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TFDi Design 717 Now Available Through OrbxDirect


Orbx has added another partner to their OrbxDirect service. Following on from the likes of Milviz, Pilot Plus and Parallel 42, TFDi Design now joins them with their 717 now available to purchase through the channel.

As described in the forum post, the TFDi Design 717 is a modern version of the classic aircraft. The aircraft includes numerous high-quality features such as high-resolution panels, in-depth systems along with functionality such as shared cockpit and more.

Being able to install and download the product through Orbx Central makes it easier than ever to get up-to-date updates quickly and without the need to download numerous installers. At this time, the TFDi Design 717 is only compatible with FSX – P3Dv4, with the P3Dv5 version in testing.

You can find out more about the TFDi Design 717 here or pick it up from Orbx for $86.99 AUD (US$60.28 | €53,04 | £47.52).

It’s also worth noting that current license holders are not able to transfer their license across, but Orbx will update us if there are any changes to that.



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Just Flight Previews 747 Classic, Reaching “Final Stages”

Just Flight 747 Classic P3d (5)
Another week and another week of previews from Just Flight. This time, the team turned attention back to the 747 Classic that has been in development for a long period of time. These previews head back into the cockpit and demonstrate the TFDi Design RealLight and TrueGlass technology in action. For those unfamiliar, TFDi Design's RealLight and TrueGlass are modern technologies
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New TFDi Design MD-11 Renders

Tfdi Design Md 11 P3d (2)
After TFDi Design's announcement the other week, people are very excited for the MD-11. Whilst the aircraft is still very far off from release, a brief presentation shared by TFDi Design revealed some brand new renders for the upcoming aircraft. The new renders are from an external standpoint. As from their past announcement, the team at TFDi Design said after
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TFDi Updates PACX – Featuring a new HUD interface

100056789 3250123881684875 6982502184793407488 O
TFDi Design has updated their passenger care add-on for Prepar3D. This version introduces a new interface called HUD in which PACX is now managed through a bar at the bottom of the screen, directly in-sim. The update also comes with a fair load of corrections (full changelog below). Still in development, PACX simulates the passenger behavior in flight, each of
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TFDi Design Announces the MD-11

Ext 1 Wm

Earlier today, TFDi Design previewed a single render that showed the under carriage of a new product and had a caption of, “Announcement coming soonTM”. TFDi has now officially announced that the preview is in fact the McDonnell Douglas MD-11.


In their blog post, TFDi mentions that the team has grown for this project who are also more experienced. They say that this will allow them to work faster and be able to develop a better product. They plan to build off what they have learned making the 717 “to create an even deeper, richer, and more realistic simulation on the MD-11.” 

At the moment, TFDi are planning on releasing this aircraft for Prepar3D v4 and v5. They have said that in the future, there is a possibility a modified version of the MD-11 will be released for older sim platforms like FSX, FSX:SE, and Prepar3D v1-3. No official commitment was made on Microsoft Flight Simulator, but TFDi will be monitoring the development of the sim and have said they will do their best to support it.

No timeline was announced with this announcement for the MD-11, but the team did say this was announced a little earlier than originally anticipated. They have said they are a bit out, but not too terribly far out. Once more is announced, we will be sure to update everyone.

If you are interested in getting involved, TFDi is doing something similar to what they did with the 717. If you have documents, videos, photos, sound clips, data, or even personal experience, you can submit those here. The team has said that the more reference material they have, the better. This will help create the MD-11 into the best possible product it can be. These are some of the items the team is interested in.

  • Aircraft reference documents (FCOM, FCTM, etc.)
  • Any aircraft photos (even of the most obscure items)
  • Sound clips (such as aural warnings, unique flight deck sounds, etc.)
  • Videos
  • Engine data (such as EPR charts/tables, fuel flow data, etc.)

House Keeping

Along with the MD-11 announcement, TFDi has also given an update on their other products.

The 717 for Prepar3D v5 is still in progress, and the team has the aircraft and its associated dependencies working in v5. The team has said the formal testing will be starting soon.

TrueGlass and RealLight for Prepar3D v5 is also still in progress for their commercial customers. They have said that it is operating in v5, but are currently waiting on Lockheed Martin to help eliminate some snags before the formal testing begins. If you are interested in testing the current iteration of the v5 version of TrueGlass and RealLight, the team asks that you reach out to your point of contact.

The team is currently using the feedback from their community survey on PACX to further develop and refine the product. They have said that they have some cool items in progress that should be ready for testing soon. TFDi intends to wrap up a 1.0 version of PACX in the next 3 to 6 weeks to complete the Early Access phase of the product.

TFDi is currently looking at smartCARS 3.X and a few potential directions to take the development to make the best possibly product for their customers and their pilots. They have said more announcements and development updates will be announced as they become available.

The team closed by saying they are looking to be more active on their social medias and Discord for development updates. Be sure to check out TFDi’s feeds for more info, and we will be sure to update everyone once more is available.

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What Is TFDi Design Teasing?

Tfdi Design Surprise Plane
On Twitter, TFDi Design has sent the flight simming community into a tizzy trying to figure out exactly which aircraft they are teasing. The teaser render shared highlights the under-belly of an unidentified aircraft, along with the gear and also extended flaps. TFDi Design is being secretive about their work and says that the announcement will be made soon. The
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TFDi Design Updates their Boeing 717

TFDi has finally released the long awaited update of their Boeing 717 for FSX and P3D. This updates contains fixes for the crash to desktop that occurred when switching between internal and external views, and another fix for people who have more than one active graphic cards in their use computer, where some graphics would flicker. The TFDi 717 will
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TFDi Design PACX Update

TFDi has updated their PACX add-on to version The update comes with some highly anticipated additions, such as a career mode. Career mode will allow you to run an airline as you wish. There are several 'reputations' (economy, balanced, business) to choose from. Each reputation will come with dynamic events that presumably can have a positive or negative impact on
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TFDi Design PACX Now Available

Pacx 2
As expected, TFDi Design has released PACX. The new tool looks to bring the feeling of responsibility of looking after crew and passengers. The uninstrusive tool will create a new dynamic environment for you to work in as a pilot. Using varied announcements, the flight attendant and all crew instructions will be different depending on the time of day, weather conditions
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