Aeropolane Heaven Previews Mk1A Spitfire for MSFS

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Developer Aeroplane Heaven has shared more previews of its latest project, the Mk1A Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Supermarine Spitfire is a British made fighter aircraft that was used by the Allies in World War 2. Between 1938 and 1948 over 20,000 of the aircraft were produced and put into service for the Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Free French Air Force, and the United States Army Air Force.

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A2A Simulations & Airtech Announce Spitfire for X-Plane 11

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A2A Simulations has taken to Facebook to share a post from Airtech Simulation regarding their Spitfire simulation software. They’re excited to announce that thanks to a renewed partnership between the two organizations, A2A is in the ‘final stages’ of developing their Spitfire simulation for Laminar Research’s X-Plane 11. No significant details were provided, however as mentioned it was stated as
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A2A Simulations Update Bonanza 35 and Spitfire for Prepar3D

V35B 19.5.25
Aircraft developer A2A Simulations has announced updates to both their Bonanza 35 and Spitfire aircraft. The updates are available for download through the "Check for Updates" icon in the Windows Start Menu under the "A2A Simulations" group. You can also install it through here. The V-Tail Bonanza 35 had quite an extensive update list. Here's some of the main updates
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FlyingIron Simulations Seeks Beta Testers + New Spitfire Previews

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Over on their Facebook page, FlyingIron Simulations has put out an announcement seeking new beta testers for their in-development Spitfire L.F. MK IX for X-Plane 11.

They expect beta testing to commence on the 15th. If you are interested, leave a comment on their Facebook post and they will select a couple of candidates to join the beta testing team. They are looking for a couple of ideal criterion as listed below:

  • Individuals with extensive knowledge of the Spitfire & its operations
  • Real-World Flight Experience, ideally in a tail-dragger
  • Our long-time supporters and owners of the P-47 will have a higher chance of being chosen as a thank you for your support

It is not a necessity to meet all of the criteria above, however, if you think you fit any one of them and have an interest in beta testing the Spitfire you’re eligible to join the beta team.

In addition to this, FlyingIron Simulations have released some new previews of the Spitfire L.F. MK IX along with a list of how progress is coming along so far. In their post, they mention that systems modelling is now mainly complete meaning the aircraft is definitely on the horizon of release as its being brought into the beta stage.

You can view the complete update list at the end of this article. We’ll endeavour to keep you up-to-date on the future progress of FlyingIron Simulations’ Spitfire L.F. MK IX.

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A2A Updates For Multiple Aircraft

Spit 18.4.30
A2A has issued some updates for a number of their aircraft for both Prepar3D v4 and FSX. The updated aircraft include the P-51 Mustang (Military), T-6 Texan and the Spitfire I & II for Prepar3D. For FSX, the Bonanza 35 received an update. You can download the update through A2A's new installer and update system. Changelog Accu-Sim P-51 Mustang (Military),
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A2A Simulations Spitfire Released

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An iconic aircraft that requires no introduction. A2A Simulations has released their accu-sim Spitfire MKI-II. Accu-sim is A2A’s series of products with enhanced realism, making no two flights the same. Things happen in simulations as they do in real time, sometimes seemingly random, that affect the plane in various ways. This varies from the temperature of the air that enters
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Aeroplane Heaven Dunkirk Spitfire Renders

Spitfire 3
Aeroplane Heaven has today announced that they are working on a Dunkirk Spitfire. It was flying in 1940 over the beaches of Dunkirk. As the British Expeditionary Force was trying to escape from France occupied by Germany. During this flight the aircraft was hit by a single bullet from a Dornier bomber... This story continues at Aeroplane Heaven's Facebook. This
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