The Skypark

The Skypark: The FSElite First Look

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Early Access 26DEC20
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FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

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This video is all about The Skypark from //42 (Parallel 42). It should be worth noting this is an “Early Access” product. A full review will follow after early access.

Developer walkthrough:

Produced By: Ronnie Wainscott

PC Specs

  • Case: Lian-Li 0-11 Dynamic XL
  • Mobo: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
  • CPU: Intel i9 9900K (Stock Clocked)
  • GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080Ti
  • RAM: 64gb G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4 @ 3600
  • 850W Platinum-certified power supply, 280mm Liquid-cooled
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Parallel 42 Releases The Skypark for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Main Image
Parallel 42 has released The Skypark for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Skypark is Parallel 42's answer to finding new places to discover and inspiring virtual pilots on where to fly next. The world will open up with various opportunities to transport goods and cargo around the world, with you as the pilot in control of which contracts to take next.
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Parallel 42 Teases The Skypark in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Announced back at FlightSimExpo 2019, Parallel 42's The Skypark has had a long development road. Since the initial announcement, for a product coming to Prepar3D, the team has had since to go back to the drawing board to rebuild the platform to work with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. For the first time since last year, Edson has previewed the
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The Skypark Area 51 Raid Previews


Edson Soriano, Managing Director of Parallel 42 Labs has released a couple images of the recent Area 51 – They Cant Stop Us in the simulator. He mentioned that “should you decide to land there, perhaps other mysterious actions would occur too.” The screenshots seen here is what you would see in-sim if you flew over the rear gate at Area 51 this Friday while connected to The Skypark Online. For those who are not aware, The Skypark is a self-proclaimed adventurous plugin that is set to release anytime, and will provide you a “living playground within your flight simulator.”

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First Walk-through of Parallel 42’s The Skypark

The Skypark New Pilot Walkthrough
Announced during FlightSimExpo 2019, the brand new tool from Parallel 42, The Skypark, will be released later this summer. As part of the initial announcement from the team, they shared a nearly 10-minute video of the product in action with some of the basics covered. That trailer has been released onto YouTube. The video takes you through a very brief
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