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Support a Local Airport Documentary – Durham Tees Valley Airport

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Here at FSElite, we have a huge passion for the flight simulation world, but that doesn’t stop us from having the same amount of passion for developers who want to take their creativity to the outside world. You may remember a few months ago, we introduced a relatively new developer on the scene Soarfly Concepts. The team were behind some awesome UK freeware scenery as well as the conceptual circular runway project. They’re a neat team and their latest project has nothing to do with flight sim.

Mark is looking to raise an ambitious £7000 for his project to be able to create a free to watch documentary around the history of Durham Tees Valley Airport. As it’s home to the Great North Air Ambulance, it’s an airport full of history and ‘potential’.

On his GoFundMe page, he said the following:

I would like to raise some money to create a free to watch documentary about Durham Tees Valley Airport, a site full of history and great potential, home to the Great North Air Ambulance, Cobham, and the International Fire Training Centre.

The documentary (if sucessful) will focus on the strong history and the current events at the airfield,
Completely free to watch on YouTube.

Help spread the word!

We asked Mark about what he needs £7000 to complete the project. He said as this is a much bigger project than your typical photoshoot at an airport, this requires professional equipment, media passes and have several people help him put together the detailed documentary. He wants to make sure this project is as professional as possible, so he’ll be bringing over a team of people, buying microphones  and more – all over the course of 4 months. He hopes the money will stretch far enough to make a mini-series looking at different areas such as the flight school, airfield ops and more.

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