Tenerife South

MK-Studios Shares Details of Tenerife South (GCTS) Update


Scenery developer MK-Studios has shared more details and a changelog for their Tenerife Vol.1 V2.30 scenery update. The update, made over on the company’s Facebook page, included a few screenshots and went into detail on what we can expect from the latest renditon of this popular tourist airport.

The scenery is said to include an all new 2m/pixel resoloution mesh as well as 20cm/pixel satellite imagery around the vicinity of the airport. A changelog, based on user feedback, was also published and included a number of items with the most notable being the compatibility update for Prepar3D Version 5. Other noteworthy improvements include the incorporation of PBR textures on all terminal buildings and animated people.

Tenerife South Airport is the largest on the island of the same name and the second busiset airport in the Canary Islands as a whole. The airport serves as a gateway to the popular holiday destination and is served by an incredibly large array of airlines, from low cost operators to major flag carriers. The airport handled around 11.2 million passengers in 2019 with all five of the busiest routes being to the United Kingdom.

The screenshots that were released, all focus on showing off the detailed ground textures mentioned above.

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MK-Studios Tenerife North (GCXO) Previews

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MK-Studios has released on their Facebook page a few preview of their upcoming Tenerife North (GCXO) scenery. The screenshots show details of the ramp  and the terminal airside. Tenerife North is the historic airport of Tenerife Island. It has been supplemented by Tenerife South (GCTS) airport, which opened in 1978. Both remain in operations today, totaling about 15 million passengers
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MK-Studios Teases Tenerife North (GCXO)

MK-Studios has posted a WIP teaser screenshot on their Facebook page announcing Tenerife North (GCXO) which is coming to Prepar3D. In this one WIP preview/render, we can see that the main terminal is pretty much complete model and texture-wise along with some surrounding buildings. Tenerife North is the second airport on the Island of Tenerife, both are merely 40 minutes
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MK Studios Scenery Update Previews

MK-Studios have released a few previews and a short bit of information on their upcoming updates for Lisbon (LPPT) and Tenerife South (GCTS) airports. We will start off with Lisbon International Airport (LPPT). After the very successful release of Lisbon airport, MK-Studios have been hard at work tweaking, fixing small details. So far, all we know is that the the
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MK-Studios Tenerife Vol 1 Update Coming Soon

Mk Stuidos Tenerife Tfs 5

Announced on their Facebook page, MK-Studios wanted to inform the community that even with other products now being released, that their older ones won’t be forgotten about. Their version of Tenerife, titled Tenerife Vol 1, will soon be updated with a bunch of fixes and improvements over the original product.

Vegetation density around the airport has been looked at as well as autogen improvements. Also, complaints regarding missing touch down zone markings have been addressed as well as some new textures for other ground markings around the airport.

The release for the new update hasn’t been confirmed, but it will be soon. You can read our review on the product here, or you can buy it now from MK-Studios for 21.50n Euros. Full change-log below for you to digest.

– Vegetation density adjusted around the airport,
– Autogen improvements,
– Fonts and sizes of ground markings changed,
– 3D grass size fixed,
– Added missing TDZ marking on rwy 26,
– New asphalt and concrete textures,
– Cars around tower added,
– Disa pertrol station added,
– More apron vehicles,
– Bus parking markings fixed,
– Ground flickering improved (FSX).

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MKStudios Releases Tenerife Vol. 1 for P3Dv4

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We've only just finished putting together our review for MKStudios' Fuerteventura 2017, but the team have worked hard on creating their latest scenery: Tenerife Vol. 1. Tenerife Vol. 1 includes much more than just the airport, as you'll be able to explore the entire island thanks to the multiple custom objects, monuments and other points of interest scattered thoughout. The
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Digital Design Announces New Project – Assumed to be Tenerife South (GCTS)

Digital Design Tenerife South Tfs
The developers behind the fantastic Salzburg and Leipzig today teased a few new images on their Facebook group regarding their next scenery. Although not confirmed, it became clear pretty quick that these were shots of Tenerife South airport (GCTS). This news comes quite soon after MK Studios confirmed that their version of Tenerife South is just around the corner. The developer
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MK-Studios Tenerife South Announcement

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Today MK-Studios finally unveiled what project they are working on, Tenerife South on the Canary Islands. Release is soon according to the developer. All the buildings are already done, only some island autogen left to do as well as ground polygon. They estimate it's about 80% done. For more head over to MK-Studios' Facebook page. Photos below are unedited shots from
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