St Croix

New Images of PhotoSim Labs’ St. Croix in MSFS

Photosim Labs St Croix (4)

We’re pleased to bring you a range of new imagery from PhotoSim Labs’ upcoming St. Croix’s airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Henry E Rohlsen Airport (TISX) sees a variety of airlines visit the island on a regular basis, with the majority of flights heading to Miami and St Thomas.

The airport itself already appears to be coming along nicely with a good level of detail in the ground textures, plenty of custom building work and also static aircraft. PhotoSim Labs is known for going above and beyond with impeccable details throughout their scenery products and St. Croix looks to be no exception. Beyond the airport area, the previews show the local harbours and industrial areas with a range of objects, cruise ships and other local objects.

PhotoSim Labs has teamed up with a new part-time developer to help them work on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform to ensure that the project goes well. We can also tease that the team is hard at work on some new projects for the simulator, but we aren’t able to share the details with you just yet.

Finally, we can also share the news that customers of St. Croix on Prepar3D will get $5 off their purchase of the Microsoft Flight Simulator version upon release. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the progress as we hear about it.

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Photosim Labs St. Croix Released

Announced on final last February, Photosim Labs has finally released their United States Virgin Islands St. Croix scenery. The entire island is rendered as well as the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (TISX). The scenery features detailed rendition of many of the island landmarks such as the harbor, oil refinery, resorts, detailed cities. It also has custom night lighting however seems
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Photosim Labs Development Roadmap Update

July Little52
Photosim Labs has announced its current development roadmap in response to the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator's release date yesterday. Their statement started by saying that "the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator has become an incredible opportunity for us to contribute to their amazing platform." With that said, Photosim Labs has already started the process of developing their previous Prepar3D releases
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FSElite Exclusive: New Previews of PhotoSim Labs’ St. Croix

St Croix6
Developer PhotoSim Labs has provided us with some exclusive new previews for their upcoming St. Croix scenery product. The island is rich in history, culture and has been developed to the highest standard great eye-candy shots. As with previous scenery products from PhotoSim Labs, the product will feature detailed modelling and texture work for the whole island. Plenty of custom 3D
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Photosim Labs Previews St. Croix & Mystery Airport

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Photosim Labs has shared on Facebook previews of two of their upcoming sceneries. The first picture shows an oil refinery located on St. Croix island. The real refinery is located a few miles east of St. Croix International Airport (TISX), located in the US Virgin Islands. The second set of pictures previews a mystery airport that is located "deep in
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FSElite Exclusive: Photosim Labs St. Croix in Development

Stc 025

We were proud to be able to introduce new developer Photosim Labs a few months ago. Since then, he has continued to work on his photoreal scenery projects, but hit a couple of road blocks during the development of Bahamas. The biggest challenge he is currently having is awaiting some work from another developer to complete some work. However, that has meant Bernardo has had time to continue developing future projects. This new project is going to be St. Croix.

St Croix is an island in the US Virgin Islands and was visited by the developer many years ago. As a result, he fell in love with the place and so this is why he was ready to begin developing the island. Whilst development is still in early days, he was happy for us to share some early previews.

The whole island will be completely made from scratch. From custom buildings, ports, vegetation, mesh and more. This will be his biggest project yet! No timeline has been given, but be sure to follow Photosim Labs on Facebook to keep up to date!

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