Thranda Kodiak Quest

SimCoders Releases Reality Expansion Pack for the Thranda Kodiak Quest


X-Plane developer SimCoders has released their Reality Expansion pack for the Thranda Kodiak Quest. SimCoders are renowned for their various improvement packages (see in example their previously released add-ons for the Carenado PC-12 or for the Carenado B58). The goal is to provide realism improvement packages to add-ons that were not originally developed in that intent. The Kodiak Quest Reality Expansion Pack covers wide arrays of the simulations, from engine behavior to physiological effects of hypoxia to external preflight checks.

The Thranda Kodiak Quest Reality Expansion Pack is available from the Store for $19.99. The original Thranda Kodiak Quest, released in November 2019, is required and is also available on the Store for $39.99.

Feature List

  • Improved PT-6 turbine behavior
  • Overhauled electrical and avionics
  • Improved ground and flight dynamics, including an improved landing gear
  • Damage System, with maintenance hangar
  • Economic system compatible with FSEconomy
  • Interactive walkaround that enables the pilot to perform preflight visual checks.
  • Interactive tow
  • New popup kneeboard
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