AlphaTech Announces SimPilot Course Sponsorship Programme

PILOTS LEAL Alicante Airport MSFS (1)

if you’re located in the UK, a new sponsorship programme called SimPilot is now available for those looking to teach and learn the Airbus A320 in a dual aircraft airliner environment. The course will give those with zero experience complete knowledge of the aircraft, systems and how to work together in a state of the art A320 simulator.

The course is designed to help those looking to dig deep into the operational techniques of the aircraft type to the highest standard. Trained by experts in the field, those who are part of the sponsorship programme will be given classroom study, self-learning modules and of course time in the A320 simulator itself. Whilst this is a virtual course, the knowledge, tools and skills you will undertake can help those looking to become a type-rated pilot in the future.

If you’re keen to learn more about the sponsorship course, the Belfast-based simulator is looking for those with a PPL, ATPL or a serious flight simmer who is studying aviation and wants to continue their learning experience.

Those who are successful in the sponsorship course will have it paid for by AlphaTech. If you’re unsuccessful, you are still able to apply for the course through the website.

The application is all online and you can learn more about it at the SimPilot website.

We visited AlphaTech a little while ago and loved their facilities.

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