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TDM Scenery Design Previews La Coruna In MSFS

Tdm Scenery Design A Corcua Msfs (1)

Developer TDM Scenery Design has shared all-new previews for their upcoming scenery of La Coruna Airport (LECO). The new previews are of the terminal building which have been made with PBR materials and extensive texturing.

La Coruna Airport (LECO) in north-west Spain has regular flights to Madrid with Air Europa and Iberia, whilst Vueling offers regular services to Barcelona, Palma, and Gran Canaria. The airport features a single 2,400m runway and a handful of parking gates for aircraft such as the A320 and Boeing 737.

Whilst the airport product from TDM Scenery Design is still a work in progress, the team is still working on the positioning of the buildings and ensuring that the ground is suitable for simmers.

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Previous issues with TDM Scenery Design and LatinWings has since been resolved since our original publication in September on another product.

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More Developers Comment on Microsoft Flight Simulator Development

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In addition to Orbx, FSimStuidos and others commenting on their future development plans with Microsoft Flight Simulator, three additional developers have also commented with their intentions. Gaya Simulations, MK-Studios, and TDM Scenery Design have also given statements about their future developments. Gaya Simulations Following on from the announcement about the new simulator release on August 18th 2020, Gaya Simulation confirmed
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