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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update May 14th – 747-8i Released for Alpha Testing

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update May 14th (3)

Microsoft has uploaded their weekly update for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. A lot of amazing information is packed into this update, so lets dive right in.

Watch our video on the 747 update above.

Alpha 3 Released

Ths biggest new this update is that the latest Alpha build, version, has been released to the Alpha team. Included with this update is the Boeing 747-8i. Microsoft has said right away that they are aware this plane still has some issues, like the stall speed being off, not all of the systems are finished, and some graphical issues, but the team is ready to get it into the hands of testers. The team has also made a number of updates to the A320, and other planes. A full list of all the changes and updates to the sim can be found at the below after the screenshtos.

Alpha invitations are also starting to be sent out today. The team has outlined a two step process on invitations.

  • Ensure that everyone that received an acceptance email has access to the Alpha.
  • Assess Alpha participation options for adding more people as quickly as possible.
    • Prioritize access for those that registered early for pre-release build testing.

Postponed Deliverables

Episode 8 of the Feature Discovery Series, IFR, is still on track to be released on May 28th. The Partnership Series updated is also scheduled to come in early June.


The team has reported that the SDK development has been intensified as the SDK moves along its development and feedback from 3rd party developers comes in. They said over 200 companies and 400+ developers now have access to the SDK. The airport side of the SDK is being expanded to allow for more customization. Things like blending custom aerial imagery and creating custom painted lines per airport, as well as working to “simplifying the adaptation of existing assets to the new simulator”. On the aircraft side of the SDK, the team is working with developers to ease the transition to WebAssembly and glTF. They said that just like the airports, they are expanding what is possible and making it easier for developers to post existing assets to the new sim. The in-game developer mode is also seeing plenty of updates off of feedback from 3rd party developers.

Development Roadmap



As always, Microsoft has provided plenty of new screenshots and one new video for us to check out.

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