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SAM WorldJetways For X-Plane 11 Released

Sam Worldjetways (2)

Stairport Sceneries has released their Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) WorldJetways for X-Plane 11. WorldJetways places animated jetways in every default airport. They can be commanded either automatically or manually. It requires Scenery Animation Manager 2 to work.

Similar to what SODE for Prepar3D would do, SAM 2 is a library of airport animation objects such as marshallers, Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) windsocks and from now on, jetways. This improves the immersion of the pilot and creates very lively screenshots for those who like to share their flights. Pilots who would like to know more about SAM 2 can (re)read our article about the recently released version 2.

SAM 2 Worldjetways is available for €16.77 on the Aerosoft Store and requires SAM 2 plugin (freeware). X-Plane users on Mac should be aware that SAM WorldJetways is NOT available on Mac at the moment.

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Stairport Sceneries Releases SAM Version 2 and Seasons for X-Plane

SAM2 UI.jpg.ffa2c9303f2b89b18833608f7b21a6a1
Developer Stairport Sceneries has updated their already successful Scenery Animation Manager to version 2 which includes season functionality for X-Plane. Stairport Sceneries is known for its airport scenery developments published by Aerosoft which include, Tromso, Helgoland and St. Tropez. Stairport Sceneries is also known for its Scenery Animation Manager or SAM for short. SAM enables third party airport scenery developers
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Aerosoft and Stairport Sceneries release St. Tropez for X-Plane

Lftz 14
Developers Stairport Sceneries along with publisher Aerosoft has release St. Tropez, La Môle airport (LFTZ) for X-Plane 11. St. Tropez is located on the French riviera approximately 100km west of Nice. Known for being a popular destination for the American and European jet set, the airport handles mainly chartered private jets. Airlines such as Air Glacier and Heli Securite fly
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Aerosoft / Stairport Sceneries EGNT Newcastle Airport Previews

Stairport Sceneries Egnt Newcastle X Plane Aerosoft 7
Aerosoft user Heinz Flichtbeil has shared some all-new previews for the upcoming EGNT Newcastle Airport, which is being developed by Stairport Sceneries. The scenery was first announced during Flight Sim Show 2019 earlier this month when a simple teaser was shown off. These new images provide a much clearer insight into the product itself. Already, the progress speaks for itself with plenty
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Stairport Sceneries Releases more Previews of Saint-Tropez

73215686 414586995864085 1008684210610765824 O
Stairport Sceneries uploaded more preview images on Facebook from their latest work, Saint-Tropez. Saint-Tropez is located on the southeastern tip of France and only has two airlines that operate out of the airport, both using helicopters. The single runway is 3,871 feet long with a parallel taxiway, plenty of runway for business jets and general aviation aircraft. Due to the
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Flight Sim Show 2019: Aerosoft / Stairport Sceneries Presentation Round-Up

IMG 20191006 132337

[This is a live article with updates and images coming as we get them]

During Flight Sim Show 2019, Aerosoft allowed Stairport Sceneries to deliver a presentation on the upcoming new SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) version 2. The demonstration was delivered live during the presentation.

SAM Version 2

The first element the team wanted to show off was the all-new user menu which will come with the next version. You will be able to use the Flight Details Widget, you can fill out the flight details or they can be imported from a flight plan file. The METAR widget can also pull in weather details from a xEnviro, Active Sky or a generic source.

A new feature confirmed is the introduction of the automatic door control, which will open the doors in the aircraft automatically. The same will happen once you are ready to depart. The beacon plays a big role in that automatic process.

As for Jetways, lots of changes have happened with this new version. Jetways will have some form of intelligence to connect to the closest door on the parking stand. Furthermore, if you have a small aircraft parking in a large stand, with two jetways, then only one will move to connect on a single door. It was also confirmed that all current scenery using SAM will be compatible.

SAM version is due to go into beta by the end of the month and hoping to be ready by November. It will remain free for the end-user and freeware developers. If you are a developer then you will need to reach out to the team.

The team spoke about a setting within the user menu that will enable seasonal textures inside SAM, which will come as a separate library to download to prevent the file size being too large. This means that scenery products won’t include seasons anymore, but will be applied to the same quality via SAM.

Finally, the team announced that they have reached an agreement with Laminar Research to include the SAM animated jetways to be included in all the base airports. This will be known as World Jetways. These will also be added to all MisterX airports, too. Due for a release in a few weeks and will be a paid product. No price was mentioned.

During a Q&A, a question was asked about 3D objects such as vehicles being included in the future. It is confirmed that in theory, vehicles such as stairs and attachable 3D objects can be added in the future upon the base SAM in the long term. 

Scenery News

LEVT Vitoria 

PDI Sims has officially joined Stairport Sceneries and LEVT Vitoria airport will now include SAM and other Stairport Sceneries technology. Another Spanish airport by PDI Sims was also confirmed to be in development but was stopped at confirming which one.

LFTZ Saint-Tropez

In-house production and in beta. Available sooner than later.

LGSA Chania

This is a conversion from the Prepar3D airport, which will also include a custom mesh to ensure that the airport renders correctly whilst on 2-levels. This is due to be in beta pretty soon.

EGNT Newcastle

I.D.S developed and converted from the P3D version. Will include SAM jetways. Will release soon

EDDN Nuremberg

Converted from the 29Palms/Captain7 version on Prepar3D and will be due to release very soon. The vegetation work is in progress.


Stairport Sceneries also confirmed more airports will continue to be developed including conversion from Prepar3D.

As for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team said “it depends on you.” The team will continue to focus on X-Plane going forward, but not currently working on Microsoft Flight Simulator.


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Stairport Sceneries Previews More Charlottetown for X-Plane 11

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Developer Stairport Sceneries has taken to Facebook to preview the latest work of their upcoming rendition of Charlottetown airport for X-Plane 11. It's less than a week after the official announcement of this project and we have brand new screenshots to share with you. What we can see from these screenshots is how the airport environment will look in low
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Stairport Sceneries Announces Charlottetown (CYYG) for X-Plane

69206161 375485859774199 1784605812530872320 O
Stairport Sceneries, the developer of the well-known SAM Jetways plug-in for X-Plane, has announced that they're bringing Charlottetown (CYYG) to X-Plane. Charlottetown Airport is located in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada and serves only four Canadian airlines with flights to major hubs within the country. No information was given except for a few screenshots of the work-in-progress development displaying
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New Previews for Paderborn on X-Plane by Stairport Sceneries

Paderborn Stairpoint Sceneries (1)
Developer Stairport Sceneries has shared additional previews on their latest product Paderborn (EDLP) airport for X-Plane 11. The airport will be published through Aerosoft and released as an X-Plane 11 only product. Paderborn Lippstadt Airport (EDLP) has a range of routes to sunny destinations such as Palma, Antalya and Tenerife. There are also some domestic routes from Lufthansa. Features confirmed
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Aerosoft Paderborn (EDLP) Announced For X-Plane 11

WIP 01.jpg.54c53584cc679b23ebd632343d5d4d48
X-Plane fanatics will be pleased to hear that Paderborn (EDLP) will be coming to the platform. The scenery was announced today via a forum post. Paderborn will be produced by Stairport Sceneries in collaboration with Aerosoft. We were treated to some screenshots of the work in progress and information on the project. The scenery will feature a detailed rendition of Paderborn airport and
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