TFDi PACX and MD-11 Development Update

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TFDi has shared on their forums a development update regarding PACX and their longed-for MD-11.


PACX development has been progressing well, and a new version is available for testers at the moment, and should be releasing soon. The first major improvement of this version is the implementation of a cabin layout within the PACX add-on. From now on, PACX users will be able to see passengers move through an overview of the cabin, and will be able to select passengers separately by clicking on the seat or on the passenger list. Cabin layours are customizable by the user, so virtually any cabin can be reproduced. Overall, the immersion of the cabin simulation will be brought yet another step foward with this update. The developer also included in their dev update links to several forum posts which explain how to add cabin layout data and how the PACX Career progress system works.

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TFDi Announces SmartCars 3

Sc2 Login
Developer TFDi Design has announced their plans to release smartCARS 3. With a complete code rewrite, the new version of smartCARS 3 will allow flexibility to developers, offering a platform to build on. The platform will offer better support of mobile services, as well as enhanced flight tracking - allowing pilots to see a variety of flight data at any
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TFDi Design 717 v1.0.9.99 Released

2018 7 15 16 27 22 516
TFDi Design has pushed out version via the community opt-in beta. This is the "test" bed for the upcoming release of version 1.1, which is due in just a couple of days. Bringing an overhauled external model and a minor bug fix in preparation for 717 day on Tuesday and the release of version 1.1. The main change of
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[UPDATE] TFDi Design Announces PACX

TFDi Design PACX Cabin Announcement Demo
TFDi Design has announced PACX, a dynamic passenger simulation tool compatible with any aircraft of your choosing. This tool will finally bring your passengers to life. Each decision you make will individually impact your passengers' mood based on their personality. PACX also allows you to make various announcements to your passengers specific to your current flight. Whether it's a safety briefing
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TFDi Releases 717 Performance Update

Img 590ca37e348a9 1140×600
After consultation with 717 users over the last several weeks, developer TFDi has released update for their 717 product which promises some much needed performance updates. Update brings what TFDi calls ‘remarkable improvements’ to product performance, including a new display rendering system that is both significantly clearer, faster, and less resource intensive. The developer says that they have
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Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 Released

Douglas Dc8 (9)

Aerosoft has released their latest aircraft for Prepar3D; the Douglas DC-8. This is an aircraft that is credited with bringing long-distance air travel to the average Joe Public, and so it holds firmly a place in the history books.

The DC-8 takes our modern flight simming back to the days of pure piloting skill, and as such you won’t find an FMC or Navigation Display in this cockpit, nor is there the existence of an auto-throttle. This aircraft gives the flight crew plenty to occupy themselves with.

Aerosoft’s DC-8 simulates the DC-8-50 model, with an accurate 3D modelling of the cockpit, exterior, and all control surfaces. Said cockpit includes highly detailed instrumentation and equipment in the Captain, First Officer, as well as Flight Engineer positions.

Rain effects on the windshield are provided by TFDi’s TrueGlass technology, and the sounds throughout the aircraft are provided by Turbine Sound Studios who have a proven track record of providing an immersive experience through audio.

For a full feature list, click through to the Aerosoft store where this aircraft is available for $42.99.

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TFDi 717 Community Update Released

Today the TFDi team has released a Community Update for their 717. It's available by opening your Addon Manager. You'll get a notification once you do that and then just follow the on screen procedure. If you don't get an update notification then you have to join the Community Beta on their site. The amount of things updated for this aircraft
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TFDi Designs Preview 717 Update – FPLN and PROG pages

Over on the TFDi Design forums, Colin has previewed some of the highly awaited updates for their continuously improving 717 aircraft. This time, he showed off some new images of the 717 FMS and in particular, the FPLN and PROG pages. The images below show before throttle advancement. And these show after throttle advancement! The update itself is getting "much
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Updated – TFDi Developer Working on Embraer as Side Project

Img 58f3ccd49495f
Update @ 21:00z - An update from TFDi: Before this becomes more than it is - Joshua C has been working on collecting research on his own. We have NOT made this an official TFDi Design project - although the Embraer is/was one of the many things on the table, it's just a discussion/research point. Our primary focus at the
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