Propair Flight Scheibe Falke SF-25: The FSElite Review

Propair Flight SF25 Falke The FSElite Review

Well over two centuries ago the idea of gliding soared into the world. As early as 1799 an English engineer and aviator known as George Cayley began to discover the characteristics of flight and successfully flew his kite wing glider concept in 1804. The Wright brothers later expanded upon what was possible with gliders. By the end of the first World War gliding really began to takeoff. Throughout the 1920’s and 30’s Germany began developing more efficient gliders all while discovering how the weather can sustain their flight for longer periods of time. By 1940, Germany alone had 50,000+ glider pilots, partly thanks to Peter Reidel who popularized competitive gliding.


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Propair Flight Falke SF25 Released

Propair Flight released their debut aircraft the Falke SF-25 for Prepar3D early Friday. Propair Flight is a new developer aiming to provide detailed, affordable aircraft that will teach you how to fly or allow you to polish the skills you already have. The aircraft package will include 3 variants of the SF-25: SF-25B - The basic aircraft with Limbach 1700A engine.
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VSKYLABS Scheibe SF-25 Falke Project Preview

VSKYLABS SF 25 Falke Project UNDER DEVELOPMENT Pre Release Version
The Scheibe SF-25 Falke Project is almost ready for release to the X-Plane platform, German touring motor-glider which made its first flight in year 1963. Equipped with a 65 hp engine connected to a wooden two-blade propeller. The dynamics, handling and performance is what's been focused on in this project which has resulted in nearly 100 hours to make sure it
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