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Hotstart Release TBM 900 Update


Hot Start have recently released an update to their TBM-900 addon for X-Plane 11. This update includes various new features, alongside a host of bug fixes and improvements. Notable improvements to the plane include openable windows in VR, sidebar drawer buttons in VR, and increased effects rendering in VR. The full update log is listed down below. You can view the full update post here. You can also view the full changelog below:

Improvements / New Features:

  • Implemented waypoint VNAV constraint entry via the keypad numerical keys.* Dropped WXR resolution to get more performance and more realistic “grainy” radar look.
  • Implemented rain, ice and HUD rendering in VR.
  • All sidebar drawer buttons are now available in Plugins menu for enhanced VR usability.
  • All windows can now be opened natively in VR.
  • Reorganized plugins menu to make it more logical.


  • Rain effect compute shader would misbehave when camera was far away from aircraft.
  • Legacy rain effect would misbehave when sim was paused.
  • Fixed crash when using multiple monitors on Windows.
  • Fixed deadlock in synthetic vision code causing the terrain not to update and sim to hang when SVS is toggled.
  • Handle the case when minimums are set to 10,000 ft and the number goes outside the PFD box.
  • Missing tire_skid_speed_mtr_sec broke XP11.26 compatibility.
  • Fixed dark outline around windshield due to bad stencil masking in normal vector computation.
  • Copyright on MFD should show build year.
  • Build OpenGPWS with Garmin audio, not Honeywell.
  • Don’t allow overflowing the approach minimums value.
  • Disable all GL arrays before starting effects rendering to avoid crashes when arrays are left enabled by external code.
  • Refined gear brake failure messages.
  • Added check for O2 refill to only allow it to be done when the tank isn’t full.
  • Fuselage & gear leg repair buttons shouldn’t be available when the parts are ok.
  • Fuel caps shouldn’t be auto-closed when the user reopens the payload manager after leaving them open.
  • Added crash sound when the aircraft falls on the tail or nose.
  • Moved headset audio source position to right seat cushion to match visual model.
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Hotstart TBM 900 Updated to Version 1.1.6

The Hotstart TBM has been updated to version 1.1.6, which includes a range of new features, performance enhancements and changes. The update new rain effects, implementation of new LOC guidance and also multi-threaded rendering support for the synthetic vision. Further to the new additions, some bugs have also been fixed including gear manual extension rates, new cleaner warning sound effects
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Take Command Hot Start TBM 900 | X-Plane 11 | Test Drive (FYC)

Take Command Hot Start TBM 900 X Plane 11 Test Drive
Aus Flight Simmer takes a look at the newly released Take Command Hot Start TBM 900. The TBM 900 is a high-performance single-engine turboprop light business utility aircraft manufactured by Daher. The Hot Start TBM 900, is one of the most realistic, study level aircraft available for X-Plane 11. Please join Aus Flight Simmer as he takes the TBM 900 for a
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Hot Start TBM-900 Updated To v1.0.2

TBM 12
The Hot Start TBM-900 released yesterday to much acclaim, but following the highly anticipated release, some users reported errors with the aircraft that rendered their new $65 investment rather unusable. Not the type of people to make a buck then run, Goran and Saso quickly issued the v1.0.1 patch less than 24 hours later, and subsequently also the v1.0.2 patch.
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Hot Start TBM-900 Released

TBM 18

After an almost year-long development, Hot Start has released their TBM-900 through X-Aviation.

The Hot Start name is a collaboration between established X-Plane developers Goran Matovina (most widely known for his Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340) and Saso Kiselkov (known better as Totoritko, responsible for popular X-Plane plugin Better Pushback). With Goran responsible for the highly detailed modelling and textures, Saso has used his incredible skills in programming to bring a hugely immersive systems simulation in the TBM, some of which have never been seen in an X-Plane add-on previously. Of those, some of the stand-out features are;

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Hot Start TBM-900 Release Date Announced

Exterior 2206b.jpg.ce6dcdb793c6cb64ea514adcdd909659
Finally, the plane that the entire X-Plane community has been following the development of, the Hot Start TBM-900, is approaching release. Cameron, the founder of X-Aviation - the storefront on which the TBM-900 will be distributed through - made a post on the X-Pilot forums today to announce that the aircraft is due for release this coming Saturday at 00:00
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