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Immersive Audio Releases SP4 for NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion

Immersive Audio has released a brand new service pack for their NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion. The NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion package replaces the default sounds from the PMDG aircraft with high-quality alternative recordings direct from the real aircraft. The new service pack includes some changes and additional sound effects.

The changes include an enhanced speed break sound, along with an enhanced thump sound when setting the parking brake. Further to the enhancements, the trim wheel and packs sounds have been completely redone with new ones now available (but the older ones are included in the package for those who still would like to use them. As for additional sounds, the Immersive Audio NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion service pack adds overspeed warnings, atltitude warnings and also the engine fire bell.

The service pack is available to download now from your simMarket account for free. If you don’t own the sound package, you can pick it up for (at the time of writing due to the sale) €9.52.

Change Log for SP4.


  • Enhanced speed brake lever deploy sound (unwanted frequencies removed)
  • Enhanced thump sound when parking brake is set
  • New trim wheel sound (old one is located in the Alternative folder)
  • New packs sound (old one is located in the Alternative folder)

Sounds added:

  • Overspeed warning
  • Altitude warning
  • Engine fire bell
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Blue Sky Star Simulations Bringing A319 Pack to ToLiss A319 on X-Plane 11

Knock Knock ToLiss 1st Vid In Series.
Blue Sky Star Simulations, known for their various aircraft sound packages, has confirmed the development of an A319 pack to accommodate the ToLiss A319. The team shared a video on YouTube of the sound pack in action. In particular, the sound package preview video shows off elements of the overhead panel including ground power connection, electrical power and some self-tests
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