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The Airport Guys

The Airport Guys Previews Tazewell County Airport

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The Airport Guys have previewed on Facebook a single image of their upcoming Tazewell County Airport (KJFZ). The airport, sitting on a ridge in the Appalachian mountains in Virginia, holds a 4300ft paved runway that can welcomes a variety of general aviation traffic. The scenery by The Airport Guys is scheduled for release on FSX and P3D.

The Airport Guys are a developer that concentrates on small airfields and airports in Southwestern Virginia in a serie called the “Blue Ridge Series”, available for USD5 each.

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The Airport Guys Preview Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) Screenshots

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Developer "The Airport Guys", have previewed further screenshots of their upcoming Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) for FSX. They claim that the scenery will drop on Friday, May 3rd. Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) is an airport located 3 nautical miles southwest of Grundy, in Buchanan County, Virginia. The airport is at an elevation of 2,304 ft (702m), and features an approach
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The Airport Guys Preview Grundy Airport (KGDY)

The Airport Guys have sent us some work-in-progress previews of their up and coming Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) which will be 3 of 9 in their series of airports located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Grundy Airport is a rather unique airport with a 2,256-foot runway and a straight drop on both ends meaning you'll want to land just right
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The Airport Guys 0VG Lee County Released

Lee County (0VG) from The Airport Guys has been released. Lee County airport (0VG)  is located just outside Jonesville, Virginia which is nestled in the South Western corner of the state of Virginia. Statistics from 2012 show nearly 6000 aircraft passing through the small airport. Being sized the way it is, it is a general aviation airport which means the
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