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Okavango Delta for MSFS Released

SimWorks Studios has released a new add-on that will see you exploring untouched natural habitats on a virtual experience within Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in southwest Africa, Okavango is full of wildlife, areas of natural beauty and a range of safari camps, which make for a scenic exploration pack within the simulator.

The product is more than just a standard scenery add-on as it includes custom airstrips, detailed campsites, multiple helipads, bush trips and over 12,000 animals throughout the area. In total, the package covers over 9200 square KM of an area within the simulator with hand-placed objects throughout. Okavango Delta for Microsoft Flight Simulator also includes a Safari Wings livery for the C208, making the experience even more authentic as you go on a safari trail across the wetlands.

You can buy SimWorks Studios’ Okavango Delta for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from their website for €22.99.

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SimWorks Studios Okavango Delta for MSFS Approaching Release

Official Trailer SimWorksStudios Africa Okavango Delta Microsoft Flight Simulator
Adventure seekers and safari lovers rejoice. Taking to Facebook, scenery developer SimWorks Studios has recently announced that their extensive rendition of the Okavango Delta for MSFS is quickly approaching release. Located in Botswana's northwestern region, the Okavango Delta, also known as the Okavango Grasslands, is one of Earth's prime wildlife spotting and safari locations. In addition to being considered one of the
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SimWorks Studios Announces Zenith CH701 STOL for MSFS

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Following on from the release of Maia-Vilar de Luz Airport, SimWorks Studios has announced that the Zenith CH701 STOL is in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The ultralight aircraft is popular amongst pilots thanks to its short take off and landing capabilities, along with its powerful engine and manoeuvrability. SimWorks Studios has partnered with various developers to create the aircraft, including
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SimWorks Studios Maia-Vilar de Luz Airport Released for MSFS

Simworks Studios Lpvl Maia Vilar Luz Airport (5)
SimWorks Studios has released its Maia-Vilar de Luz Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The small GA airport located in the Portuguese countryside is situated 10km from Maia's town center. Surrounded by stunning countryside, hills and other visual delights, this is a great airport for those looking to try a stint of VFR flying around Europe. The airport product features an animated
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SimWorks Studios Releases F-4B/N Phantom II PBR for P3D

Sws Phantom Pbr 004 1
SimWorks Studios has released on their website a rework of their previously released F4B/N Phantom II for Prepar3D v4. The major change in this version is the introduction of PBR texturing and dynamic lighting on the aircraft and the use of new techniques in order to future-proof the aircraft and make it compatible with P3d v4. The aircraft has three
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SimWorks Studios T-37B Released for P3D


Previewed through a short video in early December 2019, SimWorks Studios has released their T-37 “Tweet” for P3D v4. Known mostly for their naval related add-ons, including aircraft carriers and the naval version of the F-4 Phantom II, it is their first venture in the “Air Force” world. The T-37 Tweet is a light jet trainer that has been used in the US Air Force for more than 50 years and was retired in 2009 and replaced by the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II. Almost every pilot of the US Air Force has clocked time on the “Tweet”, whether they were transport or fighter pilots. A light attack version was derived, named the A-37 “Dragonfly” that was used in COIN (counter insurgency) and anti-drugs operations.

The aircraft aims at replicating as much as possible that makes this aircraft so particular. This begins with a high quality 3D model from both the interior and the exterior, both carefully animated. The “Tweet” features PBR materials and effects such as the A2A rain effects. The sound system reproduces the loud and high pitched engines of the “Tweet”, easily recognizable among others. This led to the T-37 also being nicknamed as the “Converter”, joking about the engines converting fuel in smoke and noise rather than actual thrust.

The rendition by SimWorks Studios also features an interactive cockpit with a replaceable moving map texture, an interactive checklist system and an interactive instructor that reacts to inputs. The aircraft has precise flight dynamics bringing it as close as possible to the real aircraft. Real engine start procedures can be simulated, however SimWorks Studios also provides a ready to fly and without instructor option.

The SimWorks Studios T-37B is available on SimWorks Studios website at a price of €35.99

Feature List

  • High quality interior and exterior model
    • Five high quality liveries using PBR materials
    • High definition virtual cockpit
    • Many custom animations, from instruments to zippers!
    • Animated 3D pilots in the VC
    • Realistic night lighting
    • Dynamic utility lights
    • Realistic instrument animations & operation
  • Detailed systems simulation
    • Electrical
    • Lighting
    • Pitot-static
    • Fuel & engine
    • Radios
    • DME
    • Independent instruments for student & instructor
  • A rich (and loud) sound environment!
  • Realistic flight dynamics
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SimWorks Studios T-37B Preview Video

T 37B Tweet Introduction
Developer SimWorks Studios has shared a new preview video for their upcoming T-37B aircraft for Prepar3D V4. The video highlights some of the features users can expect once the product is released. This includes specular texturing, PBR materials and has been built in accordance with the manual. It is also confirmed that pilots who flew the aircraft have tested it
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