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TDM Scenery Design Releases Two New Airports for XPL

TDM SCENERY DESIGN Svso Airport Xpl (2)

Following on from scenery releases on Microsoft Flight Simulator, scenery developer TDM Scenery Design has released two new airports for X-Plane 11. Both Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport and Barinas Airport are now available to buy through simMarket and has been made specifically by the team for X-Plane 11.

Starting with Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport (SVSO), this airport sits 40km from the city of San Cristobal in Venezuela. The small airport operates a number of flights within the country and sits alongside a local river and forestry for a scenic approach. The airport has many natural obstacles and as such, landings are restricted to runway 30 only. The airport product includes PBR texturing, handmade ground details and various models that match real buildings at the airport itself.

You can buy Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport (SVSO) from simMarket for €6.49 (excluding VAT).

As mentioned, a second airport by TDM Scenery Design has also been released. Barinas Airport (SVBI) is north-east of Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport in Venezuela and is a similar size in terms of capacity and runway length. TDM Scenery Design has taken steps to ensure that Barinas Airport includes local buildings, attractions and other landmarks that are unique to the location for an authentic look and feel to the real-world airport.

Barinas Airport (SVBI) can also be purchased from simMarket for €6.49 (excluding VAT).

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TDM Scenery Design Announces Alicante-Elche Airport for MSFS

Tdm Scenery Design Alicante Airport (3)
TDM Scenery Design has announced that they will be bringing Alicante–Elche Airport (LEAL) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has described the airport as a “first-class airport” and will be “soon” ready. Alicante–Elche Airport is located in the south of Spain just south of the city of the same name. The Spanish airport sees over 15 million passengers visit each
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TDM Progress Update for Oscar Machado Zuloaga Airport

A 0005 Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.01.30
Caracas' most prominent GA airport is the next project to be released by TDM Scenery Design for MSFS. A fully-functional airport with hangar space for more than 300 aircraft, situated atop a ridge just south of Caracas. Currently, the developers are nearing completion on the international area where many key features are located including the control tower and fire department.
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TDM Scenery Design Announces Valencia and Caracas Venzuela for MSFS

Tdm Scenery Design Valencia (3)
TDM Scenery Design has confirmed they are heading to Spain again with their next Microsoft Flight Simulator Release. Confirmed on Facebook, the team said that their next major Spanish airport will be Valencia Airport (LEVC) for the new simulator. At the same time, the team will also be working on Caracas Venezuela Airport (SVCS). Valencia Airport (LEVC) sits on the
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TDM Scenery Design Releases A Coruña Airport for MSFS

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Scenery developer TDM Scenery Design has released A Coruña Airport (LECO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Spanish airport is located in the city of Cullerdo situated in the northwest of Spain. The airport is currently expanding its presence despite seeing over 1.3 million passengers in 2019. The airport features an array of parking facilities and in the future will see
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More Previews of TDM Scenery Design Coruna Airport for MSFS

Tdm Scenery Design Coruna Airport Msfs (1)

Following on from their last post, it would appear that TDM Scenery Design’s Coruna Airport (LECO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator is nearing release. On Facebook, the team said that they are “approaching the release day” for the airport. Before release, the team wanted to share a handful of new previews for the airport.

The new previews highlight the main terminal areas and how detailed the ground markings are. The news that the airport is close to release suggests that the initial roadblock the development team hit with the SDK has now been resolved.

Not much in the way of new information was shared about the features included, but we can see that the airport will feature PBR,  static models and custom 3D models of the airport and surrounding scenery. We’ll continue to monitor development from the team and inform you once the airport has been released.

You can see even more previews in our last post from TDM Scenery Design.

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TDM Scenery Design Provides Update on Coruna Airport for MSFS

Developer TDM Scenery Design has posted various new previews and updates regarding their upcoming Coruna Airport (LECO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to a post on Facebook, all of the buildings within the airport area are now completed. The development team are now in the process of adding smaller details such as nearby restaurants, points of interest (such as Hercules
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TDM Scenery Design Previews La Coruna In MSFS

Tdm Scenery Design A Corcua Msfs (1)
Developer TDM Scenery Design has shared all-new previews for their upcoming scenery of La Coruna Airport (LECO). The new previews are of the terminal building which have been made with PBR materials and extensive texturing. La Coruna Airport (LECO) in north-west Spain has regular flights to Madrid with Air Europa and Iberia, whilst Vueling offers regular services to Barcelona, Palma,
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