpoint,
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Thrustmaster Announces New Flight Sim Headset

Thrustmaster Flight Sim Headset2fselite
Thrustmaster has revealed their latest product line in flight simulation products: their T.Flight U.S. Air Force Edition Gaming Headset. Announced at the EAA AirVenture 2018 in Oshkosh, the new headset will be released on October 31st for $99.99. The headset itself includes a range of features to meet the demands of flight simmers today. The sound quality promises to be extremely
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