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TFDi Release TrueGlass

TrueGlass Official Reveal Trailer
Less than a month ago the developers from TFDi Design revealed TrueGlass. TrueGlass is their technology for making your windscreen look more realistic by being making weather affect it. Such weather can be rain, fog and ice. As of today, TrueGlass is available for TFDi's own Boeing 717. It works in both Prepar3d v4.0 and v4.1. TrueGlass is free for
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FlythemaddogX MD80 Will Feature TFDi Design’s True Glass

TrueGlass Official Reveal Trailer
During the Cosford show the other weekend, TFDi Designs announced they would be bringing the much-anticipated 'rain-drops' to Prepar3D V4 thanks to their in-house software: True Glass. True Glass enables developers to add the effect to any aircraft and will be completely modular meaning it will be easy to update across multiple aircraft. When TFDi Designs announced True Glass, they
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TFDi Design Announces TrueGlass

TrueGlass Official Reveal Trailer
TFDi Design, the developers that have brought us SmartCARS and the 717 have just announced their latest product. It is going by the name of TrueGlass and will provide rain droplet effects for P3D v4 only. TFDi have created custom rain drops which look to have turned out very nicely. The droplets will interact with the windscreen wipers, being removed
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TFDi Designs Announces RealLight for P3Dv4

717 Introducing Reallight Header 1024×377
The team behind the ever improving 717 has today announced a new technology: RealLight. RealLight is a new lighting technique to improve the night lighting of the virtual cockpit. The team first looked back at some of the feedback given regarding their 717 night lighting, and explained that it was designed and based on old blending methods. With this in
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How FSElite Will Be Representing You at FlightSimCon 2017


We are incredibly excited to be attending FlightSimCon 2017. We are even more excited to be able to bring you guys as close to the action as possible without even being there.

FSCon 2017 is shaping up to be the biggest year for the event, with a whole range of flight simulator developers, publishers, personalities and news outlets to bring you loads of great content.

FSElite will be front and center with our whole team ready to deliver the news to you as it happens.

So how we will bring you the latest?

We’ll be there talking to the developers, watching the presentations and delivering all the information back to our guys at base writing as fast as they can. During the major talks, we’ll be updating LIVE all the information you need to know. Anything else outside of these will be separate posts so make sure you check out FSElite often during the event. Each news post will be pushed automatically to our Twitter account so make sure you follow us there to be up to date.

We’ll be doing some live streaming through Facebook as well whenever possible, so like us there too.

We’ll be covering the following events in detail:

Saturday 10th June

  • Product Announcement Forum (09:40 EDT / 13:40 Zulu)
  • X-Plane (10:30 EDT / 14:30 Zulu)
  • Virtual Reality (12:45 EDT / 16:45 Zulu)
  • Flight Simulator Developers (14:00 ETD / 18:00 Zulu)

Sunday 11th June

  • Plan Like the Pros Using PFPX (11:00 ETD / 15:00 Zulu)
  • When an Airline Captain Met the PMDG 777 (12:00 ETD / 16:00 Zulu)
  • Closing Remarks (16:00 ETD / 20:00 Zulu)

Of course we’ll be covering throughout the event as and when something happens. We’ll be sure to publish Youtube videos of the event, developer interviews and much more throughout. Throughout the event, we’ll be interviewing TFDi Designs, Dovetail Games, Just Flight, iBlueYonder and more!

If you are attending the event, look out for myself and Jordan who will be wearing FSElite T-shirts. Find us, and we’ll give you a DISCOUNT COUPON for Real Flight Shop. We also have some other prizes, giveaways and more for those who attend.

We’ll try and do some kind of de-brief blog post as well at the end of each day time permitting.

It’s going to be a busy weekend full of great information, loads of new product announcement and in-depth looks into upcoming software we’re eager to get our hands on.

Don’t forget, you have until TODAY to register your interest to attend the event. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, FSElite will have your back throughout the event.

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TFDi Designs Update 717 to Version

TFDi Designs have worked tirelessly over the past 6 months to update and bring their rendition of the 717 up to the community's standards. Since the release of the Boeing aircraft back in December 2016, TFDi have released numerous bug-fixing updates, entrusted the community to test new features and provided regular updates on their progress. It has been a challenging
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TFDi Designs Update 717 to Version

TFDi 717 1140×600
Developer Month: Interview with TFDi Designs TFDi Design 717: The FSElite Review Yesterday, TFDi Designs updated their community beta for users to try out the impressive update. We revealed details of the update in a previous post, but just to jog your memory, here's some of the key details: Additional functionality to FMS SPD button Additional functionality to INIT
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TFDi Design 717: The FSElite Review

DEVELOPER TFDi Design PRICE $59.99 USD PUBLISHER TFDi Design BUY FROM TFDi Design Store Intro The TFDi Design 717 has been one of the most highly anticipated addons for FSX and P3D for a couple of years now. It has seemed as if there may be a new kid on the block ready to bring us high fidelity aircraft simulations.
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TFDi Update 717 to Version 1.0.5

Quick one for you if you already didn't know. TFDi Design's have updated their 717 with updates including fixing incorrect VAPP/VREF speeds, takeoff trim and some issues with the magenta line drawing.  This comes after what Josh said from the TFDi Design Team. Full update below, but you can grab it from the manager now. FSElite will have a full
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