Windsock Simulations Announces Partnership with Sim-Wings

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Developer Windsock Simulations has just announced a new partnership with Sim-Wings. The developer, who specialises in porting Prepar3D and FSX products to X-Plane 11 has confirmed they will be working alongside Sim-Wings to handle multiple ports.

As of right now, Windsock Simulations, nor Sim-Wings, have confirmed which airports they will be bringing across. Equally speaking, there is no time frame attached to any project right now.

The only piece of information shared is that any airports developed by Windsock Simulations for Sim-Wings will be published by Aerosoft.

We have reached out to Windsock Simulations to see if they are able to share any further details regarding the relationship or a hint at which products we can expect to be ported over from Sim-Wings’ library of P3D/FSX products. We shall update you if we hear anything.

In related news, Windsock Simulations continue to develop Cancun, alongside FSimStudios for X-Plane 11.

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Aerosoft Releases Canary Islands Professional – Gran Canaria

Cip Gran Canaria (26)
After plenty of teasing and previewing, Aerosoft has finally released Gran Canaria Professional (GCLP). Gran Canaria, just like the other islands in the Canary Islands series, has been developed by Sim-wings. This scenery the fifth instalment in the series. All that are missing now from the line-up now are Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, if you include the 'light version' of Tenerife Norte
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Sim-Wings Announce Canary Islands Professional – La Gomera

Sim Wings La Gor (18)
Developer Sim-Wings has announced that they are bringing La Gomera island to the world of Prepar3D. Releasing under the Canary Islands Professional branding, the team are looking to recreate the island and airport of La Gomera. La Gomera airport sits just beside the island of Tenerife and sees just airline Binter Canarias travel to and from Tenerife North. Sim-Wings confirmed
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Internal Terminal Renders of Sim-Wings Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Sim Wings Preview 3
Sim-Wings confirmed that they had a range of exciting plans lined up for this year. One airport that has been in the works for a while is their Gran Canaria. Over on the Aerosoft forums, the team shared a few new renders of the work that is currently on-going for the internal terminal for the product. Despite plenty of previews
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Mega Airport Madrid Evolution Available for FSX/FSX:SE

Aerosoft Madrid Evolution Fsx Lemd (6)
Sim-Wings / Aerosoft Mega Airport Madird has been available for Prepar3D V4 users for some time now under the Professional banner. Since then, the product has now been made available as Mega Airport Madrid Evolution for FSX/FSX:SE users. Serving as the busiest airports in the country, there are many routes for users to enjoy. Both international and domestic routes are available including
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Sim-Wings Announce Paris CDG Professional


Spanish developers Sim-Wings has today announced plans to developer a more up-to-date version of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. The new ‘professional’ version of the productwill feature interior modelling, high resolution texture and updates to the airport to reflect the current airport’s status. The team are fully committed to the project as they have confirmed they have purchased 0.3m/px resolution imagery for the aerial photography.

The team confirmed that work has started, but it won’t be ready until sometime in 2019.

The team also announced that they are working simultaneously on other projects including new Spanish Scenery. Although nothing confirmed, it can be added to the list of work on-going including Gran Canaria. Sim-Wings also assured fans that they are working on various scenery products at the same time, splitting resources across multiple things. For example, their 3D modeller is working on aspects required for each project, their AFCAD person on another, and so forth.

You can read the official statement on their Facebook page.

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New Sim-Wings Previews of Gran Canaria

Sim Wings Gran Canaria Dec 18 (4)
Over on the Aerosoft forums, Sim-Wings has shared brand new previews of their upcoming Gran Canaria project. The product which has been in development since 2016 has started to shape up nicely with the new P3DV4 previews. The new work-in-progress shots showcase the new ground-poly textures the team are implementing as well as the detail they are aiming to achieve
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Aerosoft Gran Canaria Professional Previews

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It's been over six months since we last showed you how Aerosofts upcoming Gran Canaria Professional is coming along. Back then, developer Sim-wings was just showing us some early renders, completely lacking anything such as textures. There wasn't much progress to be shown off in the meantime, but now Sim-wings has posted some previews of a bit more detailed, and
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Aerosoft Release Sim-Wings La Palma Professional

La Palma Professional – Official Video
Today Aerosoft released Sim-Wings La Palma Professional for P3D V4. If you already own this airport then you are entitled for a upgrade price of 4.03 EUR. La Palma is located in the north-western part of the Canary Islands. This airport has support for AESLite for dynamic airport traffic and ships at the port. If you don't already own this
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Aerosoft Malaga X Weeks Away from Release, Not Days

After Thorsten from Sim-Wings said that the final version of Malaga X was sent to Aerosoft, it appears everyone in the community mistook the information that Malaga X would be out in a matter of days. Sadly, this isn't the case as Thorsten has since clarified: Just want to make some additional notes. When the developer uploads a final version
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