Flight Sim Labs Releases A320-X and A321-X Sharklets for P3D

Flightsimlabs Sharklets Released (4)

Flight Sim Labs has released their long-awaited A320-X and A321-X Sharklets add-on. The new aircraft brings the Sharklet model of the Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 to Prepar3D v4.4 and above.

As per the forum announcement, it is also confirmed that the changes to the aircraft include a completely new fuel system that models the newer jet-pump design. Furthermore, new ELAC L97+ computers have been added which features Load Alleviation Function and Anti-Aileron Droop. As was already mentioned, the new “jump ahead” feature has also been included.

As well as updated systems, the new Sharklets model includes brand new custom sounds, animations and lighting effects that are unique to the model. This is of course in addition to the 2.3 meter sharklets attached to the end of each wing.

Perhaps one of the bigger additions to the new A320-X and A321-X Sharklets is the addition of the new EFB. The virtual electronic flight bag seamlessly connects to various services and tools to directly help pilots. The EFB includes take-off and landing performance, integration with GSX to handle the opening of doors and other operations, and also links to Navigraph, SimBrief and others. It also displays a live traffic map which is based on the AI traffic in the simulator. What’s more, the EFB can be connected to any smart device such as a tablet and mobile phone.

You must own the base A320-X in order to be able to use either Sharklets model (A320 or A321). Individually, the A320-X and the A321-X Sharklets will cost $59.95 (excluding taxes). However, you are able to buy both as a combined pack for $79.95. You can find the Sharklets bundle pack on the webpage when you go to purchase. To be clear, you are able to purchase the A321 Sharklet without owning the currently available A321-X.

It’s worth noting that there’s also an update to the existing line of products (A320-X, A319-X, A321-X), which you can download from your account.

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Recap of Flight Sim Labs A320-X Sharklet Blackbox711 and AirbusFTW Livestream

Chrome 2021 04 06 12 39 32
Following on from the recent trailer for the upcoming Flight Sim Labs A320-X Sharklet release, streamer Blackbox711 took to Twitch to showcase the aircraft in action. In addition to highlighting what features will come with the aircraft, Blackbox711 was joined by both Lefteris and Andy from Flight Sim Labs who answered a range of questions from the chat. Update: Streamer AirbusFTW
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FSLabs Teases A320/A321 Sharklets Update

FSL Sharklets Promo
Being one of the more anticipated releases of the year, high-fidelity aircraft developer FSLabs has recently shared a promotional video on their official YouTube channel, showing off their upcoming Airbus A320 / A321 Series Sharklet product line. In addition to the video showcasing breathtaking footage of their new Airbus A320 / A321 Sharklet product, the promo also features their soon-to-be-introduced EFB
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FlightSimLabs Updates A32X Family

Fslabs Update (5)
FlightSimLabs has released a brand new update for the A320-X, A319-X and the A321-X. Whilst this update doesn't include the release of the long-awaited sharklets, the new update does pave way for the A320-X and A321-X Sharklets product which is "soon to be released." The latest update, version v5.0.1.151, introduces a range of changes to the complete family of aircraft that
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Flight Sim Labs A32X Series Updated, Sharklets and Concorde in 2021

FSL 7.jpg.dde85ba7f4748bff70b198bef6714721

Announced on the Flight Sim Labs forums by Lefteris, the development team has released a new update for the A320-X, A319-X and also the A321-X for the 64-bit versions of the aircraft. The update itself is seen as a maintenance update which fixed various issues such as light intensity, rain and snow effects, and also connectivity with GSX. Further to the update, Lefteris also announced plans for when the long-awaited Sharklet update will be released and also a hint at the future of their upcoming Concorde-X.

Of course, the Sharklets for the A32X series has been long-awaited by many and it was hoped that 2020 would see the release of them for the simulator. This news sadly won’t happen as it has been confirmed that they will indeed be released in early 2021. Whilst this may be disappointing to some, it was said that the development team has received “excellent feedback” from those testing right now and that we can get more details soon. Lefteris said that their beta testers who regularly stream will soon be able to showcase the new capabilities for “the most feature-rich products so far to come.”

Another big topic of conversation from Flight Sim Labs is the reimagining of their Concorde. The Concorde-X is also confirmed to be releasing in “this coming year” and that we can expect some concrete information on the product at some point soon.


Lefteris closed his announcement by wishing everyone the best and for a happy and joyous 2021, when hopefully they can reunite with friends and fans around the world.

To get the update for the A32X series, you can download it through the redownload page and install it by overwriting the original install file. Stick with FSElite and we’ll be sure to let you know when we see any more information for the Sharklet update and also the upcoming Concorde-X.

Thanks to BasileDesquiens for the heads-up.

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FSLabs A321-X New Previews & Information

FSLabs A321 FSELite (3)
Flight Sim Labs has exclusively shared some new details with FSElite regarding their much-anticipated upcoming development for Prepar3D v4, the A321-X. The A321-X, being the biggest and longest aircraft of the A320-X family, accommodates for much bigger statistics such as three seating configurations and an MTOW of approximately 93.5 tonnes. On top of what they showcased at Flight Sim Show
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