SimToolkitPro Version 0.6 Now Available

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SimToolkitPro, known as the all-in-one EFB, is now available as version 0.6. The EFB tool enables simmers to plan flights, view weather, keep track of their progress and see how other virtual pilots are getting on with their flights.

Version 0.6 has been teased for a month now and comes complete with new features, functionality and more. As described back in the start of the month, version 0.6’s main new features include compatibility with MacOS and Linux, user accounts, free cloud save back-ups and also the ability to Microsoft Flight Simulator support.

Users will be able to manage their entire fleet, produce flight plans via SimBrief an also generate routes based on set criteria. For example, if you want to fly a specific airline to a certain distance, you can find routes based on all of that information.

Along with new features, version 0.6 still contains all of the features found in previous versions, but with improvements to speed, memory usage and utilising resources.

The new website is now online, along with all the new download links to each version. SimToolKitPro, along with all their features, is free to download and use.

As a reminder, SimToolkitPro version 0.6 is optional to users, with version 0.5.83 still available to those wanting to use it. Also, your data will be backed up free to the cloud to ensure there are no issues with migration. 

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SimToolKitPro V.06 Further Previews

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The developer behind SimToolKitPro, Dan Gallacher, has revealed further previews of the next update over on Facebook. In the brief post, Dan mentioned that the update to 0.6 will be handed over to testers shortly, providing that some minor roadblocks can be worked through. The post showcases lots of screenshots showing the upcoming improvements such as the new website, the
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SimToolKitPro Version 0.6 Preview Video

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Utility SimToolKitPro will soon be updated to version 0.6 and the development team has given a small preview of a new feature expected to release within the free update. As documented in our previous post, SimToolKitPro will be updated to include a range of new features including a new ability to automatically log when you make a diversion when tracking
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SimToolkitPro Version 0.6 Details Revealed

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SimToolkitPro, the Electronic Flight Bag empowering users with instant access information, will soon be updated to version 0.6. The free tool which has been under development for months now continues to add new features and functionality to improve the service offered by the team. Whilst the new version is not out yet, SimToolkitPro developers wanted to share the confirmed features coming
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SimToolKit Pro Updated to Version 0.5.71

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SimToolKit has been updated to version 0.5.71 and adds all-new UI features and functionality that improves the overall experience of the application. The application which can be used for all major sim platforms is still in beta but has received various new updates since its release. Some of the major new updates include an all-new look for the entire app,
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SimToolKitPro: The FSElite First Look

SimToolKitPro is one of those programs that repeatedly made me go, Wow! Not only is this tool a virtual logbook, but also an EFB (electronic flight bag). You can not only plan your flight from directly in the app with the SimBrief integration, but you can also make changed to the flight plan within the program and preview what those changes will do to your flight. Looking up real world flight schedules is easily done within the program, as well as some other cool tools such as checklists, a crosswind calculator, and a lot more.

Join me as we take this first look at SimToolKitPro.

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