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Thrustmaster Officially Announces TCA Boeing Yoke Pack

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Whilst a few sneak peeks were shown earlier on the show-floor, Thrustmaster has officially announced the TCA Boeing Yoke Pack. The TCA Boeing Yoke Pack

Tim is onstage now presenting. He said this is the “world’s first Boeing yoke and quadrant for flight simulator.” He continued, “this Thrustmaster’s first-ever yoke. That alone is a huge announcement. An ergonomic replica of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner yoke. Replicated that feeling as close as possible – the same feeling a pilot gets when flying the real aircraft.”

The interior of the product is 100% metal. It’s precise, durable and robust. The throttles are swappable and can be expanded over time. For now, the flaps and speed brake are interchangeable. Both will come in the box. It will be functional with Microsoft Flight Simulator on both Xbox Series X and PC when it does release.

The full reveal of the TCA Boeing Yoke Pack will happen on November 9th and Thrustmaster will talk a lot more about it then. If you’re at the show, you can touch and try it right now.

Tim is answering questions from the community. He said “we’re confident this will be a game-changer,” when answering a question from Chewwy94.

There is no current price point or release date at this time.

Stick with FSElite as we’ll be speaking to Tim from Thrustmaster about the announcement and other things related to Thrustmaster. This goes live at 18:45z.

This is a breaking story and will be updated. You can follow the action LIVE on our FSExpo Hub.

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